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  • Title
    Item 04: Althouse & Geiger photographs of buildings, products, exhibitions and displays, ca. 1920-1989
  • Call number
    PXE 1514/Box 3
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1920-1989
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Physical Description
    78 items (photographic prints and drawings) - various sizes
  • Scope and Content
    Photographs of buildings, products, exhibitions and displays, 1920s-1980s.
    Rarely dated or attributed.

    1. Althouse & Geiger offices, 4-level brick building / Phil Ward
    Black & white photograph

    2. Althouse & Geiger offices, interior, 4-level brick building / Phil Ward
    Black & white photograph

    3. Youth camp, diorama, unk coastal or lake location, hills in background
    Black & white photograph

    4. Australian Railways Union, painted trade banner, signed at lower right, Althouse and Geiger, 338 [?] Sussex Street
    Black & white photograph

    5-6. Floral arrangement [wallpaper design?]
    2 black & white photographs

    7. Althouse and Geiger, 338 Sussex St, 3-level masonry building, parapet dated est.1875
    Black & white photograph

    8. Welcome LBJ, banners, signage, Waltons, George St 1966 / by LCD
    Colour photograph

    9. Welcome LBJ, banners, signage, LBJ photograph, Waltons, George and Park Sts, from Town Hall corner, 1966 / by LCD
    Colour photograph

    10. Welcome LBJ, banners, signage, LBJ photograph, Waltons, George Street, 1966, illuminated night colour / by LCD
    Colour photograph

    11. Welcome LBJ, banners, signage, LBJ photograph, Waltons, George Strteet, 1966, illuminated night / by LCD
    Black & white photograph

    12. Stack and Company, Pontiac, Holden, Chevrolet dealer, display window and illumination, ca. 1948
    Colour photograph [?]

    13. Coca-Cola delivery truck, signage and corporate identity
    Black & white photograph (ex-album)

    14. You could win this L7500 Home Unit, Australian Womens Weekly promotion, and signage
    Black & white photograph

    15-16. James Quality Confectionery, delivery van, signage and corporate identify, Centennial Park in background / Norman L. Danvers
    2 colour photographs, one mounted on card

    17. Althouse and Geiger, company logo
    Colour print

    Also reproduced in Album (Item 1)
    18. Union House, 247 George St, Althouse and Geiger cleaning building, ca.1938 [?] / Milton Kent
    Black & white photograph

    19. Kreisler Radio, 43 Alice St, Newtown, power wire wound resistors, signage/promotion / Russell Roberts
    Black & white photograph

    20. W. Hermon Slade & Co., trade display, hotel setting / B.B. Studios
    Black & white photographs

    21. Hudson, the wonder car, show card
    Gouache and watercolour on paper

    22. Rail car passenger interior, second class, Addis tooth brushes, show card over door
    Black & white photograph

    23. Gothic Revival building [Percy Marks building, 60-70 Elizabeth St], large metal ball atop false buttressing
    Black & white photograph

    24. Osram, building-scale mural “O for an Osram”
    Black & white photograph

    25. Osram, design for a building-scale mural on horizontal composition, “O for an Osram”
    Black & white photograph

    26-29. Cottee’s, Bourke to Burnie rally car no.234, paint/signage treatment
    4 colour photographs

    30-31. Maritime Services Board, parade float
    2 colour snapshots

    32-35. Gilbey Vintners (colour), Malgic rheumatic complaints, Alfred Snashall, Westmore Crystall building signage
    4 snapshots, 3 black & white and 1 colour

    36-39. Frank R. Wolstenholme, Wedderburn & Sons, Berger House, Vickers Gin Photographs of commercial signage
    4 snapshots, 3 black & white and 1 colour (Polaroid)

    40. Osram, building signage, 12+ storey building,”O for an Osram”, lower Clarence St (?), IBM building in background
    Colour print

    41-42. Maritime Services, parade float / Maritime Services Board of NSW
    2 black & white photographs

    43. “2KY Wireless radio, a country smile in the middle of your dial” with two kookaburras, building scale signage
    Black and white photograph

    44. Portrait photograph of signwriter, Goodyear tyre signage in background
    Black & white photograph

    45-47. Astor, Coles, Rotary International, commercial signage
    3 snapshots, 2 colour (Polaroids), 1 black & white

    48. York Motors illuminated signage, Chrysler, Plymouth, Morris dealer, full view of building by night lighting
    Black & white photograph

    49-51. Corio old whiskey, Robka vodka, Vickers gin, VDL gin & tonic, signage on panel van, Althouse and Geiger building in background
    3 colour prints

    52. Vincents APC, advertising card in passenger rail car, 2nd class
    Black & white photograph

    53-55. Dairy Frost ice cream cones, sundaes ; Alaskan charter fishing, Qld Govt Tourism Bureau
    3 black & white photographs

    56-58. Ford, Sydney Assembly Plant, outdoor signage and directionals
    3 colour photographs (Polaroids)

    59. Burnie Board and Timber Pty Ltd, trade display
    Black & white photograph

    60. Sydney Council, electricity promotion, trade display stand / James Howarth Studios
    Black & white photograph

    61-62. Anthony Horderns, “while I live I grow” signage in paddock with oak tree in middle distance ; “this bank is an official sponsor of the 1964 Australian Olympic Team” banner
    1 colour photograph (Polaroid), 1 black & white photograph

    63-64. Tray Bricks, “Made from rich creamy milk” ; Clown portrait face
    2 black & white photographs

    65-66. Astor, Waldorf Astoria cigarettes, signage on station wagon ; Illustration of castle with ghosts fleeting / Kintore Studios print black & white
    1 colour photograph, 1 black & white photograph

    67. Surf lifesaving boat, nearing shore, name on bow “Pontiac Chieftain” (a model of Pontiac motor car) / Consolidated Press Ltd
    Black & white photograph

    68-69. Freddie Simmons (1961), action photograph of signwriter with mawlstick and brush in hand identified on rear ; Caesar Fabrics commercial signage
    2 black & white photographs

    70. Althouse and Geiger interior of studio showing 7 signwriters at work with brushes and mawlsticks, signage visible incl. Bennett & Wood, Pettitt’s Cares, Highgates, Mc Nivens Ice Cream / Phil. Ward Commercial Photographer
    Black & white photograph

    71. Network, hatchback motorcar painted with trade name and slogan
    Colour print

    72. Fairfield Heights Chamber of Commerce
    Colour decal (original)

    73. Peters Ice Cream, Purity Personified
    Original gouache 240 x 490 on paper (folded)

    74. Franks Trading Co., building scale signage on 5 level building, Olympic Tyres illuminated signage atop building / Vic. Joyce Studios
    Black & white photograph

    75. Cravens delicious sweets from England, signage on large van, Centennial Park gardens in background / Norman L. Danvers Photography
    Colour print

    76. Althouse and Geiger offices/studio
    Contact sheet of 7 images, black & white

    77. Althouse and Geiger offices and studio, ute in front with Althouse and Geiger signage
    2 colour prints

    78. Stacks, design for Stack and Company trade display in Manufacturing Hall, Moore Park, Chevrolet, Holden, Pontiac
    Original gouache on board
  • Copying Conditions
    Copyright restrictions may apply: This collection has multiple rights owners
    Rights and Restrictions Information:: Photographs in this collection created before 1955 are all out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright for the life of creator plus 70 years.
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy copyright holder
  • Description source

    Collection listed and described by Dr Michael Bogle, 2014
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