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  • Title
    Danny Abood papers and pictorial material, ca.1960-1995
  • Creator
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    MLMSS 8095
    PXD 1565
    VT 1460-VT 1463
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    0.39 metres of textual material and graphic materials (4 boxes)
    0.11 metres of videorecordings (4 VHS)

    Danny Abood (Daniel Archer or Miss Abood) born 25 May 1954, a Lebanese-Australian, has worked as a performance artist in Australia and the United States. He was a member of the Sydney drag performance troupes 'Sylvia and the Synthetics' and 'Cabaret Conspiracy'.

    'Sylvia and the Synthetics' were created in Sydney in October 1972 and disbanded at the end of 1974. The founding members of the group were Denis Norton, Paul Hock and Morris Spinetti. They were joined by a core of regular performers including Doris Fish (Philip Mills), Mel Slattery, Peter McMahon (Jasper Havoc), Bruce Goold, Clayton MacDonald (Clare), and Danny Abood. Other semi-regulars included Andrew Sharpe, Cherry Ripe, Stewart Graham, and Ros Palmer. Live music content was supplied by regular Wendy Saddington along with assorted rock bands including Mental as Anything.

    The life span of 'Sylvia and the Synthetics' paralleled the early years of the gay rights movement. The historical significance of the 'Synthetics' embraces art, politics and lifestyle, and their off the-wall, in-your-face performances mocked the political correctness of the day. According to their most ardent fans, the 'Synthetics' influenced the development of Oxford Street as a gay precinct as well as its annual showpiece of glam street theatre, the Mardi Gras.

    In 1979, Danny Abood hosted and performed in 'Cabaret Conspiracy', an entertainment showcase for fringe performers at the Garibaldi Community Centre, Darlinghurst, alongside other performers including Doris Fish (Philip Mills). He also wrote a regular column, “20 Minutes with Miss Abood”, in 'Icon' magazine, ca. 1991-1992.

    Doris Fish (Philip Clargo Mills, 1952-1991) was an Australian-born drag queen and member of 'Sylvia and the Synthetics'. Doris moved to San Francisco in 1975 and co-founded another drag troupe, 'Sluts A-Go-Go', which evolved into 'Blonde Sin'. She also starred in the feature-length cult movie, 'Vegas in Space'. From 1982 Doris was a “model” for West Graphix and featured in a series of greeting cards. Between 1989 and 1990 Doris wrote a regular column in 'The San Francisco Sentinel' on social issues and the gay and drag scene. Doris died in 1991. After her death, Danny Abood and Jacqueline Hyde headed a memorial concert at Kinselas, Darlinghurst, on 11 August 1991.

    Library correspondence file
    Compiled from the collection
  • Scope and Content
    A collection comprising mainly correspondence, printed material, newscuttings, photographic prints, slides and negatives of Danny Abood and Doris Fish, and the gay and drag scene in Sydney, San Francisco and New York, ca. 1960-1995. The majority of the collection dates from the 1970s to the 1990s.

    BOX 1
    FOLDER 01
    Correspondence from Doris Fish to Daniel [Danny] Abood, 1973-1982, and from Doris Fish to Jacqueline Hyde (Mel Slattery), 1976-1986, some undated

    FOLDER 02
    Birthday, Christmas and humorous cards published by West Graphics, San Francisco, featuring Doris Fish, 1982-1991

    [FOLDER 03 - Transferred to PXD 1565. See below]

    FOLDER 04
    Newspaper articles by Doris Fish from the San Francisco Sentinel, 1989-1990

    FOLDER 05
    Posters of Doris Fish’s cabaret and stage roles, ca. 1975-1989

    FOLDER 06
    Papers and photographic prints mainly concerning the concert ‘A Salute to Doris Fish’ at Kinselas, Darlinghurst, 11 August 1991

    FOLDER 07
    Newscuttings and printed material relating to Doris Fish and Danny Abood, ca. 1977-1992, some undated

    FOLDER 08
    Newscuttings and printed material mainly relating to Sylvia and the Synthetics, ca. 1977-1992, some undated

    FOLDER 09
    Posters for Sylvia and the Synthetics, ca. 1972-1974

    FOLDER 10
    Cloth banners for Wendy Saddington and the Synthetic Diamonds, undated

    FOLDER 11
    Printed material, mainly relating to Danny Abood, Doris Fish and Jasper Havoc, ca. 1960s, 1972-1994, some undated

    FOLDER 12
    Photocopies of original photographs photographic prints mainly relating to Danny Abood, Doris Fish, Jacqueline Hyde, and Jasper Havoc, ca. 1970s-1980s, most undated

    BOX 2
    Photographic prints, mainly of Doris Fish, Jasper Havoc, Danny Abood and Jacqueline Hyde, ca. 1972-1993

    BOX 3
    Photographic slides, ca. 1978-1980

    BOX 4
    ALBUM 01
    Photographic negatives and proof sheets, ca. 1979-1981, some undated

    ALBUM 02
    Album of photographic negatives and proof sheets, ca. 1977-1979, some undated

    ALBUM 03
    Photographic prints of Danny Abood, Doris Fish, Frank Zummet, Jasper Havoc, and drag performances, ca. 1972-1995, some undated

    FOLDER 04
    Photographic negatives, mainly of family photographs of Danny Abood, undated

    PXD 1565
    Poster for Garibaldi’s Benifit [i.e. Benefit] Weekend, 28 April and 29 April [1979], Rilely [i.e. Riley] St, Darlinghurst

    VT 1460
    ‘Doris Show Long Shots’, being of the Kinsellas tribute night to Doris Fish, 11 August 1991 (46 minutes)
    VT 1461
    Edited version of the Kinsellas tribute night – video by Kerrin (36 minutes) and excerpt on transvestite call girls from The Phil Donahue Show, Ten Network, ca. 1991 (14 minutes)
    VT 1462
    ‘Doris Show Close Ups’, being of the Kinsellas tribute night taken near the stage (46 minutes)
    VT 1463
    Video recording of Danny Abood as a child in Armidale
  • Access Conditions
    Restricted: Access only with written permission of Daniel Archer
    For access to this collection please submit your request through Ask a Librarian
  • Copying Conditions
    Copyright status:: In copyright
    Copyright holder:: This collection has multiple rights owners
    Rights and Restrictions Information:: No reproduction without prior written approval of copyright holder
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Courtesy copyright holder
  • General note

    A detailed listing (compiled by Library staff) has been placed in each box
    MLMSS 8095/Box 1/Folder 3 transferred to PXD 1565.
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