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    Photographs and slides relating to the peace movement in Australia, ca. 1930-1982
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    PXE 1463
    SLIDES 247
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    ca. 1930-1982
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  • Physical Description
    6 drawings
    1 drawing - cut-paper work - 21 x 30 cm, on board 27 x 36.3 cm
    350 slides - mainly black & white, some colour
    Approx. 810 photographs - mainly black & white, some colour - 25 x 29.6 cm or smaller
    Ephemera items - 6 postcards, 1 handbill
    Approx. 910 photographs - mainly black & white, some colour - 25 x 29.6 cm or smaller
    90 negatives - chiefly black & white, some colour
    3 film reels

    The Australian and New Zealand Congress for International Co-Operation and Disarmament (CICD) was held in Melbourne, 7-13 November 1959. It formed the Australian States Peace Committees for the Association of International Co-Operation and Disarmament (AICD) to carry on its work. This included the New South Wales Peace Committee for International Co-operation and Disarmament. These State Peace Committees convened the Australian Congress for International Co-Operation and Disarmament in Sydney, 25-30 October 1964. This Congress disbanded the State Peace Committees and established state associations to continue and extend its work. This included the Association for International Co-Operation and Disarmament (N.S.W.) which changed its name to the People for Nuclear Disarmament (N.S.W.) in 1982.

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  • Scope and Content
    SLIDES 247/Box 1 (242 slides)
    Women in Vietnam. Slide show by Jane Fonda and Nancy Dowd of the Indochina Information Project. With accompanying text prepared by Women in Indochina Group of the Indochina Solidarity Conference.
    Spring Festival and Peace Party exhibition, 1960.
    U.S. War Crimes in Vietnam. Compiled by Prof. Shingo Shibata. Presented by the Alice Herz Peace Fund.

    SLIDES 247/Box 2 (108 slides, black & white, some colour)
    Vietnam War - includes soldiers, war casualties, civilians, destruction and land mines.
    Australian delegates visit Vietnam.
    H. Rose - Vietnam (Colour - poor condition)
    Protest at Pine Gap.

    PXE 1463/Box 1 - (approx. 120 photographs, 6 prints, 1 cut-paper work, 3 negatives, 1 postcard)
    A paper cut-out silhouette of the A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, produced by the Japan-China Friendship Association, with a poem in Japanese script.
    6 limited edition prints of drawings by: Roy Dalgarno, Russell Drysdale, Louis James, Roderick Shaw, Brett Whiteley and Tony Woods. Reproduced by permission of the artists for the Vietnam Moratorium Campaign.
    Photograph of a painting of 'The Fisherman's family'. Inscription below in German: 'Der Fischermann's Familie. 1950. Herr John Coburn. Sydney.'
    Postcard of the memorial for the Soviet army in Treptower Park, Berlin.
    Propaganda photographs of Communist China, includes workers at a Peking clothing factory singing and dancing during their lunch hour and young people enjoying the sunshine at the former Summer Palace. Photographs also of the Asian and Pacific Peace Conference in Peking, June 1952, including an Australian delegation led by Rev. Victor James.
    Meetings in the U.S.S.R. in support of North Vietnam: Meeting in the Moscow Palace of Congresses for the 12th anniversary of the Geneva Accords; a meeting of protest against U.S. aggression in Vietnam in Park Sokolniki, Moscow; and solidarity meetings at factories for visiting Vietnamese delegation, 1961.
    1 photograph by Otzup for illustration to article by V. Antokhina, 'Children in the Country'.
    Australian Peace Congress meetings and marches, featuring photographs of the Dean of Canterbury, who was on a tour to support various peace rallies around the world in 1950.
    Other conferences : World Peace Council Meeting in Berlin, 1951; Women's Democratic International Federation (WDIF) Council Meeting, Berlin, 1951; and the Australian Convention on Peace and War, 1953. Includes photographs of Jessie Street and Helen Caldicott.
    Miscellaneous photographs, includes photographs of unidentified portraits and artworks.
    Cuttings of mainly cartoons relating to war and nuclear weapons.
    Negatives filed at ON 523

    PXE 1463/Box 2 (approx. 166 photographs, newspaper clippings, 5 negatives, 1 postcard)
    Photographs and clippings relating to peace movements in Africa, China, Cuba, Europe, Greece, Hiroshima, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, the Soviet Union, U.S.A. and Vietnam. Also photographs of armaments, missiles, the atom bomb, the United Nations, the All Christian Peace Assembly in Prague in 1961, the Aldersmaston March to London in 1960, the All World Youth Forum in the USSR in 1961, Nazi concentration camps at time of Liberation, and miscellaneous photographs that includes a photograph of the document of 'Signatories to demand to end the Vietnam War'.
    Clippings of maps of various countries.
    Negatives filed at ON 523

    PXE 1463/Box 3 (approx. 162 photographs, contact sheets with 181 contact prints, clippings)
    Photographs taken by visiting Australian delegation mainly of Haiphong and Hanoi, North Vietnam. The Haiphong photographs are dated 1972. The photographs of Hanoi, include street life, war posters, prisoners of war and the War Crimes Commission inspection of spent U.S. armaments. Other photographs show damage from U.S. bombs, casualties, U.S. soldiers, a U.S. plane shot down over Hanoi and an exterior view of the prison on Con Son Island. Also includes cartoon of Richard Nixon shredding an AICD newsletter and a portrait of John Takman, member of the Swedish Vietnam Committee.

