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  • Title
    Vladimir Tichy textual records and pictorial material, 1950-1990
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    MLMSS 9628/Boxes 1-3
    MLMSS 9628/Boxes 4X-5X
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  • Physical Description
    1.7 metres of textual material, drawings and photographs (3 boxes and 2 outsize boxes)
    1 moving image (DVD) - electronic disk - VOB file; coloured ; 12 cm in diameter

    Vladimir Tichy was born in 1926 and is a Czech born ceramic sculptor, who arrived in Australia as a political refugee in 1968. Tichy met Rudolf De Roma Dybka in 1969 at the Wentworth Hotel, Sydney and together, set up Studio Dybka Tichy in Seville St, Parramatta in late 1969 or early 1970. Tichy was head designer and concentrated on working as an architectural ceramicist, producing large murals for the lift lobbies of office buildings and RSL clubs. He worked with many of the leading architects of the day, including Harry Seidler. His principal commissions were: wall mural and foodcourt tiles for Centrepoint Tower, MLC Centre, Wrestpoint Casino in Hobart, the Hills Entertainment Centre, St Pauls Anglican Parish in Albion Park, the Telstra Building, Broadway, Labor Party HQ in Canberra and an Australian Government gift to the Indonesian government.

    Identifying Australian Pottery 1960s to Date.
    http://www.flickr.com (Accessed 23 July 2013)
  • Scope and Content
    Artistic and professional files, business correspondence, sketches, designs and photographs. Also includes published material of press clippings, exhibition invitations and journals.

    BOX 1

    Folder 1
    Business correspondence of Studio Tichy & Partners, 11 May 1976 to 4 February 1980. The studio was engaged by organisations including the CSIRO, and various sports and social clubs. Includes price quotations and terms of contracts.

    Folder 2
    Business correspondence and financial records of Studio Tichy, later called Nortile/Tichy Tiles, 29 August 1980 to 18 July 1989. In this period the studio was chiefly engaged by private commissions. Includes price quotations and some mural designs.

    Folder 3
    Business correspondence, invoices and diagrams of Studio Dybka Tichy, 25 june 1973 to 28 March 1977. Also includes an exercise book used for site visits and job estimates with names and addresses of clients. Correspondents included government departments and churches.

    Folder 4
    Press clippings, ephemera, biographical details, exhibition brochures, certificates, 1980-1990.

    Folder 5
    Published material. Italian 26th Conference Proceedings Catalogue, 1968. Tichy is shown on p. 93; Modern Building, architecture and engineering in Australia, vol. 5, no. 7 [1971]; Tschechoslowakische Glasrevue, no. 11, 1958 (German glass magazine).

    BOX 2

    Folder 6
    Coloured photographs removed from Studio Dybka Tichy album 1.

    1. Queanbeyan Lions Club.
    2. Queanbeyan Lions Club.
    3. Bankstown Town Hall.
    4. Foveaux Street.
    5. Magic Tree, 4 x 3 metre.
    6. Untitled photograph.
    7. Untitled photograph.
    8. No. 2 O’Connell Street.
    9. No. 2 O’Connell Street.
    10. Untitled photograph.
    11. Auburn R.S.L. Club.
    12. Central Coast Club, Gosford. Ceramic screen approximately 5 x 3 metres.
    13. Untitled photograph.
    14. Untitled. 5 x 3 metres.
    15. Dry Martini, copper aluminium.
    16. Dapto R.S.L. Fountain.
    17. Untitled photograph.
    18. Untitled photograph.
    19. Untitled photograph.

    Folder 7
    Coloured photographs removed from Studio Dybka Tichy album 2.
    20-51. Murals and scaffolding at No. 10 Seville Street Parramatta, 1970-1980.

    Folder 8
    Coloured photographs removed from Studio Dybka Tichy album 3.
    Album titled Czechoslovakia, 1950-1968.
    52-75. Untitled photographs
    76-78. No. 10 Seville Street Parramatta
    79-80. Central Coast Club, Gosford. Ceramic screen

    Folder 9
    Coloured photographs.
    81. Hills Centre, Baulkham Hills. Photograph by John-Zenio Lapka, 1990.
    82. Hills Centre, Baulkham Hills. Photograph by John-Zenio Lapka, 1990. Architect Tom Simmat & Associates.
    83. Lidcombe R.S.L. Club 1973.
    84. Hyde Park Square.
    85. ‘Circus Ballerina’, clay sculptured ceramic mural.
    86. ‘Nude’, clay sculptured mural.
    87. ‘In The Garden’, sculptured ceramic mural.
    88. Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, architects Gergely & Pinter.
    89-91. Untitled photographs.
    92. Wrestpoint Casino, architects Keven Curtin & Partners, 1978.
    93-104. Untitled photographs.

