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  • Title
    Series 02 Part 01: Mark Aarons files relating to East Timor, 1974-2008
  • Call number
    MLMSS 9329/Boxes 5-16
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  • Date

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  • Physical Description
    1.80 metres of textual material (12 boxes), some folders include photographs
  • Scope and Content
    This series contains papers relating to East Timor. They cover a period of more than thirty years from 1974 to 2008, including research files for a series of radio features and documentaries (1975-1990), correspondence to and from East Timorese leaders such as Xanana Gusmao and Jose Ramos-Horta, an extensive collection of pamphlets and other publications, and a large collection of clippings covering almost the entire period from 1974 to 2008.

    BOX 5
    Folder 1
    ‘1975 Trip and Program Notes’

    Folder 2
    ‘1983 Background Briefing [ABC radio program] on Bill Morrison’s Mission’ relating to the Australian Parliamentary Delegation to Indonesia led by the Honourable W. L. Morrison, MP, July-Aug. 1983, and response by Mark Aarons, Broadcast Officer (Radio), ABC Radio Talks and Documentaries, 28 Sept. 1983, to complaint made by Morrison about the program and the translation of an interview broadcast between Morrison and a group of Fretilin guerrillas

    Folder 3
    ‘1983 Doubletake [ABC radio program] on Jim Dunn’s Book’, including transcript of program

    Folder 4
    ‘1985 Background Briefing [ABC radio program] on the Illegal Radio Connection’ relating to program produced by Mark Aarons on the re-establishment of two-way radio communication between Fretilin (Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor) and the outside world on 6 Jan. 1985

    Folder 5
    ‘1990 Background Briefing [ABC radio program] on the Situation in East Timor’ relating to program presented by Mark Aarons on 15 Apr. 1990

    Folder 6
    ‘Robert Domm’s 1990 Trip to Interview Xanana Gusmao’, 1990-1991, relating to Background Briefing program produced by Mark Aarons, using material recorded from the interview with Gusmao by Australian lawyer and trade union leader, Robert Domm, freelancing for the program

    Folder 7
    ‘1990 Background Briefing [ABC radio program] on Domm’s interview with Xanana’, 1990-1991, relating to 10th anniversary program of Background Briefing, 28-30 Oct. 1990, featuring interview with resistance guerrilla commander, Xanana Gusmao, including transcript of program

    Folder 8
    ‘1990 Background Briefing [ABC radio program] on Domm’s interview with Xanana – Clippings’, 1990-1991, including correspondence and newscuttings

    Folder 9
    ‘Interview with Domm and Article on his Trip’, 1990, including article, ‘First Contact: An Australian visits Shanana’s Camp’ by Mark Aarons

    BOX 6
    Folder 1
    ‘Carmel Budiadjo’, 1991, being faxes between Mark Aarons and Carol Budiadjo (TAPOL: Indonesian Human Rights Campaign, UK)

    Folder 2
    ‘Practical Assistance’, 1991, mainly relating to radio equipment

    Folder 3
    ‘Xanana Letters’, 1991, being correspondence with Kai Rala Xanana Gusmao (Commander of Falintil, Member of the National Council of Muabere Resistance)

    Folder 4
    ‘Miscellaneous Papers’, 1974-1982, mainly photocopied material

    Folder 5
    ‘Independence Celebrations’, 2000-2005, including papers relating to NSW Ministerial Mission to East Timor for Independence Day Celebrations, 16-May 2002 [Mark Aarons was Deputy Chief of Staff to the Honourable Bob Debus MP]

    Folder 6
    ‘Security Archives Material’, 2001-2006, being mainly printouts of online articles, particularly from The National Security Archive [George Washington University]

    Folder 7
    ‘Fretilin Bank Account Documents’, 1992

    Folder 8
    ‘Photos’, being photographs and photonegatives taken by Oliver Strewe of mountain people, East Timor and Fretilin supporters, including at mass rally, in Dili, East Timor, 1975, and of Fretilin first anniversary celebration, Dili, 1975, and of First President of Timor, Francisco Xavier do Amaral, 1975; photo of Jose Ramos Horta; photographs taken by Robert Domm among Falintil guerrilla fighters with Xanana Gusmao, and of his interview with Gusmao, 27 Sept. 1990; and photographic prints of Indonesian troops, and Timorese protestors and casualties, at Santa Cruz Cemetery, Dili, East Timor, 12 Nov. 1991

    Folder 9
    ‘Balibo Incident’, 2006-2008, being newscuttings from the Australian press

    Folder 10
    ‘2006 Monthly Article’, 1976-2006, being research material for article, ‘Truth, Death & Diplomacy in East Timor’ by Mark Aarons, published in The Monthly, Apr. 2006

    BOX 7
    Collection of international and Australian publications and Solidarity Movement documents, 1975-1993, including TAPOL Bulletins and material from Amnesty International

    BOX 8
    Collection of international and Australian publications and Solidarity Movement documents, and related correspondence, 1974-2006, including material from Australian Coalition for East Timor (ACET) and a copy of Manifesto of APODETI (Associacao Popular Democratica Timorense [Timorese Popular Democratic Association] (1974)

    BOX 9
    ‘Clippings relating to the West Papua Issue’, 2006, being mainly newscuttings from the Australian press

    BOX 10
    ‘Clippings relating to the East Timor Issue, 1974-2002 (mostly unordered)’

    BOX 11
    ‘Clippings relating to the East Timor Issue, 1974-2002 (mostly unordered)’

    BOX 12
    ‘Clippings relating to the East Timor Issue, 1974-2002 (mostly unordered)’

    BOX 13
    ‘Clippings relating to the East Timor Issue, 1974-2002 (mostly unordered)’

    BOX 14
    Folder 1
    ‘Clippings relating to the 2006 Crisis in East Timor’

    Folder 2
    ‘Opinion Articles, Editorials and Material relating to the 2006 Crisis in East Timor’, 2005-2007, being newscuttings, including editorials and opinion pieces, and two issues of The Monthly, Apr. 206 and Aug. 2006, featuring articles by Mark Aarons

    BOX 15
    Folder 1
    ‘2006 Crisis in East Timor – Papers relating to Jose Ramos-Horta’, 2006

    Folder 2
    ‘2006 Crisis in East Timor – Papers relating to Xanana Gusmao’, 2006

    Folder 3
    ‘2006 Crisis in East Timor – Papers relating to John Martinkus’, 2006

    Folder 4
    ‘2006 Crisis in East Timor – UN Report’, being copy of Report of the United Nations Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste, 2 Oct 2006, and of Progress to Date in the Cases of Rogerio Lobato and Mari Alkatiri (Judicial System Monitoring Programme – JSMP Report, Dili, Timor-Leste, Sept. 2006)

    Folder 5
    ‘Miscellaneous Clippings from 2007, especially during East Timor’s Elections’

    Folder 6
    ‘Clippings dealing with the 2008 attempted assassinations of Jose Ramos-Horta and Xanana Gusmao’

    Folder 7
    ‘2006 Crisis in East Timor – Search Documents’, being papers relating to the Timor-Leste debate at the Search Foundation Annual General meeting, 28 Oct. 2006

    BOX 16
    Collection of East Timor News (Bulletin of the East Timor News Agency) covering the period August 1977-Spring 1985, with photocopy of ‘Message to the London meeting of support groups, international organizations and concerned individuals committed to the cause of the people of East Timor’, issued by Abilio Araujo, Fretilin External Delegation


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