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  • Title
    Nos. 821-918: Photographic prints of missionaries and Indigenous people in the Northern Territory, ca. 1885-1938
  • Call number
    PXA 1137/nos. 821-918
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1885-1938
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
  • Physical Description
    98 photographs
  • Scope and Content
    821. Andrew – the interpreter. [Andrew Biranydjawi, Milingimbi].1923-1938.
    822. Opening Church – Goulburn Island [Group including Herbert Read and Gretta Matthews outside church, Goulburn Island]. c.1925.
    823. Communicants at Goulburn Is. [Eight women and eleven men including Rosie Gurritjulun, Rosemary Moldami, Nangulumin, Jumbo Mukguddu, John Gedower and Yorum outside church, Goulburn Island]. c. 1925.
    824. A medicine man – Milingimbi. [Bunuyuru (Walamangu)]. 1923-1938.
    825. Thursday Island. [View showing harbour and housing, Thursday Island]. 1916-1938.
    826. On the Mission Station. [Young girls outside church, Goulburn Island], 1916-1938.
    827. Preparing for the corroboree. [Men prepare for ceremony, Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    828. Blind. [Dhurrung Birritjama (Liyagalawumirr), Milingimbi] 1923-1938.
    829. Goulburn Island Boy. [Aboriginal man wearing glass bead necklace and näga]. 1916-1938.
    830. A Type. [Man prepares for ceremony, Milingimbi ]. 1923-1938.
    831. Captain of the Lugger. [Badu Island man, Yorum, on mission lugger (Larrpan?), Arafura Sea]]. 1916-1938.
    832. Domesticity. [Buthawuy (Gurriyindi) and Djimbun ( Wobulkarra) in camp , Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    833. Preparing trepang. [Aboriginal men prepare trepang observed by visitors, Goulburn Island]. 1925-1928.
    834. Corroboree preparations. [Men prepare for ceremony (restricted image), Milingimbi.] 1923-1938.
    835. Geranium. [The vessel, Geranium, and other ships and wharf, Thursday Island]. 1916-1938.
    836. Lepers. [Group including Miyalkuwuy, Lolup , Billy Wulukung, Bapalindi and Ngalandirr at leper camp, Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    837. River scene. [Not identified]. 1916-1938.
    838. Half-Caste Children, Darwin. [Young children at Kahlin Compound, Darwin]. 1916-1938.
    839. At home. [Group including Buthawuy (Gurriyindi) and Djunmunydja in camp, Milingimbi:]. 1923-1938.
    840. Watching a corrobboree. [Wendy Wununwun, Burrinydjingu (Malarra) and Roy Rewa, -Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    841. Ant Hills – Side View. [A man (missionary?) and termite mounds, location not identified], 1916-1938.
    842. Ant Hills – End View. [Termite mounds, location not identified], 1916-1938.
    843. Ant Hills. [Termite mounds, location not identified], 1916-1938.
    844. On the swing. [Four girls, one on swing, Goulburn Island], 1923-1928.
    845. Thimble. [Aboriginal man identified as Thimble, Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    846. On the Luggar. [Aboriginal crew on mission lugger (Larrpan?) with missionary (?), Arafura Sea]. 1916-1938.
    847. Half-Caste Boy. [Walalipa Gondarra, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    848. Rev. and Mrs T.T. Webb. [Rosie Gurritjulun, Mrs Evelyn Webb and Donald, and Rev Ted Webb with Ailsa,) Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    849. Ross Smith monument. [Darwin]. 1916-1938.
    850. Congregation – Milingimbi. [Women and children at church service, Milingimbi]. 1923.
    851. Europeans. [Group including Eduard Handschin, Gurritjulun, Lloyd Warner, Rev. and Mrs Webb, and Ailsa and Donald Webb, Milingimbi], 1928.
    852. Master of Ceremonies. [Dhurrung Birritjama (Liyagalawumirr), Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    853. On the luggar. [ Aboriginal crew including Badawat and Guningbal on mission lugger (Larrpan?), Arafura Sea]. 1916-1938.
