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  • Title
    Photographs of Sydney, 1916-1935
  • Creator
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    PXA 1642
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  • Physical Description
    159 negatives - 11.6 x 15.8 cm or smaller
    5 photographic prints - 8.2 x 10.5 cm
  • Scope and Content

    ITEM 01
    'Athole', Parramatta, 1929
    1. Main gates
    2. 'Athole'
    3. Sundial at 'Athole'
    4. Old Gasworks, near 'Athole'

    ITEM 02
    'Barnstaple Manor', Five Dock
    1. Family vault
    2. Windmill
    (Negative of house is missing)

    ITEM 03
    'Campbell Fields', Minto, 1927
    1. Private road
    2. & 3. The house
    4. The kitchen
    5. & 6. Cellar, and entrance to it
    7. Dr. Redfern

    ITEM 04
    'Canterbury House', Canterbury, 1927
    1. & 2. Side, front and back of house
    3. Side passage
    4. Main entrance
    5. and 6. Morning room
    7. Library
    8.-10. Drawing room
    11. First floor corridor
    12. Stables
    13. Coach house

    ITEM 05
    'Carabella', North Sydney, 1935
    1. & 2. Views of 'Carabella House'

    ITEM 06
    'Cromlea', Roseville, 1924
    Built for Mr. John Campbell, a produce merchant, Sussex Street, Sydney, who eventually lost his money and also this house
    1. Showing water storage on right
    2. 'Cromlea'
    3. The well
    4. Stone plaque with information about wall

    ITEM 07
    'Crows Nest House', Lane Cove, North Sydney, 1930
    1. Entrance
    2.-4. 'Crows Nest House'
    5. Hall, Lady Hays' portrait on wall
    6. Sample of the fine stitching by Jessy Hay.
    7. Kitchen dresser with chinaware over 100 years old
    8. Coach house
    9. One of the six pillars from old George Street Post Office

    ITEM 08
    ‘Elizabeth Bay House’, Elizabeth Bay, 1927
    1. North east side
    2. South side
    3. Hall, from vestibule
    4. & 5. Library
    6. Looking from first floor
    7. Looking east from first floor

    ITEM 09
    'Elizabeth Farm House', Parramatta, 1926
    1. Front verandah
    2. The 'Farm House' and Mrs. Wm. Swann
    3. Hall
    4. Dining Room
    5. & 6. Drawing room
    7. An early Parramatta bedroom
    8. Boundary stone between Granville and Parramatta on the grounds. This tree near bridge was blown down a few years ago.

    ITEM 10
    Lord Stonehaven at 'Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta, March, 1926
    5 photographs

    ITEM 11
    ‘Eynesbury’, Edgecliff, March 1934
    1. Corner of Edgecliff Road and Albert Streets
    2. ‘Eynesbury’, looking north
    3. Main entrance
    4. Looking south
    5. Front of rounded window, looking east
    6. From interior, looking east
    7.-9. Interior views
    10. Lookout from first floor
    11. A garden pathway

    ITEM 12
    'Greystanes', 1927
    1. Entrance gates and lodge
    2. & 3. Front and steps
    4. Verandah near steps
    5. Entrance hall
    6. & 7. Drawing room
    8. Library and billiard room from hall
    9. End of same room
    10. Bedroom
    11. Entrance gates to stables
    12. Stables and pond
    13. Looking from stables
    14. Back of 'Greystones'

    ITEM 13
    'Helene', Meadowbank, 1931
    1. Ryde punt
    2. 'Helene'
    3.-5. Stables
    6. Courtyard at back
    7. Original residence

    ITEM 14
    Houses in Blacktown and Rooty Hill, 1923
    1. First house built at Blacktown, west line. This was taken from moving train.
    2. & 3. A Macquarie Government House at Rooty Hill
    4. 'Hillend', Doonside
    5. 'Bungarabee', Rooty Hill
    6. An outbuilding built of convict made bricks

    ITEM 15
    'Ingleside' and 'Powdermill', Narrabeen, 1924
    Built in the 1820s as 'The Australasian Powder and Explosives Manufacturing Company, by Carl Von Bieren
    1. & 2. The ruins of 'Ingleside'
    3. Stone pillar with a German face carved on it
    4. This has a powder barrel with 'Advance Australia' on it
    5. Ruins of the 'Powder Mill'
    6. Supposed 'Gunpit', in front of the mill
    7. Looking down at the mill
    8. Looking into the mill

