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  • Title
    Alec H. Chisholm photographs, lantern slides, glass negatives, drawings and realia, ca. 1860-1976
  • Creator
  • Call number
    PXA 1772
    PXE 1521
    R 2098/Items 1-8
    SLIDES 269
    ON 544
    ON 545
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1860-1976
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Physical Description
    Approximately 500 photographs (in 5 albums) - 27 x 37 cm and smaller
    Approximately 85 negatives - film - 16.3 x 21.5 cm and smaller
    Appoximately 4000 photographs - 34.5 x 41.5 cm and smaller
    Approximately 300 slides - lantern - 8 x 8 cm
    6 drawings - watercolour, ink, pencil - 45.5 x 28.5 cm and smaller
    Negatives (52 boxes) - glass - 11.8 x 16.3 cm and smaller

    Alexander Hugh (Alec) Chisholm was born in Maryborough, Victoria in 1890. He worked on the Maryborough Advertiser before moving to the Brisbane Daily Mail in 1915. Subsequently he was editor of the Melbourne Argus and the Australasian. In 1923 he married Olive Haseler. A keen naturalist and conservationist, he wrote numerous articles and books on natural history In 1958 he was made O.B.E. for his role as editor-in-chief of The Australian Encyclopaedia. He died in 1977 survived by his daughter Deirdre.
  • Scope and Content
    PXE 1521/Box 1
    Photographs of steamships, ferries, paddle steamers and tugboats.

    PXE 1521/Box 2
    Photographs (and newscuttings) of birds, nests, bushmen and their huts near Maryborough, Victoria, 1912-1915; and journeys on the Murray River in 1913 and to Mallacoota Inlet and East Gippsland in 1914.

    PXA 1772/Box 1
    1. Photographs of the R.A.O.U. (Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union) trip along the River Murray, South Australia, November- December 1913.
    2. Photographs of birds, scenes, huts & people. Album is inscribed 'Maggie Chisholm'.
    3. Photographs of Deirdre Chisholm as a baby.

    PXA 1772/Box 2
    Old Family Photos, ca. 1876 - ca. 1925. Include Chisholm's grandparents; his parents Colin Chisholm and Charlotte nee Kennedy; Duncan Chisholm; Alec Chisholm; Margaret Chisholm; Roderick Chisholm; Colin Chisholm.
    "Old Photos (unidentified).

    PXA 1772/Box 3
    Portraits of Alec Chisholm

    PXA 1772/Box 4
    Portraits of Deirdre Chisholm

    PXA 1772/Box 5 & PXA 1772/Box 6
    "Personalities". Include Frank Hurley, E.V. Timms, Ion Idriess, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1921), Julian Huxley (1955), Neville H.P. Cayley, N.W. Cayley, Joyce Grenfell, Sir Philip Game, Lord Alanbrooke, Luigi Nobili, Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (1945), With the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester in New Guinea & Bougainville (1945)

    PXA 1772/Box 7

    PXA 1772/Box 8
    Fairy Wrens
    Emus, Bustards

    PXA 1772/Box 9
    Heath & Tree Wrens
    Crows, Magpies, Butcherbirds, Currawongs & Kookaburras
    Finches & Wasps

    PXA 1772/Box 10
    Cuckoo Shrikes, Trillers, Oriole
    Scrub & Grass Wrens, Blue Wrens, Chats
    Scrub Robins
    Speckled Warbler, Logrunner, Whipbird
    Pigeons & Doves
    Nightjars, Owls, Frogmouths

    PXA 1772/Box 11
    Eagles & Hawks
    Shrike Tit, Sittella
    Mound Builders
    Sea Birds
    Thornbills, Scrub Tit, Pardolotes, Weebill, Whiteface
    Crested Bellbird, Bell-Miner
    Mudlark, Chough, Apostlebird, Bibbler
    Mallee Fowl

    PXA 1772/Box 12
    Gannets (Cat Is., Black Pyramid Rock / R. Fowler, 1938)
    Kingfishers, Merops, Swallows, Tree Creepers, Swiftlet, Reed Warbler, Larks

    PXA 1772/Box 13

    PXA 1772/Box 14
    "Birds (general)" - mostly unidentified

    PXA 1772/Box 15
    Orchids and other flowers

    PXA 1772/Box 16

    PXA 1772/Box 17
    Trees (general)

    PXA 1772/Box 18
    Historic Trees & Memorials. Include Leichhardt Tree, Taroon; Tree marking Union Strike Camp, Hughenden, 1891; The Corroboree Tree in Richmond Park, Burnley; Hume & Hovell Tree, Albury; The Dig Tree (Burke & Wills); The Depot Tree, Camp 65 (Burke & Wills); Foundation Tree, Adelaide; Explorers' Marked Tree, Blue Mountains; Kelly-Police Memorial, Mansfield; Grave of Yuranigh, Molong; Gold Memorial, Maryborough; E.J. Banfield's Grave.
    Tree Climbing.
    Aboriginal Australians, rock carvings and carved trees.
    Bush Huts & other rural buildings.

