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  • Title
    Sketch map showing track and capture of Ben Hall, the Bushranger, and Warrant
  • Call number
    Ah 72
  • Level of description
  • Date

    between 14 October 1861 and 1924
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
    Microfilm : CY 3623
  • Physical Description
    0.01 metres of textual material (1 folder), includes map
  • Scope and Content
    Item 1
    Sketch map showing track and capture of Ben Hall, the Bushranger, not before 1862

    Item 2
    Handwritten warrant for the destruction of all buildings on Ben Hall's land at Sandy Creek, 14 October 1861. Presumed fictitious.


    "It has been decreed by His Excellency the Governor in Council, that anyone who shall, or shall be reasonably suspected to have harboured, fed, or in any way assisted bushrangers, the Police may without further notice, pull down, burn, or otherwise destroy their houses, out-houses, or other buildings.
    This is to inform you, Benjamin Hall, that as you are so suspected, This Warrant has been issued by me, Frederick Morringer, Inspector of Police, in the Colony of New South Wales, for the destruction of all buildings on your land at Sandy Creek. You are warned not to interfere with the execution of This Warrant at your peril.
    (Signed) Frederick Morringer
    Sydney, October 14th 1861"
  • Description source

    Compiled from the Manuscripts A file as part of the eRecords Project, 2010-2011
    After examining the material and on the advice of a reader, the warrant in this collection is presumed to be fictitious and possibly a prop from a stage performance or film production of Rolf Boldrewood's 1882 novel, 'Robbery Under Arms'.
    This presumption is based primarily on the signature and the fact that there is no record of a Frederick Morringer having lived in the Colony or having been an Inspector of Police in New South Wales.
    Further investigation has revealed that the character, Sir Ferdinand Morringer created by Boldrewood in 'Robbery Under Arms' was 'generally supposed' to be a 'thinly disguised' portrayal of Sir Frederick Pottinger (1831-1865), a local Inspector of Police during the period in question. Sir Pottinger had multiple dealings with Hall including being involved in the order to burn down Hall's house.


    Penzig, Edgar F., "Hall, Ben (1837–1865)," Australian Dictionary of Biography. Accessed 8 September 2023.

    White, Chas., “Sir Frederick Pottinger. The Baronet policeman,” Sun (Sydney), June 13, 1911, 9. Accessed 8 September 2023.
  • General note

    Digital order no:Album ID : 1140629
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Frederick Morringer
  • Date note

    Date range based on date on warrant (14 October 1861), the year Hall was captured (1863) and the year collection was donated.
  • Creator/Author/Artist
  • Subject
  • Place
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