    Folder 10
    Black and white, and coloured pencil drawings.
    105. Design for wall mural in Queensland Insurance Co. 1979.
    106. Design drawing for swimming pool surround for Wentworth Hotel, Sydney 1979.
    107. Design drawing for swimming pool surround for Wentworth Hotel, Sydney 1979.
    108. Design drawing for Westfield Hurstville hanging sculptures, 1975.
    109. Design drawing for Westfield Hurstville hanging sculptures, 1975.
    110. Design drawing for Rydalmere Bowling Club, plaque and front bar, 1981.
    111. Sketch for The Weeping Rose for a private collection in Newport.

    Folder 11
    Coloured pencil drawings.
    23 sketches for St Paul’s The Apostle, Albion Park, 1975.

    BOX 3

    Folder 12
    Black and white, and coloured pencil drawings.
    56 sketches for miscellaneous projects.

    Folder 13
    Coloured photographs removed from Green cover spiral photographic album.
    64 photographs of pottery pieces and artworks, ceramic murals, opening of exhibitions, 1970-1980.
    Brochures, journal and newspaper clippings on ceramic murals and exhibitions, 1970-1980.

    Folder 14
    23 black and white photographs of pottery pieces from Prague, 1950-1968. Pasted onto cardboard sheets removed from spiral exercise book.

    Folder 15
    Red album cover for Studio Dybka Tichy. Contains 2 sheets giving an overview of the Studio, it’s products and services.

    Folder 16
    Moving Image.
    1 DVD of ABC Weekend Magazine, 1976 - Vladimir Tichy. Shows Tichy working on a ceramic mural and his art works in office blocks and clubs. 39:09 minutes, VOB file, coloured.

    BOX 4X
    Large red covered album of 176 coloured photographs.

    p. 1. 2 O’Connell Street Sydney; R.S.L. Lidcombe.
    p. 2. York Street, Sydney.
    p. 3. Fireplace, Parramatta; Cooper Mural Goldsmith; R.S.L. Lidcombe.
    p. 4. Untitled.
    p. 5. Berry Street, North Sydney.
    p. 6. Town Hall, Bankstown.
    p. 7-8. Untitled.
    p. 9. Foveaux Street Surry Hills.
    p. 10-12. Telecom Centre Broadway.
    p. 13-24. Untitled.
    p. 24A. Westfield Plaza, Hurstville.
    p. 25. Untitled.
    p. 25A. St. George Rowing Club.
    p. 26. Rydalmere Central Bowling Club.
    p. 26A-29. Untitled.
    p. 30. Yellow Brick Road; Screen Wall Dapto Lions Club; Glazed Paving.
    p. 30A-31. MLC Building.
    p. 31A. Orange Ex-servicemen’s Club Foyer.
    p. 32. Hyde Park Square.
    p. 33. Queanbeyan Leagues Club.
    p. 33A. Dapto Leagues Club Fountain.
    p. 34. St. Pauls Albion Park.
    p. 34A. Centre Point Lift Lobby and Podium level.
    p. 35. Petersham R.S.L.
    p. 35A. Tichy Tiles.
    p. 36. Baulkham Hills Shire Council 1906, N.S.W.
    p. 36A-37. Housing Commission units in Redfern, N.S.W.
    p. 37A. Marrickville R.S.L. Foyer wall.
    p. 38. Prospect Credit Union Logo.
    p. 39-45. Blank.

    BOX 5X

    59 original design specification coloured pencil drawings, 1980-1991, various sizes.
    4 panoramic photographic layouts.
    1 poster for Tichy Tiles.
  • System of arrangement
    Photographic and design drawings arranged by cataloguer.
  • Source
    Presented by Vladimir Tichy, July 2012
  • Access Conditions

    This material is held offsite and is usually available after 4pm on the next business day. Please submit your request through Ask a Librarian - Applies to MLMSS 9628/Boxes 1-3
  • Copying Conditions
    Copyright restrictions may apply: Photographs in this collection created before 1955 are all out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright for the life of creator plus 70 years.
    Copyright status:: In copyright - applies to textual records
    Rights and Restrictions Information:: No reproduction or publication of textual records without the prior written approval from copyright owner.
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Most sketches and drawings are signed by V. Tichy.
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