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  • Title
    Photographs of the Pylon Lookout Sydney Harbour Bridge tourist attraction, ca. 1950-1971 / compiled by Yvonne Rentoul
  • Creator
  • Call number
    PXE 1125
    PXB 575
    V/235 - V/241
    R 1104
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1950-1971
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
    Partly Digitised : R 1104 - 3 stamps and 1 mould
  • Physical Description
    3 boxes (approx. 97 photographs, 4 prints, 1 scrapbook, clippings) - various sizes
    1 box (3 stamps, 1 mould)
    7 photographs - black and white - 53 x 42 cm. or smaller, mounted on boards.
    1 drawing - charcoal - 76 x 56 cm

    In 1934 the South East Pylon opened as a tourist venue, and during the 1950s to 1971 the Pylon Lookout was managed by Yvonne Rentoul. The “All Australian Exhibition” showed displays of Australia’s achievements from agriculture to mining. The Pylon also housed a tearoom and souvenir shop. Yvonne Rentoul owned the famous Pylon White Cats. They had a ‘cattery’ on the Pylon roof and became a major tourist attraction.
  • Scope and Content
    Looking north across business heart of Sydney, 1 aerial photograph, mounted on board, 40 x 60 cm.

    The city with Darling Harbour in foreground, 1 aerial photograph, mounted on board, 40 x 60 cm.

    North Sydney and Milson's Point, 1 aerial photograph, mounted on board, 40 x 60 cm.

    Kirribilli, Neutral Bay and Cremorne, 1 aerial photograph, mounted on board, 40 x 60 cm.

    Sydney from the air, 1960, 1 aerial photograph, mounted on board, 53 x 63 cm.

    1 photograph, 53 x 42 cm. of white cats on Pylon. This image shows paintings of the city that were once painted on the inside brick walls of the Pylon.

    1 board , 34 x 44 cm. with pasted printed images of the white cats and Felix cat food.

    1 pencil drawing, titled, 'Song of steel, in the saw grinding shops' by Sheila Hawkins, 1941-42. 76 x 56 cm.

    PXB 575
    11 photographs, mounted on board, 19 x 24 cm. Images of exhibitions in the Pylon Lookout, Era Surf Life Saving Club "Cyclone Lookout", with Pylon Lookout surf boat, white cat with 6 white kittens, ABC TV filming from the Pylon, display of Aboriginal motif art and native animals, 1956

    2 printed drawings mounted on boards, of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Look Inside the Pylon, key to exhibits.

    7 photographs, images of white cats and kittens, and model of the inside of the pylon. 16 x 22 cm.

    PXE 1125/BOX 1

    FOLDER 1
    1 photograph of Auckland Harbour Bridge.
    6 photographs of various sizes, showing tourists have their photo taken, tourists on the viewing platform, ca. 1950s.
    5 photographs of exhibitons at the Pylon Lookout.
    3 photographs showing Sydney from the Pylon Lookout.

    FOLDER 2
    1 scrapbook holding 7 photographs of Pylon Lookout exhibitions, harbour views, and tourists. Advertising sheet pasted on front concerning the Lookout.

    FOLDER 3
    Clippings advertising the Pylon Lookout.
    2 prints showing Millers Point, and Circular Quay 60 Years Ago.

    FOLDER 4
    Advertising board, 'Have you seen the famous white cats at Pylon Lookout'.

    FOLDER 5
    1 photograph, mounted on board, 29 x 24 cm. of white kitten on pylon wall with city and Circular Quay in background.

    FOLDER 6
    1 photograph, mounted on board, 21 x 26 cm. of white cat looking through telescope.

    FOLDER 7
    54 photographs of various sizes showing the white cats, a parade float for the Pylon, souvenir shop, tourists, harbour views, exhibits.

    BOX 2
    6 photographs of images of Sydney taken from the Pylon Lookout by Frank Hurley. One image signed 'Hope these will do, with compliments, Frank Hurley'.

    3 photographs, 38 x 29 cm. showing the Pylon model, and white cats on Lookout.

    R 1104
    a. 3 rubber stamps, each giving the name and address of the Pylon Lookout.
    b. 1 green mould showing 3 tourist attractions. The Pylon Lookout, The Sheepskin Shop, and the Australian Gift Shop.

    Forms part of MLMSS 2221 ADD-ON 1113, Sydney Harbour Bridge visitors books for the Pylon Lookout.
  • Access Conditions

    Access via appointment - Applies to R 1104
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Created before 1955
    Research & study copies allowed:
    : For photographs created after 1955
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    Image of 2 cats with the Australian flag appeared on the front page of the Sunday Herald dated 29 July 1951.
    Pic.Acc. Upgrade Project - Information transferred from Pic.Acc.2271 as part of the eRecords Project 2011-2012
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