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  • Title
    Tiawhiao, Maori King, 1884 / photographer H. King, Sydney
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  • Physical Description
    1 photographic print - 1 photographic printanel - photograph 30.1 x 18 cm, panel 33 x 19 cm

    For a biography of Tawhiao, Tukaroto Matutaera Potatau Te Wherowhero, ? - 1894
    Maori King, Waikato leader, prophet, see: Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. http://www.dnzb.govt.nz/ (accessed July 12, 2010)
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: created before 1955
  • Variant title

    "Tiawhiao, Maori King" -- titled on the photograph
  • General note

    Transferred from P1/Tiawhiao (BM), July 2010
    Digital order no:Album ID : 937289
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    "To His Majesty King Tawhaio, Dear Sir & Brother, It is with a feeling of great pleasure that we your Brother Templars of New South Wales hear that you are making a short stay in Sydney previous to your proceeding to the land of your fathers. I am instructed by the Grand Worthy Chief Templar and the Executive of the Grand Lodge of New South Wales to invite you to attend a meeting of Templars to be held in the Temperance Hall, Pitt Street, Sydney on Saturday evening next at Eight O'Clock, as we wish to give you a hearty welcome as a Brother Templar. I shall be about if you would inform the Bearer of this letter if you would be able to accept this invitation so as to enable us to notify our members in the Metropolitan District the fact of your visit. I am dear Sir & Brother, Fraternally Yrs in Faith, Hope & Charity, James B. Price, G W Secretary" -- on Temperance Society of New South Wales letterhead, dated 9 October 1884, attached to the reverse

    "Tuawhiao - witnesses to Signature of Maori King, John E. M. Browne, Mason Anderson" -- signature in ink on a scrap of paper attached to the lower edge of the letter

    Photographer's stamp
  • Date note

    H. King had premises at 316 George Street, Sydney, 1880-1894. In 1884 Tawhiao led a delegation to England to plead the Maori cause
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