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  • Title
    Item 22: Photographs of G. E. Morrison, his family, servants, colleagues and friends, ca. 1881-ca. 1920 / from the papers of George Ernest Morrison
  • Call number
    PX*D 153/vol. 2
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1881-ca. 1920
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
    Partly Digitised : 21 photographs only selected for digitisation
  • Physical Description
    86 photographic prints - various sizes
  • Scope and Content
    Photographs are of Morrison from childhood to middle age, his wife and children, and his household in China.

    BOX 1
    1–2. [Morrison (1st from left, 2nd row), Samuel Blythe (3rd from left, 2nd row, an American correspondent). George Smalley (centre, 1st row, a resident correspondent of The Times to Washington. Onishi (on the right of George Smalley, a Japanese correspondent.) The photo was probably taken during the Portsmouth Peace Conference in August 1905]
    3-8. [Morrison, the political adviser to President Yuan Shi-kai, and some other advisers. Nagao Ariga (centre), W.F. Willoughby (extreme left), Morrison (2nd from right)]
    9-11. [G.E. Morrison in studio photograph with two European gentlemen]
    12-21. [G.E. Morrison in Ballarat Base Hospital in grounds, and in wards with staff and patients, 1891?. Includes one group photograph of nursing staff]
    22-23. [Major O’Connor]
    24. [Mrs. Morrison with members of household staff and their children on front steps of house]
    25. [Group portrait of what appears to be soldiers and civilians, possibly taken in Thailand]
    26-27. [G.E. Morrison and Chinese staff member, possibly in backyard of house]
    28–29. The author in Western China [leaving Yunnan City during his walk across China in 1894]. [Frontispiece to An Australian in China : being the narrative of a quiet journey across China to Burma / by George Ernest Morrison. London : H. Cox, 1895]
    30-47. see BOX 2
    48. [Morrison’s children Colin (left), Alastair (right)]
    49. [Morrison’s second son Alastair (born August 1915)]
    50. [Morrison and his children]
    51. [Morrison’s eldest son Ian (born May 1913]
    52–53. [Morrison’s children Alastair (left) and Ian (right)]
    54. [Snapshot of Morrison with friend at a train station in China]
    55. [Snapshot of Morrison in Peking]
    56-59. Myself [Morrison] and one of my Lions' at my entrance
    60. [Morrison and his householder Sun Tien-fu at his house in Peking]
    61. [Snapshot of a street scape in Southeast China]
    62-64. [Morrison and his householder Sun Tien-fu at his house in Peking] "Myself and my boy at my front door"
    65–67. [Morrison - group portraits]
    68-70. [Morrison in 1881, aged nineteen]
    71-75. [Morrison aged around twenty-five]
    76-77. [Morrison in America, 1887]
    78-79. [Morrison in graduation gown, Edinburgh, 1887]
    80-81. [Morrison, Resident Surgeon, Ballarat Hospital, 15th April 1893]
    82. [Morrison in China in 1894]
    83–86. [Portraits of Morrison]

    BOX 2 (larger size photographs)
    30. Exhibition Building, Tuesday, 30th October. Dr. G. Earnest Morrison, P.R.G.S. [enlarged version of nos. 28-29]
    31. [Studio portrait of G.E. Morrison and four Chinese gentlemen, against painted backdrop. Duke Lan (2nd from right. He was exiled to Xinjiang after the Boxer War]
    32. [Morrison (centre) in his Library with Masunosuke Odagiri (seated left) the representative of Baron Iwasaki, and Mikinosuke Ishida (seated right). In 1917, Morrison sold his private library to Baron Iwasaki; Ishida supervised the transfer of the library to Tokyo]
    33. [Morrison and advisers together with chief government officials of the Republic of China. Morrison (2nd from right, 2nd row), Chu Chi-chien (3rd from right, 2nd row), Lu Tsen-tsiang (upper right of Morrison.), Chou Ysu-chi (1st from left, 2nd row), Sun Pao-chi (man with long beard), Cao Lu-lin (1st from right, 2nd row), Kiang Shi-yi (just behind Sun Pao-chi), Chang Ysung-hsiang (1st from left, front), W.F. Willoughby (centre, front), Nagao Arga (1st from right, front), Wang Pin ? (to be verified)]
    34-36. [G.E. Morrison and his household staff Sun Tien-fu in his house in Peking]
    37. G.E. Morrison and some expectant? members of the Tsungli Yuamen, Peking, Aug 8, 1899
    38-40. [G.E. Morrison and his household staff, 20 June 1901. Morrison bought a new house after the Boxer Uprising. He marked the status of these servants : coolie No.1 (left sitting on the ground), cart driver No.3 (sitting on the right), the middle row, cart driver No.1 (extreme left), servant No.1 (2nd from left), cart driver No.2 (1st from right, servant No.2 (2nd from right), the last cook (extreme left), coolie (2nd from left), cook No.2 (3rd from left) - detailed information on some members of staff in ink notes beneath photograph no.40]
    41-43. [G.E. Morrison, his wife and child surrounded by household staff] Feb. 11th 1914.
    44. [G.E. Morrison with several wealthy Chinese gentlemen and their children.]
    45-47. [G.E. Morrison with his household staff and their children]
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    Out of copyright: Created before 1955
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    Content list revised and updated by Xiayu Wu, for the internship component of the Master of Museum Studies course, University of Sydney, July 2010.
    Listing reviewed and amended by Warwick Hirst, Archivist, July 2014.
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    Digital order no:Album ID : 824154
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    Nelson Meers Foundation Heritage Collection - State Library of New South Wales
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