    854. Their happy Home. [Family group in camp, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    855. Opening of New Church – G. Is. [Group,including missionaries Herbert Read and Gretta Matthews outside church, Goulburn Island]. 1925-1928.
    856. Basket making. [Young woman makes a twined basket, Goulburn Island or Milingimbi]. 1916-1938.
    857. On the luggar. [Aboriginal crew including Badawat on mission lugger (Larrpan?), Arafura Sea]. 1916-1938.
    858. Dressed for the Corroborree. [Three menincluding Munyirrnyirr (right), prepare forceremony , Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    859. Thursday Island. [View of harbour and housing]. 1916-1938.
    860. Attending the Sick. [Rev Webb tending to an Aboriginal man’s foot, Milingimbi]. 1926-1938.
    861. A Witch Doctor. [Wilanydjangu (Mildjingi), Milingimbi]. c.1928.
    862. Entering Manhood. [Men prepare young boys for ceremony, Milingimbi ]. 1923-1938.
    863. Child of the north. [Aboriginal child, Goulburn Island or Milingimbi].1916-1938.
    864. Church – Thursday Island. 1916-1938.
    865. Water carriers. [Roy Wewa and Laurie Baymarrwanga, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    866. Candidates for Baptism. [Group of men and women including Jumbo Mukguddu (2nd left in background) and possibly Miyalkuway and Rosie Gurritjulun (in foreground), Goulburn Island]. 1916-1919.
    867. Yorum. [Badu Island man, Yorum, on mission lugger (Larrpan?), Arafura Sea. 1916-1938.
    868. Church & Parsonage in Darwin, 1916-1938.
    869. Miss Matthews. [Missionary Gretta Matthews, Goulburn Island]. 1922-1928.
    870. A sacred pole. [A wurramu pole on ceremonial ground, Milingimbi], 1916-1938.
    871. Cook on the Luggar. [Aboriginal crew including Andrew Biranydjawi (left) and the cook on mission lugger (Larrpan?) , , Arafura Sea]. 1916-1938.
    872. Corroboree dress. [Harry Makarrwala, Johnny Dayngangan and Tom Djawa prepare for ceremony :, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    873. The Luggar Crew. [Aboriginal crew including Budawat (Wobulgara) and Guningbal (Burarra), on mission lugger (Larrpan?) , Arafura Sea]. 1916-1938.
    874. Mission House Milingimbi [Missionary’s residence, Milingimbi]. 1926-1938.
    875. Goulburn Island. [Men and boys, Goulburn Island or Milingimbi]. 1916-1938.
    876. Congregation at Milingimbi. [Men and boys at church service, Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    877. The Lazaret. [Infirmary, Goulburn Island], 1916-1938.
    878. Spear throwing. [Aboriginal man throws spear with spearthrower and another sits on ground with spears and spearthrower, Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    879. A typical Aboriginal. [A young man wearing many armbands and näga, Milingimbi?], 1923-1938.
    880. [Missing?]
    881. Captain of the luggar. [Captain of mission lugger (Larrpan?) crew, Arafura Sea]. 1916-1938.
    882. Father and child. [Fred Munyirnyir (Djambarrpuyngu) and his daughter (Eva Maranginy), Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    883. Scandal mongers. [Three women and child, Gawadamawuy, carry mats and a cloth, as well as tin cans and a large shell, Milingimbi]. 1916-1938. – have to check girl’s name in notes / 20/#840
    884. Coming from the well. [Woman with young boy on shoulders, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    885. Old age. [Gunydjarrkama Bindarra (Walamangu) with a mat]. 1923-1938.
    886. Making Trepang. [Aboriginal men prepare trepan, Goulburn Island]. 1916-1938.
    887. The Heathen Priest. [Wilanydjangu (Mildjingi) in front of bark shelter, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    888. Thursday Island. [Pier on Thursday Island], 1916-1938.
