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  • Title
    Eric Thompson photographs including scenes of him working on film sets such as Forty Thousand Horsemen, 1920s and later
  • Call number
    PXA 1649
  • Level of description
  • Date

    1920s and later
  • Type of material
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  • Physical Description
    42 photographs - gelatin silver - 20 x 26 cm.
    2 drawings - ink, pencil - 21 x 26 cm. & 16 x 20 cm.

    Eric Gordon Thompson trained as an architect but left Sydney to work for MGM in the USA as a set designer, being there for 9 years. On returning to Australia he worked for Cinesound Studios, working on 13 feature films. He served as an army camouflage expert during World War 2 and then after that joined the Commonwealth Film Unit which than became Film Australia, working for many years as a producer.
    Sydney Morning Herald obit., 5 January 1978
  • Scope and Content
    1-2. Aboriginal stockmen with horses
    3-4. Unidentified outback sheds
    5. View from aboard unidentified ship
    6. Eric Thompson
    7. As Camouflage Officer working on the staff of Professor Dakin
    8. Unidentified military group portrait.
    9. Cinderella on strings, Nancy Thompson did commentary
    10. Eric Thompson
    11. Eric Thompson, Charles Lawrence
    12. Unidentified portraits
    13. [Erica Thompson with two friends, ca. 1955]
    14. [Erica Thompson, ca. 10 years old]
    15. Farewell party
    16. Rodney Gurr & others
    17. Eric Thompson & Rodney Gurr
    18. Gwen Munro, lead in Orphan of the Wilderness, a Melbourne girl, Australian representative in Paramount's "Search for Beauty" and featured player for Cinesound Productions
    19. Unidentified
    20. [Ken Hael?], Ann Richards and Eric Thompson at farewell to Lloyd Hughes and Gloria Hughes
    21-22. Eric Thompson on location for documentary for Film Australia
    23-24. Set designed by Eric Thompson for "Lovers and Luggers" - set is a Chinese cafe on Thursday Island
    25. Eric Thompson photo sent to his family under the family nickname of Bill
    26. Eric Thompson taken by Monte Luke on his return to Australia, 1936
    27. Charles Lockwood
    28. Shirley Ann Richards rests between shots and discusses the schedule with Eric Thompson Art Director and ron Whelan Assistant Director
    29. Eric Hayes and Nancy Thompson on set of "Come up Smiling", also titled "Ants in his Pants"
    30. Aileen Britton and Eric Thompson
    31. Eric Thompson and Ferdie [?]
    32. Eric Thompson - film consultation with staff
    33. Eric Thompson, Lloyd Hughes & wife Gloria, either "Lovers & Luggers" or "Broken Melody" at Cinesound
    34. Harry McAfee, Art Director, Julian Harrison, sketch artist, Idris Lloyd, Head of Art Dept (MGM), Eric Thompson, Howard Fisher, Art Director & Aniat Page, film star. MGM Sutdios, Culver City, California
    35. George Wallace in doorway
    36. Shooting in USA, Director was Aubrey Scott
    37-41. Sets under construction for "Forty Thousand Horsemen"
    42. Group portrait, with live kangaroos on film set
    43. Ink cartoon by Eric Thompson, Jan 3rd 1920
    44. Old Bridge Tasmania [pencil drawing by Eric Thompson]

    This pictorial material is part of the Eric Thompson papers, 1918-ca. 1970, at MLMSS 3937
  • Copying Conditions
    Copyright restrictions may apply: Photographs in this collection created before 1955 are all out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright for the life of creator plus 70 years
    Copyright holder:: unknown
  • Description source

    Pic.Acc. Upgrade Project - Information transferred from Pic.Acc.5115 as part of the eRecords Project 2012-13
    eRecords 2012-2013
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    "Yours Bill California America 1928" -- at lower right
    "Monte Luke" -- signed at lower right margin (26)
    "To Eric Thompson, gentleman, scholar and a judge of good liquor - and an ambassador at large par excellence [?] the US and this fabulous land of Australia - Charles Lockwood" -- signed at lower left (27)
    "My very best regards Eric, Ferdie []" -- signed at lower right (31)
    Artworks are signed Eric Thompson (43-44)
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