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    Pamela Beasley papers, 1930-1983, with associated papers and records, including Mumbulla family papers, 1971-1989
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    MLMSS 8885
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    3.70 metres of textual material and 1 miniature Aboriginal flag (26 boxes), some folders contain photographs

    Pamela Howard Beasley (1920-1982), anthropologist and Aboriginal rights advocate, was born at Petersham, NSW, one of five children of Robert James Nixon and his wife, Muriel Bowden, nee Fletcher. She was educated at Fort Street Girls’ High School and Abbotsleigh Ladies College, and graduated from the University of Sydney (BA, 1946 and MA Hons (Anthropology), 1948) and the University of New Education (Diploma of Education, 1971).

    Beasley was a research assistant of Professor W. R. Geddes in Sydney University’s Department of Anthropology, mainly conducting a study of Aborigines living in the Sydney area to determine their modes of adjustment to city life from 1964 to 1967. During this time she also collaborated with C. D. Rowley, Director, Aborigines Project, Social Science Research Council of Australia, on similar survey work relating to the migration of rural Aborigines to the city and the role of the network of friends and relatives as supporting agents in this process. Beasley compiled unique demographic data on Aborigines in the Redfern-Chippendale area. By 1980 she had proposed a new survey of Aboriginal households in the South Sydney area, extending her survey of the early and mid-1960s.

    In 1947, Pamela Nixon married Harold John (Jack) Beasley, electrical fitter, union official, communist, writer, and editor and secretary of the Australasian Book Society; they were divorced in 1966. They had three children: Catriona (Kate) who married Paul Mumbulla, Margaret (Margo) and Michael. Pamela Beasley’s academic work and the birth of her part-Aboriginal grandchildren inspired her interest in Aboriginal genealogies.

    Pamela Beasley had a longstanding commitment to Aboriginal civil rights and was involved in and was a supporter of a number of organisations working in this area. In 1979, while living on Sydney’s northern beaches, she co-founded the Aboriginal Support Group-Manly Warringah Pittwater. Her connections with a number of fellow non-Aboriginal activists, such as Jack Horner, and indigenous activists and leaders, Herbert S. Groves, among others, were directly responsible for her custodianship of some of the latter’s personal papers, as well as records of the Aborigines Progressive Association and the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs.

    Pamela Beasley had a varied working life apart from her academic career. She had been a primary and a secondary school teacher, a clerk, a factory worker and a part-time teacher of remedial reading. She also wrote poetry, some of which was published in the Communist Party of Australia’s newspaper, Tribune. She died in Mona Vale, NSW, on 4 December 1982.

    Compiled from the collection
    Library correspondence file
  • Scope and Content
    This collection chiefly documents Pamela Beasley's academic work surveying Aboriginal householders and tenants in the South Sydney area during the 1960s, and also her association with and involvement in Aboriginal organisations promoting full citizenship rights, equality and justice for Aborigines.

    BOX 1
    Box 1/Folder 1
    Diary, 30 Sept. – 6 Nov. 1963, 23 July – Oct. 1964, Feb. 1965
    Personal calendars, Nov. 1977 – Dec. 1979

    Box 1/Folder 2
    Australian passport, 1979, and address books (2), with enclosures including clipping of ‘Focus on Aboriginal health’, Medical Journal of Australia, 28 Nov. 1981, pp. 575-576, relating to the new Northern Territory Aboriginal health policy

    Box 1/Folder 3
    Correspondence, 1967-1982, mainly with Cecily Margaret Parker and C. Scott Fletcher, Florida (USA) relating to family history; Jack Horner and Joe ?

    Box 1/Folder 4
    Papers relating to purchase and sale of property at North Narrabeen, 1964-1965, 1979, and correspondence mainly with Lincoln Investments Limited relating to personal share holdings, 1964-1965, 1971

    Box 1/Folder 5
    Travel brochures and pamphlets, and Australian and overseas stamps

    Box 1/Folder 6
    Travel brochures and maps relating to Canberra and south-eastern Australia

    Box 1/Folder 7
    ‘Untitled’, 1982, by Jack Beasley, being photocopied typescript of his article on Katharine Susannah Prichard, with another photocopied version with handwritten title ‘Jack Beasly [sic] – My Unilateral Debate: Katharine Susannah Prichard, Rebel Heroes and Matters Pertaining’, 1982 ( published in Australian Literary Studies, vol. 11, no. 7, Oct. 1983)

