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    George Ernest Morrison collection, 1738-1935
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    George Ernest Morrison, also known as 'Chinese Morrison' and 'Morrison of Peking', was born in Geelong in 1862. By the age of 21 he had walked around the coast to Adelaide and canoed down the Murray from Wodonga to the sea selling his diaries of both trips to The Leader, failed his medical studies at Melbourne University, sailed on a blackbirding schooner, walked across Australia from north to south and led an exploring expedition into New Guinea where he was speared in the face and abdomen. In 1884 he sailed to Britain to pursue his medical studies at Edinburgh University. After graduating in 1887 he worked in Spain for eighteen months as medical officer at a British-owned mine before returning to Australia where he took up the position of resident surgeon at Ballarat Base Hospital. In 1894 he walked across China from Shanghai to Rangoon a journey of over 5000 km. As a result of this feat he was appointed the first permanent correspondent of 'The Times' at Peking in 1897. He was in China during the Boxer Rebellion and took part in the defence of the foreign legations in Peking in 1900, when he was severely wounded while rescuing another defender. In the following years he travelled extensively in Asia, reporting on the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 and other major international events. In 1912 he resigned from The Times to become political adviser to the president of the new Chinese Republic,Yuan Shi-kai. In the same year he married New Zealander Jennie Wark Robin, with whom he had three sons. He attended the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919 as part of the Chinese delegation, but his health was declining and he died in England the following year.

    Reference: Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 10, (MUP), 1986
  • Scope and Content
    SERIES 01
    George Ernest Morrison diaries 1878-1883, 1887, 1889-1890, 1899-1920, with 2 diaries of his wife Jennie Wark Morrison, 1919-1920

    Series 01 Part 01: Guide to the papers of George Ernest Morrison in the Mitchell Library, Sydney, 1977

    Series 01 Part 02: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1878-1890

    Series 01 Part 03: George Ernest Morrison 'Diary of a tramp', 30 December 1879-14 February 1880

    Series 01 Part 04: George Ernest Morrison diaries and newscuttings, 1876-1891

    Series 01 Part 05: George Ernest Morrison diary of a journey in Spain, 13 November 1889-19 June 1890

    Series 01 Part 06: George Ernest Morrison diary of a journey from Bangkok to Yunan Province in China, 5 January-30 June 1896

    Series 01 Part 07: George Ernest Morrison diary of a journey from Bangkok to Yunan Province in China, 1 July-8 December 1896

    Series 01 Part 08: George Ernest Morrison diary of a journey from Bangkok to Yunan Province in China, additional notes, July-December 1896

    Series 01 Part 09: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1899-1900

    Series 01 Part 10: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1901-1902

    Series 01 Part 11: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1903-1904

    Series 01 Part 12: George Ernest Morrison diaries, January 1905-March 1906

    Series 01 Part 13: George Ernest Morrison diaries, March-December 1906

    Series 01 Part 14: George Ernest Morrison diaries, January-July 1907

    Series 01 Part 15: George Ernest Morrison diaries, July-December 1907

    Series 01 Part 16: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1908

    Series 01 Part 17: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1909

    Series 01 Part 18: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1910

    Series 01 Part 19: George Ernest Morrison diaries, January 1911-January 1912

    Series 01 Part 20: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1912

    Series 01 Part 21: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1913

    Series 01 Part 22: George Ernest Morrison diaries, January 1914-January 1915

    Series 01 Part 23: George Ernest Morrison diary, 1915

    Series 01 Part 24: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1916

    Series 01 Part 25: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1917

    Series 01 Part 26: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1918-1920

    Series 01 Part 27: George Ernest Morrison diaries, 1910-1920, with 2 diaries of his wife Jennie Wark Morrison, 1919-1920

    SERIES 02
    George Ernest Morrison, works for publication, 1895, 1922-1925

    SERIES 03
    George Ernest Morrison, correspondence and letter books, 1850-1920 and correspondence of Jennie Wark Morrison, 1910-1923

    SERIES 04
    George Ernest Morrison, subject files, 1738-1922

    SERIES 05
    George Ernest Morrison, miscellanea, 1877-1921

    SERIES 06
    George Ernest Morrison, newspaper cuttings, 1873-1935

    SERIES 07
    George Ernest Morrison, Chinese newspapers (English editions), 1894-1920

    SERIES 08
    George Ernest Morrison pictorial material, 1802-1923

    SERIES 09
    George Ernest Morrison realia, 1747-ca. 1920

    Maps from this collection are located at:
    M Ser 4 000/ 1 ML MSS 312/ Maps 1-8
  • System of arrangement
    The arrangement of the papers, pictures and realia in this collection follows the arrangement and description in Guide to the Papers of George Ernest Morrison in the Mitchell Library, 1977, by Mrs Sybil Blanton of the Manuscripts Section.¶¶Series 01 has been divided into Parts 01-27 which correspond to the numbered containers in which the individual diaries are housed.
  • Source
    Presented by the Morrison Family in 1946
  • Published Information
    Molixun yan li de jin dai Zhongguo = Old China through G.E. Morrison's eyes / Shen Jiawei bian zhuan ; Dou Kun deng yi. Fuzhou : Fujian jiao yu chu ban she, 2007. Edition Di 2 ban. ¶This publication uses Mitchell Library's collection of Morrison's photographs.
  • General note

    A bound typescript copy of the Guide to the papers of George Ernest Morrison in the Mitchell Library, Sydney. Sydney : The Library Council of New South Wales, 1977 (includes Index to Correspondents) is available in the Mitchell Library Reading Room.
    Another copy is located at MLMSS 312/1.
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