    ITEM 16
    'Macquarie Fields House', 1924
    1. Entrance
    2. & 3. Front of house
    5. View from railway
    6. Cave on grounds
    7. & 9. Dining room
    10. One of many cellars
    11. School house
    4. 'Denham Court'
    12. Church of England built on the grounds
    13.-15. House of Dr Throsby at Casula

    ITEM 17
    'Mamre', St. Mary's, 1933
    Farm of Rev. Samuel Marsden
    1.-3. Views of 'Mamre'

    ITEM 18
    Margaret Houison's home, 54 Macquarie Street, Parramatta, 1931
    1. & 2. Front and back views
    3. & 4. Circular stone stairway with iron railings
    5. Old pump
    6. Supposed to be the home of John Batman (erected in 1804)

    ITEM 19
    'Menevia', Ballast Pt., Balmain, 1928
    1. 'Menevia' from the Harbour
    2. The entrance gates from ferry
    3. The walk to house
    4. A walk in the grounds looking north
    5. Looking towards Goat Island
    6. The house
    7. Entrance
    8. Verandah
    9. Hall
    10. Ground floor
    11. Cellar stairs
    12. Courtyard, looking north

    ITEM 20
    'Oatlands', Dundas, 1927
    1. & 2. Front of house
    3. Entrance hall
    4. Door on left leads to the original home
    5. A room in old house
    6. Drawing room
    7. Dining room
    8. & 9. Back of 'Oatlands', showing water storage and old pump
    10. Windmill

    ITEM 21
    ‘Ormond House’, 'Rose Hall' and 'Queens Court'
    1.-3. ‘Ormond House’, (originally called Juniper Hall), Paddington
    4. ‘St. Kilda House’, Wolloomooloo Street, Sydney, 1925
    5. ‘Rose Hall’, Darlinghurst, 1929
    6. Forbes Street, frontage
    7.-8. ‘Queens Court’, Dalley Street, Sydney, 1920 (First home of Henry and Clarinda Parkes)

    ITEM 22
    'Osgathorpe', Victoria Road, Ryde
    1. 'Osgathorpe', old and new, at bend of road
    2. Front of original home
    3. Fence where portion of old was resumed
    4. Old stone water filter
    5. Present 'Osgathorpe'

    ITEM 23
    'Regentville', Penrith, 1929
    1. Ruins of 'Regentville'
    2. The Russell brothers. Grandsons of Sir John
    3. Members of the Royal Australian Historical Society at 'Regentville' on 18th May, 1929

    ITEM 24
    'Roslyn Hall, Darlinghurst, 1935
    1. The house from Roslyn Avenue
    2. Original entrance from Maclay Street
    3. Looking towards Maclay Street
    4. Main entrance
    5. Back stone stairs, showing to left entrance to basement, servants quarters in early days
    6.-8. Dining room
    9. First floor, head of stairs
    10.-12. Drawing room

    ITEM 25
    'Shaftesbury', Vaucluse
    1.-2. Views of 'Shaftesbury'
    3. Memorial to Robert Watson at Watsons Bay

    ITEM 26
    ‘Ultimo House’, 1923
    1.-2. ‘Ultimo House’, front and entrance
    3. ‘Hereford House’, main gates
    4. Front of ‘Hereford House’, members of Royal Australian Historical Society on verandah

    ITEM 27
    'Vaucluse House', Vaucluse, 1920
    1. Main gates
    2. & 3. Drawing room
    4. & 5. Council room
    6. & 7. Dining room
    8. Stairway
    9. Wooden stairs to roof (now removed)
    10. 'Tusculum', Potts Point (1835-1928, built by William Long)


    ITEM 28
    Bathurst Street, 1923-1924
    1. & 2. Looking east from Pitt Street
    3. East side, looking west from George Street, showing original fire brigade station
    4. 'Aspinals Mill'. Foot of Goulburn Street

    ITEM 29
    Bent Street, 1923
    1. Mrs. Hills', south side
    2. Bent Street, looking west

    ITEM 30
    Bligh Street, 1926
    1. East side, showing 'Union Club'
    2. West side, looking south

    ITEM 31
    Castlereagh Street, 1921-1925
    1. Looking south to King Street from Martin Place
    2. Girls High School, between King and Market Streets
    3. Schoolmaster's house
    4. Doorway to schoolmaster's house, facing north
    5. Northwest corner Bathurst and Castlereagh Streets
    6. Southeast corner Bathurst and Castlereagh Streets
    7. 'The Little Theatre', also known as 'The Play House', and Royal Standard Theatre
    8. Two cottages, and terrace of two storied houses. Facing the fire station, down to Liverpool Street
    9. Looking north to Goulburn Street
    10. The 'Tivoli Theatre', west side, now the 'Mayfair'