    Box 1/Folder 8
    Papers relating to Diploma in Education course, University of New England, 1969-1971; programs of productions of the University of Sydney Pro Musica Society and Opera, 1969-1973; and list of students in Music I, Department of Music, University of Sydney

    Legal correspondence relating to Pamela Beasley’s divorce to Harold John (Jack) Beasley, 1966

    Mumbulla family papers, 1971-1989, including papers of Catriona (Kate) Mumbulla, including her journal, Oct. 1983, and Harry Douglas James Mumbulla, and papers relating to the estate of Pamela Beasley

    BOX 3
    Box 3/Folder 1
    Papers, 1954-1982, being mainly printed material, mainly relating to Aborigines and Indigenous peoples, arts and crafts, Australian communist and labour movements, and the Oral History Association of Australia

    Box 3/Folder 2
    Printed material, ca. 1975-1982, including newsletters on various topics: Aborigines, drugs and alcohol services, film, human rights, national parks, theatre, travel, and women and the arts

    Box 3/Folder 3
    ‘Family I’, being research notes on the Nixon family

    Box 3/Folder 4
    Research notes and interviews on the Nixon family

    Box 3/Folder 5
    Research notes on the Nixon family

    Box 3/Folder 6
    Printed material relating to research on the Nixon family, ca. 1945, 1970-1979, including publications of the Society of the Australian Genealogists

    Box 3/Folder 7
    Photographs of Ernst Lelliott's family (11 b&w photos), ca. 1940- ca. 1970

    BOX 4
    Box 4/Folder 1
    Papers relating to NSW Regional Council of the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders (FCAATSI), 1965-1967, including correspondence, copies of minutes of meetings, printed material

    Box 4/Folder 2
    Papers relating to Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 1964-1967, being mainly printed material, including agenda and reports for 9th Annual Conference on Aboriginal Affairs, Canberra, 8-10 Apr. 1966, and reports and proceedings for the 10th Annual Conference on Aboriginal Affairs, 24-26 Mar. 1967

    Box 4/Folder 3
    Issues of Fellowship: Monthly Bulletin of the Aboriginal-Australian Fellowship, 1961-1963

    Box 4/Folder 4
    Issues of Fellowship: Monthly Bulletin of the Aboriginal-Australian Fellowship, 1964-1969

    Box 4/Folder 5
    Papers mainly relating to Council for Aboriginal Rights (Victoria), 1962-1968, including circulars issued and signed by Harry Penrith (Convenor, FCAATSI), with photocopied material from Jack Beasley relating to the Bunnerong Shop Committee, 1954-1958

    Box 4/Folder 6
    Printed material relating to Black Protest Committee (Brisbane, Qld.), 1982; Newsletter: Monthly Bulletin of the Queensland State Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander, no. 5, Apr. 1962; ‘Aboriginal League Condemns Hopevale Floggings’, being circular authorised by J. D. McGuinness [Joe McGinness] (Secretary, Cairns Branch of the Aborigines & Torres Strait Islanders Advancement League)

    Box 4/Folder 7
    Papers relating to New South Wales Aborigines’ Welfare Board, being copies of agenda of meeting, 20 Aug. 1963 and agenda and minutes of meeting, 15 October 1963, and copy of minutes of meeting with delegation from Woodenbong Aboriginal Progress Association with other representatives, 11 Aug. 1967

    Box 4/Folder 8
    Papers relating to Aboriginal Development Commission, 1979-1982

    Box 4/Folder 9
    Issues of Black News, 1973-1974; Race Relations News Letter (Carlton, Vic.), no. 7, 21 Mar. 1974; and N.Q. Messagestick, Jan. 1977; copy of ‘Mining at Aurukun: Presbyterian Church Replies to Queensland Government’, being statement issued by the Board of Ecumenical Mission and Relations, 23 Mar. 1976, and copy of ‘Aboriginal Land Rights: Policy Statement of the Liberal and National Country Parties’, ca. 1976

    BOX 5
    Box 5/Folder 1
    Papers relating to Aboriginal Legal Service (Redfern) 1979-1980