    PXE 1463/Box 4 (approx. 234 photographs, 81 negatives, 1 postcard)
    March in Wollongong. Banners for South Bulli and Mount Kembla Miner's Lodges, slogans include 'better wages', 'maternity homes', 'free medicine' and 'No Atom or H bomb for Australia, Work for Peace', 193-?
    Rally in Hyde Park, Sydney, during visit by Vietnamese women's delegation, some participants holding up the Vietcong flag, 1975.
    Women for Peace rally, Sydney, 196-? Placards: 'Australia opposes nuclear tests in the Pacific', 'Don't let Strontium 90 poison our children', 'Mothers say no fall-out in Australia', 'Mothers reject conscription', 'Stop war in Vietnam', 'Ban all tests'.
    Peace rally in Wynard Park, 1950s. Placards with slogans: 'The people demand agreement for world disarmament now' and 'No more Hiroshimas'.
    Portraits of peace activists, politicians and overseas speakers, mostly unidentified. Includes portraits of: Harold Holt, Robert Menzies, Pete Seeger, Linus Pauling, William Morrow and James Stout. Also Photograph of the poster for the Australian Congress for International Co-Operation and Disarmament, Sydney, 1964.
    William Morrow, General Secretary of the Australia Peace Committee and member of the World Peace Bureau, at tea party for delegates, Ludhiana, India, 1961
    Aldermaston rally and march, Sydney, 1962.
    Nuclear Disarmament march up William Street to Kings Cross Sydney, early 1960s.
    Sydney to Canberra Disarmament March, 1950s. One banner reads: 'Sydney-Canberra march for total world disarmament including nuclear tests and weapon ban. Peaceful settlement on Germany. Withdrawal of all foreign military bases ...'
    Anti-nuclear march through George and Pitt Streets, Sydney, in the 196-? Some of the placard slogans: 'Ban the Bomb - Vietnam Moratorium - Nuclear Free Pacific AICD - 20 years for Peace - Association for International Peace and Disarmament', 'No to U.S. bases', 'No more Uranium mining, foreign bases and B52 nuclear bombers', 'Women's International League for Peace and Freedom', 'Women for Nuclear Disarmament - Union of Australian Women' and 'A walk for International Peace Day'.
    Maritime Union marchers in Anti-Vietnam rally, William Street, Kings Cross. Some of the placard slogans: 'Get out of Vietnam now!', 'Seamen for Peace', 'Australians & Vietnamese die, big business profits'.
    Two photographs of anti-McMahon rally in Martin Place in 1972. Placard slogans: 'Out the Libs in 72', 'Unite to defeat the McMahon Govt' and 'Job security now!'
    Photographs from the Rapport photo agency: 1. At the RAF base at Richmond, NSW, a consignment of protein enriched biscuits is loaded onto Hercules aircraft for transporting to Dili, East Timor, 1979'. 2. Leon Punch, NSW sate leader of the National Country Party of Australia, National Country Party rally, Armidale, 1981.
    Negatives filed at ON 523

    PXE 1463/Box 5 (approx. 228 photographs, 1 negative, 3 postcards, clippings, 1 handbill)
    Demonstrations and meetings in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, about nuclear disarmament and an end to nuclear testing in the Pacific, 1960s. Includes portraits of activists. Banner slogans include: 'Ban the bomb', 'Oppose French H bomb tests', 'No more Hiroshimas. Disarm now!', 'No nuclear bases in Australia', 'Demand Nuclear free Pacific zone'. Also includes a flyer: 'Oppose! French Nuclear tests in the Pacific ...'
    Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament march in Sydney, 1963, with banners representing various peace committees such as 'N.S.W. Peace Committee', 'Sydney Uni Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament', 'Cumberland Peace Committee', 'Stanmore Petersham Peace Group', 'Bankstown Peace Committee', 'Youth Campaign Against Conscription'. Also includes photographs of the Australian Congress for International Cooperation and Disarmament meeting at Sydney Stadium in 1964.
    Visiting Vietnamese delegation. Includes photographs of an official presentation to the delegates and meetings with workers. One poster reads: 'Ho chi Minh: Not even your nuclear weapons would force us to surrender after so long a struggle for independence'.
    Various nuclear disarmament and peace rallies in Sydney, 1950s-1960s, including a tribute to William Morrow as the 'International Lenin Peace Prize Laureate for his outstanding service for International peace and friendship' and an anti-Vietnam war demonstration during Lyndon B. Johnson's visit to Sydney.
    3 North Korean postcards and anti-war clippings.
    Negatives filed at ON 523

    Forms part of MLMSS 5522

    Film reels:

    1. NAQMIC automated air war (VT 2099).
    2. Aldermaston to London Easter 1962, Rally Hyde Park (VT 2100).
    3. Peace Movement Protests in London (VT 2101).
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