    PXA 1772/Box 19
    Maryborough Photos, ca. 1900-1914. Include Chisholm's High School Class of 1914; Temperance Football Club, Premiers 1911.
    Mallacoota and Murray River, 1912-1914, undated.

    PXA 1772/Box 20
    Jamieson and Goulburn Rivers.
    Victoria - general.

    PXA 1772/Box 21
    Queensland. Includes Lamington National Park; Blackall, 1888; Bunya Mountains; Macpherson Range; Fraser Island; Dunk Island; Stradbroke Island.
    "WarRon" and Ruined Castle Valley; Condamine River; Cave of the Hands and Reedy Creek.

    PXA 1772/Box 22
    Broken Hill.
    Western NSW.
    NSW - general. Includes Blue Mountains; Cabbage Tree Island (Port Stephens); Middle Harbour (Sydney.
    1932 pageant to celebrate opening of Harbour Bridge.

    The Banfield House, Dunk Island, 1921.

    MPG 217
    Group of people listening to a talk by Alec Chisholm[?].

    Princess Alexandra with a koala.

    PXA 1772/Box 23
    Three photographs of Papua New Guinea, 1940s: Japanese Cemetery at Lae; small section of graveyard of planes, near Port Moresby; aerial view of Port Moresby.
    Photographs for 'Strange new world; the adventures of John Gilbert and Ludwig Leichhardt' by Alec H. Chisholm, 1941.
    Originals and proofs for 'The incredible year : a naturalist sees Europe in "Adolf Hitler" weather' by Alec H. Chisholm, 1944.

    PXA 1772/Box 24
    Scotland, 1938 (photos by AHC)
    England, 1938 (photos by AHC)
    Photos abroad, 1938. Include Colombo, Bombay, Aden, Malta, Marseilles, Gibraltar, Holland, Versailles.

    COPYPRINTS (taken from nitrate negatives)
    PXA 1772/ Box 25
    Kent, Sussex, Surrey
    Oxford- Selbourne
    Wiltshire and Hampshire
    Somerset and Dorset
    London and England
    South Scotland
    Bass Rock
    Inverness & Perthshire, Scotland
    Far North Scotland
    Roman ruins

    PXA 1772/Box 26
    Holland and France
    Naples & Pompeii
    Aden, Port Said
    New Guinea and Solomon Islands
    Mt Buffalo under snow - & Barrowmen (20)
    Figures in Victorian Bush (15)
    Maryborough scenes, old huts etc
    Eden (old church etc.), Macpherson Range
    "WanRon"[?], Reedy Creek, Ruined Castle

    PXA 1772/Box 27
    Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers
    Queanbeyan Flood, 1928 (?)
    Port Stephens & Myall River, Phillip Island, Riverina, Hindwood & McGillivray
    Ruined Castle Valley, Palm Tree Creek
    Lambing Flat
    Scenic & General
    Angophoras, Mr Chisholm
    Angophoras & Casuarinas
    Tree climbing

    PXA 1772/Box 28
    Birds and Flowers
    Birds (general)
    Trees (general) & Toothbill
    Helmeted Honeyeater
    Golden Bowerbird
    Finch - Immelmann
    Birds Nests
    "WarRon"[?], Bowers etc.

    PXA 1772/Box 29
    Koalas, Quail Island
    Fossickers & Chinese
    Dierdre, see also Lyrebirds (Springwood)
    2/5/74 Deirdre
    Deirdre & "The Bri" & old hut
    Chisholm & George Mackaness at Camp Cove; First Fleeters; Mary Bryant's Tea Leaves
    Alec Chisholm, mother - sisters - home

    PXA 1772/Box 30
    Sir Philip Game probably Bigelow
    Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) in Queensland, 1920
    Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, 1945
    Sir Charles Symonds at Dee Why
    Graves & Memorials including Owen Stanley & James Ruse
    Matthews & Gould also Knight & Alexander
    Historic Buildings file.

    PXA 1772/31
    Unidentified. Include aeroplanes, trees, birds, memorials, country scenes, people, bush huts, houses, towns, churches.

    LANTERN SLIDES (black & white and colour)
    SLIDES 269/Box 1
    Include Alexander Harris, Ursula Carr, Aboriginal people, birds, bush huts, animals, orchids, trees, aerial views of Sydney, 1933-1937.

    SLIDES 269/Boxes 2-6
    Mostly unidentified. Include Aboriginal Australians, birds, bush huts, animals, orchids, flowers, trees, James the Lyrebird, ca. 1935, Dunk & Fraser Islands, Australian scenes and people.

