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  • Title
    Total Environment Centre aggregated collection of records
  • Creator
  • Level of description
  • Date

    1909, 1975-2001
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    49.32 metres of textual material (274 boxes) and 1 banner

    The Total Environment Centre (TEC) believes in a fairer, greener world for all. They’ve worked for over 40 years to preserve the ecosystems that support living landscapes and healthy communities across Australia.

    Originally TEC was formed by the save the rainforests movement of the 1970s, which to preserve clean air and stop coastal sand mining. Today they are, supporting communities to conserve precious parks and bushland. TEC push for recycling infrastructure to protect waterways and oceans from plastic pollutants, and sturdy legislation around native animals and plants to ensure food and water security for future Australians. TEC advocate for renewable energy by encouraging innovation, a more flexible modern energy market, and incentivising government investment. These are the building blocks of a sustainable Australia.

    Under the stewardship of our executive director Jeff Angel, TEC has remained a lean, independent and campaign-focused not-for-profit, with a reputation for calm measured policy advice, persistent campaigning and integrity.

    In recent years TEC’s award winning educational communications projects – the documentary film Waste Not, the mobile Ocean Action POD, and the HotHouse event series - have expanded TEC's traditional campaign activities across social media and other platforms into schools, universities, art galleries and public festivals.
  • Scope and Content
    Collection 01: Total Environment Centre records, 1909, 1975-1994

    Collection 02: Total Environment Centre further records, 1925-1993

    Collection 03: Total Environment Centre further records, 1951-1998

    Collection 04: Total Environment Centre further records, 1961-1990

    Collection 05: Total Environment Centre further records, 1964-1992

    Collection 06: Total Environment Centre further records, 1969-1992

    Collection 07: Total Environment Centre further records 1970-2002

    Collection 08: Total Environment Centre further records, 1972-1992

    Collection 09: Total Environment Centre further records, 1982-2001
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