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  • Title
    Series 09: George Ernest Morrison realia, 1747-ca. 1920
  • Level of description
  • Date

    1747-ca. 1920
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
    Partly Digitised : Item 07, Item 10, Item 13, Item 19 no. 1
    Copy print : R 645
    Copy print : R 646
    Available on open access in the Mitchell Library Reading Room
  • Scope and Content
    MEDALS (R 644)

    ITEM 01
    Geelong College medal awarded to G. E. Morrison for gymnastics, 1878
    SAFE/R 644/Item a

    ITEM 02
    Geelong College medal awarded to G.E. Morrison for scripture, 1870s
    SAFE/R 644/Item b

    ITEM 03
    Medal commemorating the International Exhibition of Industry Science and Art, 1886
    SAFE/R 644/Item c

    ITEM 04
    Medal commemorating George, Lord Anson's defeat of the French at Finisterre and his circumnavigation of the globe, 1747 / engraved by Thomas Pingo
    SAFE/R 644/Item d

    ITEM 05
    China War Medal 1842 [awarded to B. Stevens], 1843 / designed by William Wyon
    SAFE/R 644/Item e

    ITEM 06
    China War Medal 1860 [awarded to John Brown], 1843 / designed by William Wyon
    SAFE/R 644/Item f

    ITEM 07
    China War Medal 1900, Defence of Legations [awarded to George Ernest Morrison], 1901 / designed by William Wyon
    SAFE/R 644/Item g

    ITEM 08
    China War Medal 1900 [awarded to G. A. Long], 1901 / designed by William Wyon
    SAFE/R 644/Item h

    ITEM 09
    China War Medal 1900 [awarded to W. A. Jackson], 1901 / designed by William Wyon
    SAFE/R 644/Item i

    ITEM 10
    Peking Siege Medal [awarded to George Ernest Morrison], ca. 1903
    SAFE/R 644/Item j


    ITEM 11
    Lock of George Ernest Morrison's hair, 1865
    SAFE/R 645/Item a

    ITEM 12
    Lock of Ian Morrison’s hair 1915
    SAFE/R 645/Item b

    ITEM 13
    Spear fragments removed from George Ernest Morrison's nose and body, 1883
    SAFE/R 645/Item c

    ITEM 14
    Cutlery and penknife
    SAFE/R 645/Item d

    ITEM 15
    Dip pen used by William Rockhill, 1901
    SAFE/R 645/Item e

    ITEM 16
    Pair of spectacles
    SAFE/R 645/Item f

    ITEM 17
    Purse belonging to Jennie Wark Morrison, between 1900 and 1925
    R 645/Item g

    ITEM 18
    Miniature prayer book, 1884
    R 645/Item h


    ITEM 19
    Lacquered wooden box containing Chinese medals, badges, paper money and leather pouch, ca. 1904-1918
    R 646/Item a

    ITEM 20
    Engraved bangles and other miscellaneous articles belonging to G.E. Morrison, ca. 1894-1920
    R 646/Item b
  • System of arrangement
    The arrangement of the realia in this collection follows the arrangement and description in Guide to the Papers of George Ernest Morrison in the Mitchell Library, 1977, by Mrs Sybil Blanton of the Manuscripts Section.
  • Description source

    Information transferred from Pictures Card Catalogue, March 2010

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