    ITEM 32
    Circular Quay, 1923-1924
    1. East side, looking south
    2. Looking east
    3. Looking west, from Albert Street
    4. Looking east, from Pitt Street
    5. West side, looking south
    6. Taken from 'Shore Ferry'
    Plus one photographic print of Quay looking from P.F.A. site, North Sydney, showing last P&O boat to berth at Quay (PXA 1642)

    ITEM 33
    Darlinghurst Road
    1. Alberta Terrace, looking south, now Kings Cross, shopping area
    2. 'Springfield'

    ITEM 34
    Dawes Point, 1924
    1.-4. [Fort]
    5. View of Dawes Point House
    6. Harbour View Hotel, George Street north
    Plus one photographic print of Dawes' Point (PXA 1642)

    ITEM 35
    Elizabeth Street
    1. Looking north to Hunter Street, 1923
    2. West side, looking towards King Street, 1923
    3. East side looking south to King Street, 1926
    4. West side, showing resumed area for Martin Place, 1933
    5. West side near Bathurst Street, 1925
    6. Girls' High School, between Market and King Streets, 1919
    7. Wentworth Court, site of Sun Office

    ITEM 36
    George Street, Sydney, 1923-35
    1. Fire station, the Quay
    2. East side looking north to Quay
    3. Southeast corner Bridge and George Streets, looking south
    4. West side looking south from Hunter Street, site of Wynyard Station
    5. Royal Hotel, being demolished
    6. York Chambers, northwest corner George and Market Streets, which was built of bricks from 'The Infirmary', Macquarie Street
    7. From Blaxland Galleries looking south
    8. West side Wynyard to Barrack Street
    9. Park Street, intersection of George Street
    10. Liverpool to Bathurst Street, looking north
    11. Old 'Alhambra Theatre', corner Campbell and George Streets
    12. Wilmott and George Streets, Riley Bros. Drapers. Side entrance to A.J. Riley's residence in the early eighties
    13. Looking north, from City Road
    14. Looking south from Abercrombie Street

    ITEM 37
    Glebe Island, 1926
    4 views of abattoirs, during demoliton

    ITEM 38
    Hunter Street
    1. Looking east from George Street, 1926
    2. Empire Hotel, corner Pitt and Hunter Streets, 1919
    3. Site of Henry Parkes' shop, Parkes House
    4. Looking west, showing the 'Herald Office', 1923
    5. Looking east from Elizabeth Street, 1923

    ITEM 39
    Kent Street, 1923
    1. Southeast corner Grosvenor and Kent Streets
    2. Northeast corner Kent and Grosvenor Streets
    3. Kent Street, looking north, below Flag Staff Hill
    4. Old stone cottage, Kent Street north, Millers Point

    ITEM 40
    King Street, 1923-1926
    1. Southwest corner York and King Streets (Opera House)
    2. Northeast corner York and King Streets
    3. King Street, looking east from York Street
    4. Southeast corner George and King Streets
    5. Northeast corner Castlereagh and King Streets
    6. Southwest corner King and Elizabeth Streets
    7. Supreme Court

    ITEM 41
    Liverpool Street, 1916-1927
    1. Recruiting Depot, 1914-1918. Hyde Park, corner Liverpool and Elizabeth Streets
    2. Unitarian Church, now demolished
    3. Looking east from College Street
    4. Northeast corner Bourke and Liverpool Streets, Darlinghurst
    5. John Rae's, now Marist Brothers' High School, near Forbes Street
    6. John Rae's house, back. Showing the stairway from the P.N. Russell Works

    ITEM 42
    Macquarie Street, 1917-1933
    1. West side, looking towards Albert Street
    2. West side between Bent and Hunter Streets
    3. Mitchell Library, east side
    4. Site of new Public Library
    5. Houses to be demolished, looking towards Hunter Street
    6. Houses to be demolished, looking towards King Street
    7. & 8. Parliament House
    9. The Mint
    Plus one photographic print of Hyde Park Barracks from Macquarie Street (PXA 1642)

    ITEM 43
    Macquarie Place, Young Street, 1923
    1. Simeon Lord's House
    2. Loftus Street
    3. Young Street, looking north
    4. Corner Young and Bridge Streets