    Box 5/Folder 2
    Papers relating to Aboriginal Medical Service (Redfern), 1973, 1978-1982, being mainly issues of newsletter, and letter received from Bobbi Sykes (AMS Appeal Co-ordinator), 24 Apr. 1973, with attached first newsletter

    Box 5/Folder 3
    Papers relating to Aboriginal land councils, 1972, 1979-ca. 1982, including miniature Aboriginal flag (13.5 x 19.5 cm)

    Box 5/Folder 4
    Papers mainly relating to Australian and New Zealand Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament, Melbourne, 7-14 Nov. 1959, with copy of What are the Horror Weapons? (NSW Peace Council, Aug. 1954), compiled by Alec Robertson

    Box 5/Folder 5
    Papers relating to National Aboriginal Conference Secretariat (Canberra), 1981-1982, being mainly printed material

    Box 5/Folder 6
    Printed material issued by Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics relating to wage rates, 1965-1969

    Box 5/Folder 7
    Papers relating to Professor Frederick Rose (Director of Institute of Social Anthropology, Humboldt University, Berlin), 1960-1965, his research and writings, including typescript of his study in the relationships between Aborigines and non-governmental organisations in Sydney concerned with Aboriginal affairs, 1965; reprint of Rose’s article, ‘The Australian Aboriginal Family: Some Theoretical Considerations’, 1960; and Communist Party of Australia press statement relating to his press conference at Jim Healy Memorial Hall, Sydney, 20 Aug. 1965

    Box 5/Folder 8
    Papers relating to Aboriginal health and substance abuse, ca. 1958-1981, including printed material; reprint of article, ‘Aborigines and Other Australians’ by C. D. Rowley, from Oceania, vol. XXXII no. 4, June 1962, pp. 247-266, being inscribed presentation copy to Charles Perkins signed by the author; typescript versions of ‘Alcoholism Among Part-Aborigines in Rural New South Wales’, ca. 1958, by Jeremy Beckett (Australian National University) based on field work at Wilcannia, Lake Cargelligo, Euabalong and other centres in the Far West of NSW in 1957

    Box 5/Folder 9
    Papers relating to Aboriginal land rights in NSW, 1976-1978, including Land rights now, Wran must act in NSW : land rights lobby kit / [prepared by members of the Aboriginal Land Rights Support Group and the Action for World Development Land Rights Group] [1982?]; Terry Hie Hie Land Claim; and 1 Yuin Tribe photograph of ceremonial performance at Wallaga Lake Cemetery received from Ted Thomas, Wallaga Lake, via Narooma

    BOX 6
    Box 6/Folder 1
    Papers relating to Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society, 1973, including Kirinari Hostel, and Aboriginal Children’s Service, 1980-1982

    Box 6/Folder 2
    Papers relating to Murri Jama Music Project (Redfern), 1982, and Aboriginal Children’s Research Project, 1981

    Box 6/Folder 3
    Papers relating to Aboriginal Children’s Research Project, including Outline of Work – 1981; proposed changes to NSW Community Welfare Bill, 1981 and associated activities of Task Force for Aboriginal Children; and ‘The Stolen Generations: The Removal of Aboriginal Children in NSW, 1883 to 1969’, a Discussion Paper by Peter Read (History Dept. ANU); and papers relating to Murawina Parents’ Group, 1979

    Box 6/Folder 4
    Issues of NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Eastern Region Bulletin, March-July 1981; Quaker Race Relations Newsletter, Nov. 1979-Apr.1982; Aboriginal Advancement Newsletter, no. 5, February, 1973; and correspondence relating to Manly Warringah Aboriginal Support Group, 1982

    Box 6/Folder 5
    Correspondence of Gordon (NSW) Aborigine Study Group with Australian parliamentarians, 1980, relating to Aboriginal education and employment projects in NSW; printed material relating to National Aboriginal Conference (NAC) Elections, 17 Oct. 1981; printed material of the Co-operative for Aborigines Limited

