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  • Title
    SERIES 01: Jim Fogarty research folders, 1841-2007
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    MLMSS 7901/Boxes 1-4
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    BOX 1
    1. Alberto's Circus, ca. 1963-2003
    Includes, photographs, flyers, programmes, tickets
    2. Circus animals trainers (Australia), 1937-2003
    Includes photographs, news clippings, flyers concerning trainers, Warren Lennon, Lindsay Lennon, Geoff Lennon, Tony Gasser, Shane Lennon, Steven Lavis, Jerome Kirwan, Stefan Krajcik, Mervyn King, Fred Maynard, Joe Perry, Lindsay Perry, Robin Howell, Marcel Peters, Tommy Chipperfield, Mervyn King, Franz Gasser, Alby Perry, Bruce Russell, Glenn West, Jules Bullen, Michael Wislang, Sonny Gasser Jnr, George Suter, Captain Lindo, Captain Alfredo (Perc Bullen), Fanny Espinosa, Andrew Sole, Mickey St Leon, Alwyn Silver, Captain Wizard and Captain Monzalo (Mervyn King), Charlie Wing Quay, Mike O'Connel, Michael O'Connor, Stevan Lavis, Steve Robinson, Michael Wislang, Serifan Rodriguez, Tony Ratcliffe, Wolfgang Watler Petersen
    3. Circus animal trainers (International), 1913-2007
    Includes magazines, programmes, photographs, news clippings concerning trainers, Alfred Court, Mabel Stark, George Schroeder, Leslie Speechley, Save Hoover, Damoo Dhotre, Gerald Hyde, Fritz Schulz (Frederic Olsen), Madame Nazarova, Jason Peters, Gunther Gebel-Williams, Naumann twins, Miritza and Walter Zapshny, Boris Denisov
    4. Ashton's Circus, 1857-2005
    Includes photographs, programmes, flyers, posters, tickets, Christmas cards, news clippings, condolescence letter from Jim Fogarty regarding Phyllis Ashton, letter concerning The Ashton's Order of Australia.
    5. Circus Joseph Ashton, 2002-2007
    Includes Photographs, flyers, posters, new clippings
    6. Barton's Circus, 1909-2004
    Includes photographs, news clippings, programme, correspondence
    7. Burton's Circus (original), 1997-2007
    Includes DVD, news clippings
    8. Bullen Bros. Circus, 1939-2001
    Eulogy for Cleo Bullen,Stafford Bullen news clippings, poster, programmes, photographs and a CD copy of Jim Fogarty's book `Wait till you see what we've got on the water: the history of the Bullen Circus Empire in Australia'
    9. Harmston's Circus, 1890-1994
    Includes news clippings, programmes featuring the Alton sisters (Daisy, Deany), Arthur Jandaschewsky
    10. Fitzgerald's Circus, 1888-2006
    Includes news clippings and programmes

    BOX 2
    11. Circus historians, 1855-2006
    Includes letter from Mark St Leon to Jim Fogarty regarding circus research. A listing of Colonial circuses in Australia from Fred Braid M.B.E., a family history of Alfred Warren (Acrobat) and newsclippings
    12 (1) Lennon Family Circuses (Lennon's, Stardust, Burton's), 1981-2007
    Includes flyers, photographs, news clippings, programmes
    12 (2) Lennon Family Circuses (Lennon's, Stardust, Burton's), 1890-2007
    Includes photographs, news clippings
    13. Sole Bros Circus, 1926-2007
    Includes programmes, photographs, slides & disc, news clippings, poster, family tree, letters from Craig Sole to Jim Fogarty regarding circus history
    14. Great Moscow Circuses, 2002-2003
    Includes news clippings, photographs regarding their Australian tour.
    15. Circus Federation of Australia
    Includes newsletters, circus fact pack information
    16. Circus Fans of Australasia Inc, 1972-2003
    Photographs, badges, newsletters, pamphlets
    17. Circus Sunrise (Belli family), 1986-2001
    Includes poster, news cuttings, photographs
    18. Goldwyn Bros. Circus (Capt. Fred Ashton), 1941-2002
    Includes photographs, news cuttings, flyers
    19. Circus and rodeo, 1891-2006
    Includes news cuttings, 1 photograph
    20. Shows and showmen, 1909-2007
    Includes photographs, news clippings, press realise for De la Guarda Theatre, Lucky Grills Tex Morton, Slim Degrey, Do Re Mi Troupe, Ronricco (Des Tocchini), Franquin, Legarde Twins, Mysterious Howards, Marconi, Anna Sonya Schulz, Durkin family, Alf Henson, Neville Johnson, Le Estrange, Capt Turner McFarlane, Matt Hayes, Max Reddy, Sorlies, Larry Dulhunty, Ro Rene