    ITEM 44
    Market Street, 1923
    1. Northeast corner of Castlereagh and Market Streets. Now David Jones.
    2. Looking west from Hyde Park
    3. Northeast corner Pitt and Market Streets, 1926. Taken this year by J.C. Williamson Ltd. for office, also includes show windows for Grace Brothers
    4. 'Evening News' Office, now 'State Theatre'
    5. This small block of land, next to George Hotel, was owned by a strict church woman, who would not sell to J.C. Williamson Ltd. So an Italian made an excellent living selling fruit and tickets to Theatre patrons

    ITEM 45
    Oxford Street, Paddington, 1923
    1. Looking east from Victoria Barracks, showing the railways
    2. Corner Oxford Street and Green Road, and the Barracks wall
    3. Entrance to Victoria Barracks

    ITEM 46
    Park Street, Sydney (before widening)
    1. Elizabeth and Park Streets
    2. Southeast corner Pitt and Park Streets
    3. George and Park Streets
    4. Showing old and new alignment. Southeast corner Pitt and Park Streets

    ITEM 47
    Phillip Street, 1921-1933
    1. Looking south, from Albert Street
    2. Wool stores 1867. West side, near Sydney
    3. Wool stores, looking south
    4. Blue Bell Inn, looking towards Metropole Hotel
    5. East side looking north from Hunter Street
    6. Grocers shop. Northeast corner Hunter and Phillip Streets
    7. Looking north from St Stephen's, showing old houses with overhanging balconies
    8. Similar view looking south, showing houses with balconies removed
    9. Looking south, resumed area for Martin Place, extension, 1933
    10. Same view looking north, from 'Sun' office
    11. 'Wentworth Court'. Site of 'Sun' office, 1926

    ITEM 48
    Phillip Street, August 1925
    1. Old buildings in Phillip Street

    ITEM 49
    Prince Street (The Rocks), 1925-1927
    1. Looking north from St Phillips
    2. Northwest corner Prince and Grosvenor Streets, looking towards Kent Street
    3. A cottage typical of the period
    4. Wesleyan Church and parsonage (missing)
    5. Essex and Prince Streets, from Fort Street, school grounds
    6. No. 115, home of father of Sir George Reid (sold for £15). Showing fountain on left (missing)
    7. Looking south from 'The Beehive'
    8. The 'Beehive Hotel'
    9. No. 39, 'Goodenough House', early Naval Home
    10. Looking south, from end of Prince Street
    11. Last house, facing Prince Street, believed to be built by Captain Joe Moore in the 1820s
    12. The back of No. 11. Showing Flagstaff Hill, in distance on the right
    13. Bradfield Highway in the making
    Plus one photographic print of Prince Street (PXA 1642)

    ITEM 50
    Redfern Tunnel, 1924
    1. & 2. Views - the widening of the 'bottle neck'
    3. & 4. Views from overhead bridge, Eveleigh, now Redfern, Station

    ITEM 51
    The Rocks, 1923-1927
    1. & 2. View of the Quay, from Argyle Steps
    3. Gloucester Street, east side looking south
    4. The 'Ship & Mermaid', east side
    5. 'Susannah Place' (A.D. 1844), terrace on left, Gloucester Street
    6. West side, looking north
    7. [Not identified]
    8. &. 9. West side, from intersection of Gloucester Street
    10. The same during demolition [from?] Harrington Street
    11. East side, Joseph Fowles house (author of 'Sydney' in 1848). Near Grosvenor Street
    12. Same street looking south
    Plus one photographic print of Upper Fort Street (PXA 1642)

    ITEM 52
    St James Road, 1920-1930
    1. Looking west, 1920
    2. St. James Station, Queens Square, 1926
    3. St. James Road, looking east, 1930

    ITEM 53
    William Street, Sydney, 1921
    1. Looking east
    2. Looking west

    ITEM 54
    Wynyard Street, 1924
    1. Southeast corner of Park and Wynyard Streets
    2. Wynyard Street, Bank of New South Wales on right
    3. Martin Place, looking east from Pitt Street

    ITEM 55
    York Street, 1924-1930
    1. 'Greystanes', looking south
    2. Margaret Street, west from York Street
    3. Looking south from Margaret Street
    4. Looking towards York street, from Margaret Street
    5. 'Pfahlert's Hotel', corner Margaret and Carrington Streets
    6. Site of Wynyard Station, 1927


    ITEM 56
    Baptist Church, Sydney
    1. The Church, St. Andrews Place
    2. Church and school
    3. Looking north, from Bathurst Street

    ITEM 57
    Church of the Plymouth Brethren, Norton Street, Leichhardt, April 1930
    1. Original road, looking east, now closed
    2. & 3. Church of the Plymouth Brethren
    4. Interior. Now used as Store by Bebarfalds
    5. Portion of pulpit, incorporated in adjoining house
    6.-8. Understood to be portraits of the ‘Johnson Family’, Annandale. Engraved on glass doors of church.
    9. The old road, looking west