    889. In Camp. [Family groups beside two bark shelters, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    890. Rev. T.T. & Mrs Webb. [Rev Ted Webb and Mrs Evelyn Webb with their daughter Alisha, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    891. Anglican Church – Thursday Island. 1916-1938.
    892. Thursday Island. [Two women walk along a road], 1916-1938.
    893. Receiving the Dole. [Fijian mission worker hands out flour rations to Aboriginal men on beach, Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    894. The Leper. [Miyalkuwuy Guyala (Djambarrpuyngu), Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    895. The compound Darwin. [Kahlin Compound, Darwin]., 1916-1938.
    896. Three generations. [Two women including Gunydjarrkama) and a child, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    897. Wedding bells. [Wedding of John Gedower and Rosemary Moldalmi outside church with Rosemary’s mother, Goulburn Island]. 1916-1938.
    898. Congregation Milingimbi. [Large group at church service, Milingimbi], c.1923.
    899. The Burden Bearers. [Three women carry firewood on the head, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    900. Blood and wool. [Aboriginal man prepares for ceremony , Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    901. Spear thrower. [Makarrwala with spear and spearthrower ( and two men on right prepare for ceremony , Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    902. Before the drama. [Aboriginal men prepare young boys for ceremony , Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    903. The Lepers Hut. [Ngalandirr (Ritharngu) stands next to iron shelter at leper camp, Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    904. Maudie – The Leper. [ Lolup outside iron shelter at leper camp, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    905. The Old Church. [Remains of post building with collapsed roof, Goulburn Island?]. 1923-1938.
    906. The magic fire. [Aboriginal men around a fire during ceremony , Milingimbi], 1923-1938.
    907. Primitive life. [Groupincluding Gunydjarrkama and Lanydjarra (far right) in camp, and women have mats and a triangular skirt, Milingimbi]. 1923-1938.
    908. Football - Milingimbi.
    909. Preparations. [Aboriginal men including Nupurra Garrawurra prepare two boys for ceremony, Milingimbi]. 1924-1938.
    910. Wallaby dance. [Two Aboriginal men in ceremony, Milingimbi]. 1924-1938.
    911. Wallaby dance. [Two Aboriginal men inceremony , Milingimbi. 1924-1938.
    912. Argument on the Luggar. [Aboriginal crew of mission lugger (Larrpan?), Arafura Sea], 1924-1938.
    913. [Missing at time of digitisation]
    914. Half caste children coming from school. [Children at Kahlin Compound, Darwin], 1916-1938.
    915. Half caste boy (Willie). [Walailipa Gondarra, Milingimbi], 1924-1938.
    916. Paula and Elija. [Fijian mission workers, Sero Paulo and Elija, Goulburn Island or Milingimbi], 1924-1938.
    917. Paula’s wife. [Nancy, wife of Fijian mission worker Sero Paulo, Goulburn Island or Milingimbi], 1924-1938.
    918. Paula. [Fijian mission worker, Sero Paulo, Goulburn Island or Milingimbi], 1924-1938.
  • System of arrangement
    Filed mainly by negative number order (written on reverse of prints). Forms part of Series 01: Photographic prints of missionaries and Indigenous people in the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa and India, ca. 1885-1938 / probably photographed by Rev. John Wear Burton, R. H. Rickard, and others for the Methodist Church of Australasia, Dept. of Overseas Missions
  • Appraisal Note
    Nitrate negatives destroyed because of unstable medium.
  • Access Conditions
    Restricted: Written approval should be sought from Archivist, Uniting Church Assembly, 16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta, NSW 2151. Tel: 02 8838 8982
  • General note

    Photographic prints taken from nitrate negatives.
    Includes images from MOM 172, 21.
    Contents list (filed with the collection) provided by Dr Gumbula, Louise Hamby and Lindy Allen in consultation with the Milingimbi community, 2015-16.
    Digital order no:Album ID : 1165345
    See also Photographs of Northern Territory at Mitchell Library call no. MOM 252.
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