    Box 6/Folder 6
    ‘The Aboriginal Reserve at La Perouse: A diachronic study (1788-1895) of the factors involved in its location’ by A. V. Surmon, Geography IV, BA Hons Thesis, University of Sydney, 1965, being draft outlines of thesis; ‘A Chronological History of Culture Contact in Aboriginal Australia’, ca. 1981, by Trevor Cook, being photocopied typescript; photocopy of ‘Aboriginal Children in Sydney: The Socio-Economic Environment’ by J. Norelle Lickiss in Oceania, vol. XLI no. 3 Mar. 1971; Aboriginal Children in Crisis: A Declaration by IYC [International Year of the Child) National Committee of NGOs, Part 1, 1979

    Box 6/Folder 7
    Agenda for Special Aborigines’ Conference, 16-17 Oct. 1965, being processed typescript; Report of Delegation to Walgett – 13th-15th August, 1965 (Walgett Aborigines Break the Color Bar), being processed typescript; Report of Second Delegation to Walgett. 27th to 29th August, 1965, being processed typescript; Reactions of the SAFA Tour [Student Action for Aborigines], 25 Feb. 1966, by Jim Spigelman, relating to tour of country towns in North and West NSW to protest against discrimination and to implement a survey of Aboriginal conditions, being processed typescript; Western Districts Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs Limited Directors’ Report, 30 June 1977, being processed typescript; Armidale Association for Aborigines (Castlecrag Branch) Annual Appeal, ca. 1965; issue of Branch News (Waterside Workers’ Federation (Sydney Branch), Circular No. 914 [26 Oct. 1965]; and photocopy of land rights report, ca. 1980

    Box 6/Folder 8
    Miscellaneous papers, 1963-1982, relating, in part, to Australian Aborigines, jobs’ notices and oral history technique

    Box 6/Folder 9
    Papers relating to Canberra Conference on Native Affairs, Feb. 1948, including Open Letter to participants from Olive M. Pink, 28 Jan. 1948; information sheet about Holiday Club formed by Australian Aborigines League for members’ children between the ages of eight and fourteen, undated; notebook of selected articles by Bobbi Sykes in AIM (Aboriginal and Islander Message), 1974-1979, and notes on land rights in Aboriginal Culture

    Box 7/Folder 1
    ‘Preliminary Report on People of Aboriginal Descent in Redfern-Chippendale Area’

    Box 7/Folder 2
    Letter received from J. Horner (Aboriginal-Australian Fellowship), 12 Nov. 1963, with enclosed list of addresses of young Aboriginal dance patrons at Redfern Town Hall, collected on 5 May 1960; letter received from J. P. M. Long (Social Science Research Council of Australia Aborigines Project, 12 Aug. 1965, commenting on and returning Beasley’s Redfern paper; ‘House Survey / List of Households, by area’, ca. 1963, inscribed ‘Mr Rowley [C. D. Rowley]’, and relating to various NSW towns; and carbon typescript of ‘List of Aborigine Patients in Mental Hospitals in N.S.W.’, ca. 1962

    Box 7/Folder 3
    Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Bibliographical Section tribal indexes, processed typescripts, with related notes

    Box 7/Folder 4
    ‘Report of the Sydney Aboriginal Population – June 1966’, with notes and newscutting relating to two teenage girls in St Marys, western Sydney, 12 Feb. 1978

    Box 7/Folder 5
    Thesis working papers, including thesis outline and notes, diagrams and maps relating to kinship relationships on reserves and with La Perouse

    Box 7/Folder 6
    Aboriginal Internal Migration and Resettlement Study, ca. 1978, being questionnaire received from, with annotations by, Nigel Routh, Research Assistant for Dr Ian Burnley, School of Geography, University of NSW

    Box 7/Folder 7
    Letter received from C. D. Rowley (Director, Social Science Research Council of Australia Aborigines Project), 8 Sept. 1964, acknowledging and returning draft of Beasley’s talk on ‘Aborigines and City Life’

    Box 7/Folder 8
    Research material, including notebook, letters received and copy of ‘Domestic Situation of Aborigines in Sydney’, a paper by Eugene D. Stockton, Nov. 1971

    Box 7/Folder 9
    Letters received from G. E. Kearney (Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Queensland), 1973-1974, relating to the survey Areas of Psychological Research Undertaken with Aboriginal Australians

    Box 7/Folder 10
    Working papers, including notes

    Box 7/Folder 11
    Index notebook of names, A-XYZ, with pages formerly in clip folder of names and addresses of householders arranged by alphabetically by Sydney suburb