    ITEM 58
    Methodist Church, North Sydney, April 1929
    1. Junction Street
    2. Corner Walker and Junction Streets
    3. Corner Walker and Blue Streets
    4. Blue Street, looking east

    ITEM 59
    St Andrew’s Cathedral, 1924
    1.-2. George Street
    3. Facing St. Andrews Place

    ITEM 60
    St James Church, King Street, 1924
    Three views of Church

    ITEM 61
    St Paul’s, Cobbity, August, 1931
    1. Exterior
    2. Interior
    3. & 4. Heber Chapel
    5. Rectory

    ITEM 62
    St Mary Magdalene Church, St Mary’s, 1924
    1. & 2. Two views of St Mary Magdalene Church
    3. Ebenezer Church, Riley Street, Sydney (1849). East side, near Oxford Street
    4. & 5. Two views of St Andrews, Church Street, Parramatta

    ITEM 63
    St Matthews, Manly, and St Peters
    1.-3. St Matthews, exterior and interior
    4.-6. St Peters Anglican Church, Cook’s River Road, St Peters, June 1928. Before and during the resumption of portion of the cemetery

    ITEM 64
    St Stephen’s Church, Phillip Street, Sydney, 1935
    1. St Stephens, from Martin Place
    2. Main entrance
    3. & 4. Vestibule
    5.-7. The vestry
    8. Interior, looking west
    9. Interior, looking east

    ITEM 65
    Scots Church, Jamison Street, Sydney, July 1926
    1. Scots Church and Rectory
    2. Rev. H.R. Glassick
    3. Vestibule
    4. Stone steps to gallery
    5. Interior looking south. Under the gallery is the tablet in memory of George Lang aged 23 years, brother of Dr. Lang who was buried under the pulpit of Scots Church
    6.-8. The pulpit
    9. Interior, looking north
    10. Looking from gallery
    11. Final service, 18 November
    12. Leaving after final service. On pathway to left are Mr. W. Welch, behind him is Mrs. Welch, also Mrs. A.G. Foster, at lamp standard Capt. J.H. Watson and Mr. K.R. Cramp.
    13. Memorial tablet for George Lang


    ITEM 66
    City Railway, Hyde Park, 1923
    1. Open cut looking towards Macquarie Street
    2. Open cut, Park and Bathurst Streets section
    3. A midway covered section
    4. Partly covered section, looking towards Liverpool Street
    5. Railway building at Devonshire, demolished in 1923 making way for the subway and railway extension

    ITEM 67
    Hyde Park, 1925
    1. East side College Street, looking towards Oxford Street
    2. 'University Row', east side. Yurong Street, between William and Stanley Streets
    3. Francis Street, looking east from College Street, Sydney

    ITEM 68
    Governor Gipps' bath house, Botanical Gardens
    1. Entrance
    2. The bath
    3. New Zealand Grass Tree, or Ti Tree

    ITEM 69
    Wreck of the M.V. Malabar at Long Bay, April 1931
    1.-3. The wreck
    4. & 5. Ship's boat which landed passengers

    ITEM 70
    Ogilvie Castle, Clarence River

    ITEM 71
    More Sydney streets, 1925:
    Cambridge Lane at corner of Argyle Street
    Government Architects building, corner of Bent and Elizabeth Streets, showing place where first church was built
    Old buildings in Phillip Street
    Old houses in Gloucester Street
    Old houses in Macquarie Street between Australian Club and Wyoming building
    Sirius Anchor, Macquarie Place
    St. James Church of England, King Street and St James Square (two different views)

    ITEM 72
    Sydney scenes, 192-
    1. Fire station, Circular Quay
    2. Mona House, Margaret Street, Wynyard
    3. Goldsbrough Mort, Circular Quay
    4. Museum Station under construction
    5. Paragon Hotel, Circular Quay
    6. St James Station under construction
    7. Museum Station under construction
    8. Admiralty House
    9. East Circular Quay
    10. Marie van Brakkel, hairdresser, 147a King Street; aslo King Street Studios, Institute de Beaute, Penfolds wine shop
    11. St James Station under construction
    12. Mrs P. Kirby & Son, undertakers, 265 Elizabeth Street, to 259 Elizabeth Street
    13. Polson's Car Service, Kent (Pitt? Bent?) Street
    14. Unidentified five storey, corner, sandstone building
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