    ON 544
    Box 1. Bowerbirds
    Boxes 2 & 3. Lyrebirds
    Boxes 4 & 5. Mallee
    Boxes 6 & 7. Robins
    Box 8. Robins & Jungle Birds
    Box 9. Sea birds
    Box 10. Cisticola, Dicaeum, Shriketit
    Box 11. Cuckoos
    Box 12. Wrens
    Box 13. Finch (wasps)
    Box 14. Dunk Island Birds
    Box 15. Fantails and Flycatchers
    Box 16. Gannets
    Box 17. Negatives by D.W. Gaukrodger
    Box 18. Honeyeaters
    Box 19. Kingfisher, Tits, Chats, Song Lark, Kestrel, Brolga, Turkey, Treecreeper, Frogmaouth and other birds
    Boxes 20-24. Birds in general
    Boxes 25-26. Orchids
    Box 27. Wildflowers
    Box 28. Trees
    Box 29. Scenes & People in Queensland
    Boxes 30-31. Scenes in Queensland
    Box 32. Children in Queensland
    Boxes 33-34. Dunk Island
    Box 35. Fraser Island
    Box 36. Bunya mountains
    Boxes 37-38. Macpherson Range
    Box 39. Scenes & Persons in NSW. Also mammals
    Box 40. Scenes & Persons in Victoria including Deirdre climbing
    Box 41. Children in Victoria
    Box 42. Murray River, Nov.-Dec. 1913
    Box 43. Mallacoota, 1914
    Box 44. Strange New world and Goulds
    Box 45. Old men and huts
    Box 46. Deirdre in Sydney during babyhood - Melbourne from 1933
    Box 47. C.J. Dennis
    Box 48. J.R. Marshall plates
    Box 49. Ramsay
    Boxes 50-52. Untitled

    ON 545
    Include Portrait of John Gould; paradise parrot; nightjars; lyrebirds; town plan of Menindee; Henry Coxen; Alec Chisholm; birds; Selbourne Window; documents relating to George Robertson.

    PXE 1521/Box 3
    1. Portrait of Alec Chisholm, pencil / by SMB[?].
    2. Two birds and nest (possibly red-backed fairy-wrens), ink and watercolur / by Cayley.
    3. Yellow-winged satin-bird[?], watercolour / artist unknown.
    4. Yellow-winged satin-bird, print / from a drawing by G.J. Broinowski.
    5. Portrait of Alec Chisholm surrounded by Australian animals and birds, watercolour / by Betty Paterson.
    6. Address to Alex Chisholm Esq on his departure for Europe, 1938. Includes photograph and caricature in ink of Chisholm and drawings of Australian animals and birds.

    Cartoon, 'U.A.P. majority - Where did that one go?', ink / by Will Mahony

    R 2098
    Item 1. Australian Natural History Award. Metal plaque in presentation case. Obverse, an Australian Aborigine seated before a fire beneath a carved tree; Reverse, "For special study / and / increasing knowledge / and appreciation of / Australian fauna and flora / awarded to / Alexander Hugh Chisholm / year 1939 (Initial Award)".
    Item 2. Metal plaque mounted on wooden stand. Inscribed on plaque, "Australias / 175th / Anniversary / 1788-1963 / NSW Celebrations". Inscribed on stand, "Mr A.H. Chisholm O.B.E., F.R.Z.S. / General Secretary / Royal Australian Historical Society / Australia Day, 26th January 1963".
    Item 3. Enameled metal badge showing a bird and the initials "C.F.N.C." (Castlemaine Field Naturalist Club).
    Item 4. Enameled metal badge showing a bird and inscribed "Bird Observers Club / Life Member".
    Item 5. Badge inscribed "F.N.C.V. / A.H. Chisholm. Hon. Editor". (Field Naturalists Club of Victoria).
    Item 6. Metal badge inscribed "A.H. Chisholm / From / the Queensland / Naturalists Club / 1922".
    Item 7. Metal badge with a photographic portrait of Alec Chisolm aged about 11.
    Item 8. Gold propelling pencil inscribed 'A.H. Chisholm 13.9.37'.

    Forms part of Alec H. (Alec Hugh) Chisholm - papers, ca.1870-1976, at MLMSS 3540 ADD-ON 1542
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    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
    Copyright restrictions may apply: drawings are out of copyright if creator died before 1955; drawings are in copyright if creator died after 1955
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and courtesy copyright holder
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    Pic.Acc. Update Project - Information transferred from Pic.Acc.4322 as part of the eRecords Project, 2012-2013
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Watercolour of two birds and a nest was in an envelope inscribed "Cayley" in Chisholm's hand.
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