    Box 7/Folder 12
    Data sheets and copies of memoranda from Helen Biddle to Hazel Smith, 15 Apr. 1967 and 21 Apr. 1967 relating to ‘Housing characteristics of aborigine descented [sic] persons living in Brisbane – 1965-1966’

    Box 8/Folder 1
    Notebook, including entries post-dating Aboriginal households survey

    Box 8/Folder 2
    ‘The Aboriginal Household in Sydney’, Sept. 1967, being draft versions and working papers

    Box 8/Folder 3
    Correspondence mainly with C. D. Rowley, 1980, relating to ‘Inner City Aboriginal Households’, Beasley’s proposed new survey of Aboriginal households in the South Sydney area, extending her survey of 1963-1964, and including questionnaire for similar proposed survey by Rowley

    Box 8/Folder 4
    Genealogies of Aboriginal families

    Box 9/vols. 1-16
    Notebooks, including names and addresses of Aboriginal householders

    Card indexes arranged alphabetically by Sydney suburb and NSW rural area, 1963-ca. 1967

    Card index to streets, arranged alphabetically by Sydney suburb

    Card index of surnames arranged alphabetically, Dunovan – Gunther, residing in Sydney suburbs and NSW rural areas

    Card index of surnames arranged alphabetically, Ahsam – Dixon, residing in Sydney suburbs and NSW rural areas, with sample cards

    Card index of surnames arranged alphabetically, Nalty – Swan, residing in Sydney suburbs and NSW rural areas, with alphabetical lists, A-Y

    Card index of surnames arranged alphabetically, Locke – Murri, residing in Sydney suburbs and NSW rural areas

    Card index arranged alphabetically by subject:
    ‘Depts. of Govt & Acts, Regs etc.’, ‘A.D.C.’, ‘Anthrop. – Physical’, ‘Artists etc.’, ‘Adoptions’, ‘Alcoholism’, ‘Argument’, Asbestos’ see ‘Baryugil’, ‘Birth Rate’, ‘Census’, ‘Charges – Criminal etc.’, ‘Churches’, ‘Church Organisations’, ‘Clever Men’, ‘Concepts and Attitudes’, ‘Death rate – Child’, ‘Debs [Debutantes ?] – 1965’, ‘Domestics – Aboriginal’, ‘Discrimination’, ‘Distribution, NSW, Sydney’, ‘Drugs’, ‘Education’, ‘Elderly’ see ‘Old People’, ‘Election Candidates’, ‘Electoral Rolls’, ‘Employment’, ‘Environment, Redfern 1963’, ‘Ethnic Origins’, ‘Europeans’ [filed at end of index], ‘Expenses – Family’, ‘Family’, ‘Fighters [Boxers and Wrestlers]’, ‘Genealogies’, ‘Gyms [Gymnasiums]’, ‘Holiday Camps’, ‘Hospitals [including Psychiatric Clinics]’, ‘Hostels [including Tranby]’, ‘Hotels’, ‘Housing’, ‘Humpies’, ‘Initiation’, ‘Institutions [including Kinchela Boys Home and Orphanages]’, ‘Integration’, ‘Jockeys’, ‘Kin’, ‘Landlords’, ‘Language [‘Lingo’]’, ‘Legends’, ‘Legislation’, ‘Media’, ‘Medical Problems’, ‘Medicines – Aboriginal’, ‘Migration’, ‘Missions’, ‘Musicians – Etc.’, ‘Non Aboriginal [including ‘Samoans’]’, ‘Old People’, ‘Organisations [A-W]’, ‘Orphanages’ see ‘Institutions’, ‘Out of State’, ‘Overseas’, ‘Passing [Blacktown]’, ‘Places – ACT’, ‘Places – NSW [A-Y]’, ‘Places – NSW – Sydney [A-W]’, ‘Places – NT [Northern Territory]’, ‘Places – Qland [Queensland]’,
    ‘Places – SA [South Australia]’, ‘Places – Victoria’, ‘Places – WA [Western Australia]’, ‘Persecution’, ‘Poets’, ‘Police’, ‘Population – Estimates’, ‘Prejudice’, ‘Publications’, ‘Religious Attitudes’, ‘Rent – Rents’, ‘Researchers’, ‘Rock Wallabies’, ‘Scholarships’, ‘Schools’, ‘Sites’, ‘Songs & Singers’, ‘Sport’,‘State Wards’ see also ‘Adoptions’, ‘Trainers [Boxing and Horse –Jockeys]’, ‘Trackers’, ‘Treaties’, ‘Tribes’, ‘Tutors etc’, ‘Unemployment – Rate’, ‘Urbanisation – Minorities’, ‘University Students’, ‘Wallabies – Rock’ see ‘Rock Wallabies’, ‘Europeans’ and
    Unfiled index cards