    BOX 3
    21. Cirque du Soleil, 1998-2001
    Includes merchandise catalogue, promotional history
    22. Circus Oz & Fruit Flies, 1995-1996
    Includes programme, news cutting
    23. Onzalo (Alfred Rowe), 1893-1993
    Includes news cuttings, letters
    24. Circus trains, 1892-1999
    Includes photographs, news cuttings, journal articles, tour arrangements
    25. Sundry Australian circuses, including the birth of circus in Sydney, 1892-2007
    Includes flyers, publicity pamphlets, photographs and news cuttings regarding: Ivan Bros, Circus Edison, Bibbys Circus, Worth's Circus, LLoyd's Circus, Eden Bros, Donna Blaxter's Circus, St Leon's Circus, Pagel Circus & Zoo, Robinson's Circus, Eroni's Circus, Weber Bros Circus, Sells Brothers, Allan Baxter's Magic Circus, Adolphus Holden, Kodama's United Circus, Mrs Blanche Cells, Ivan Bros Circus, Fitzgeralds Circus, Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Siberian Circus, Bailey's Circus, Circus Sonelli, Russell's Free Circus, Gran Circo Americano
    26. Overseas circuses, 1900-2004
    Includes programmes, news cuttings, postcards, tickets regarding the following circuses. Bertram Mills Circus, Pagel's, Garden Bros Circus, Sarrasani Circus, Fillis family, W.W. Wilkie Circus, Zirkusmann Renz , Moscow State Circus, Chinese State Circus, Cirque D'Hiver Bouglione, Billy Smart's Circus
    27. Circus Royale Inc Original Royal, 1965-2007
    Includes flyers, posternews cuttings, program, circus rules,
    28. Weber's Circuses (Australia & New Zealand), 1995-2005
    Includes programe, news cuttings, photographs, business cards
    29. Circus advertising, 1963-2000?
    Includes tickets, passes, post cards, invitation cards, business cards, news cuttings for Bullens, Perry Bros, Circus Royal, Royale International Circus, Startime Circus.
    30. National film and Sound Archives, Canberra
    Listing of circus films in their collection as of 20/5/1997

    BOX 4
    31. Flying trapeze, 1926-2006
    Includes photographs, correspondence and unpublished manuscript regarding the history of Australian and International trapeze acts.
    32. Heinz Naumann Diving Tigers, 1968
    Photographs of Heinz Naumann and his twin sons Billy & Peter with tiger, Zita.
    33. Wirths Circus
    Notes regarding the publication of `The wonder of Wirths'
    34. Perry Bros. Circus, 1889-2005
    Includes tickets, news cuttings, correspondence, programmes, family tree
    35. Silver's Circus (original), 1949-2003
    Includes news clippings, programmes
    36. Silver's Grand Magic Circus, 1965-2006
    Includes flyers, news cuttings, tickets
    37. Circus and cabaret acts, 1841-2007
    Includes exhibition pamphlets, news cuttings, photographs featuring artists and acts: Trisha May,Helen de PaulTheo Zacchini, Con Colleano, The Jandasckewskys, The Four Kelroys, The Martinettes, Pearl Dicinoski, Jonaas Zilinska, Lotah family, Phil St Leon, Ralph Marchenko, Perry Bros, Tony Hanlon, Bepo the clown, Brophy Bros, Christel Zacchini, Burtons Circus, Stefan Kiajcik, Francisco Brothers, Rudi Belli, Gus St Leon, Ashton's Circus, Antonio & Kitty Reggiardo, Bullen Brothers, Frank Hosking, Clyde Beatty, Charles Siegrist, Alan Took, Bakers Circus, Seymour Family Circus, Sells Brothers, Wirth's Circus, Jack & Millie Williams, Daniel Fitzgerald
    38. Ridgway's Circus New Zealand, 1860s-2001
    Includes photographs, news clipping, chronology
    39. Circus elephants Australia, 1957-2006
    Includes news cuttings, letters, photographs and slides
    40. St Leon's European Circus, 1948
    Includes news cutting, family tree of May Wirth
    41. Capitol Theatre Sydney (originally Wirths Hipprodrome), 1992-1995
    Includes photographs, news cuttings, brochures
    42. Paul R. King re Thomas King (Port Melbourne Victoria), 1914, 2001-2007
    Includes correspondence, family history, news cuttings
    43. Circus postage stamps, 1997
    Postcards with some sample stamps advertising the 150 year anniversary of Circus in Australia in 1997
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