    Notebook of ‘Unverified Names – Coded UV’

    Card index of surnames arranged alphabetically, Hagen – Little, residing in Sydney suburbs and NSW rural areas

    Card index of surnames arranged alphabetically, Tangies – Yuke, residing in Sydney suburbs and NSW rural areas

    Unsorted index cards arranged alphabetically by subject [see related card index in BOX 14]

    Card index of householders residing in Sydney suburbs, 001-100 [arrangement not determined]

    Pocket notebook titled ‘Queries – Things to do & check’

    Pocket notebooks, inscribed III (to Nov. 1965); IV (to Dec. 1965; V (to Feb. 1966); VII (Mar.–June 1966); VIII (July-Aug. 1966)

    Pocket notebook, Nov.-Dec. 1966

    BOX 17
    Box 17/Folder 1
    Drafts of poems, mainly undated, some signed Pamela Nixon

    Box 17/Folder 2
    Drafts of published and unpublished poems, 197-, some signed Pamela Nixon, with letters received from publishers, and notebook, including clippings of other poets’ works

    Box 17/Folder 3
    Two bound exercise books mainly of handwritten poems, 1957-1980; volume II includes list of poems inside front cover. Also included are loose pages of typescript and carbon typescript poems with copies of letters (2), with enclosed poems, to The Producer, ‘Words and Music’ Radio Drama & Features Dept. ABC Brisbane, 18 Mar. 1980

    Box 17/Folder 4
    Bound Chinese notebook, including handwritten English poems, 1956-1970

    BOX 18
    Box 18/Folder 1
    Bound notebook of handwritten poems with clipping of poem ‘An Old Man’ by John Blight from Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Mar. 1981

    Box 18/Folder 2
    Exercise book of handwritten poems and notes, 1978, with occasional diary entries

    Box 18/Folder 3
    Bound notebook of handwritten and typescript poems, with clipping of poem ‘Cracksmen’ by Roland Robinson from The Australian, 3 July 1971

    Box 18/Folder 4
    Notebooks (2), Croxley Airway pad and loose handwritten poems, with letter received from Judith Wright, 18 May 1980, returning Beasley’s enclosed poems with comments; notebooks include autobiographical notes and notes on debating and literature

    BOX 19
    Issues of Aboriginal Quarterly, 1978-1982; Dawn: A Magazine for the Aboriginal People of N.S.W., Aug. 1962-Dec. 1968, July 1973; Aboriginal and Islander Forum, 1975-1979; Aboriginal Newsletter, 1980-1982; Aboriginal Newsletter New South Wales, 1983; Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter, 1980-1982; The Australian Journal, 1 May 1942; Manly Warringah Journal (Manly-Warringah Media Co-operative Limited), 1980?; Smoke Signals: Official Organ of Aborigines Advancement League (Vic.), 1965, 1967; Aboriginal Information : Eastern Region (Department of Aboriginal Affairs), 2nd ed., 1977; Social Services Journal (Commonwealth Department of Social Services), Aug. 1966; Identity (Aboriginal Publications Foundation), 1979, 1981; Social Alternatives (Black Alternatives in Australia issue), Aug. 1981; Kirinari (Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society), 1968-1969; The Poor Man's Wealth. Sydney : Australian Board of Missions, [1960?]. Tranby Series no. 1; Australian Aboriginal Publications from the Australian Government Publishing Service, ca. 1981; and Justice for Aboriginal Australians : Report of the World Council of Churches team visit to the Aborigines, June 15 to July 3, 1981 / Elizabeth [i.e. Elisabeth] Adler ... [et al.]

    BOX 20
    The Australian Aboriginal as a Human Being / by M. M. Bennett. London : Alston Rivers, 1930

    The Wind of Change in Central Australia : The Aborigines at Angas Downs, 1962 / Frederick G.G. Rose. Berlin : Akademie-Verlag, 1965, being inscribed and signed copy by the author, 27 July 1966

    Bibliography. Series A, Selected Periods. No. 4: November, 1963-March, 1964 / Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies

    Beyond the Act. [Brisbane] : Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action, 1979

    Proceedings of Conference on Welfare Policies for Australian Aborigines, Armidale, May 1960. [Armidale, N.S.W.] : Adult Education Dept., University of New England, [1960?]

    Australian Aborigines / text by Robert Edwards ; illustrations by C. Dudley Wood. Adelaide : Rigby, 1974.

    Massacres to Mining : The Colonisation of Aboriginal Australia / Jan Roberts. Blackburn, Vic. : Dove Communications, 1981

    Law, the Old and the New : Aboriginal Women in Central Australia Speak Out / Diane Bell and Pam Ditton. Canberra, A.C.T. : Published for Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service by Aboriginal History, 1980

    Papers presented at meetings of the New South Wales Branch of the Australian Association of Social Workers, 1965. [Sydney] : N.S.W. Branch of the Australian Association of Social Workers, 1965

    Land Claims in NSW. Sydney : The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council, [1981]

    The Right to an Abortion : A Guide to the Law for Members of the Public and Medical Practitioners / prepared by the legal panel of the Council for Civil Liberties. Glebe, N.S.W. : Council for Civil Liberties, [1972]

    From Humbug to Politics : Aboriginal Affairs and the Academy Project / [by] C.D. Rowley. [Canberra] : Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, 1973

    Muzzle Blast : The Regimental Journal of the 2/2nd Machine Gun Battalion, vol. 2 no. 2, June 1941

    Our Women : National Magazine of the Union of Australian Women, no. 30, Mar.-May 1965

    The Peacemaker, vol. 27 no. 5, June 1965

    Sandhog. A Folk Opera in 3 Acts by Earl Robinson and Waldo Salt. [Programme] New Theatre, Sydney [1962]. Presented under the auspices of the W.W.F. Cultural Committee

    Handbook for Chairmen and Secretaries : A Guide to Meetings and Management of Clubs, Societies and Associations / by C. F. Bentley. Frenchs Forest, N.S.W. : Reed, 1970

    Better Writing / Public Service Board of N.S.W. [Sydney, N.S.W.] : The Board, 1981

    Classification and Classified List of Industries. Canberra : Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, June 1961

    Classification and Classified List of Occupations. Canberra : Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, June 1961

    Reeds' Lilliput Maori proverbs / by Aileen E. Brougham and A.W. Reed. Wellington ; Auckland : A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1964

    BOX 21
    Printed material mainly relating to Aboriginal subjects, 1962-1982:

    Includes annual reports, pamphlets, magazines, newscuttings and newspapers, 1962-1979, including issues of The N.Q. Messagestick : Newsletter of N.Q. Land Rights Committee, 1980-198; AIM : Aboriginal-Islander-Message, Nov. 1979-Dec. 1981

    Australian Aboriginals. Canberra : A.G.P.S., 1974 (25 study prints & guide)

    Aborigines in the Community. Sydney : Ambassador Press, 1965

    Beyond White Australia : A Short History of Race Relations in Australia / by A. Barrie Pittock ; with an introduction by C. D. Rowley. Surry Hills, N.S.W. : Published ... by the Race Relations Committee of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia, 1975

    Change and the Aboriginal : A Traditional Life, A Conservative History / Nicolas Peterson. Canberra : Australian Government Publishing Service, 1975, ca. 1970

    BOX 22
    Papers relating to Aboriginal rights and the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs, including issues of Irabina, 1965-1971; copy of Decisions of the Commonwealth and States Conference on Native Welfare, Canberra, 3-4 Sept. 1951; Report on the conclusions of an investigation of the Aboriginal situation in the Northern Territory, carried out by four students representing Aboriginal organisations from Sydney and Newcastle Universities, ca. 1968 / submitted by Nona Harvey, Abschol Research Officer, University of Newcastle; and poster relating to 1967 Aboriginal Referendum: Right Wrongs Write Yes for Aborigines! On May 27. Authorised by J. McGuinness, 9 Gough Street, Cairns. Issued by Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders [1967]

    BOXES 23-25

    BOX 26
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