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    Gold medal awarded to Nicolle & Mort for Refrigerating Machines Section VI Class 469 by the Agricultural Society of N.S.W. for their exhibit in the Metropolitan Exhibition, 1874
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    SAFE/R 376/Item a
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    Copy print : R 376/Item a
    Available on open access in the Mitchell Library Reading Room
  • Physical Description
    1 medal - gold - 1 1/2 in. diameter
  • Source
    Presented by Mrs F. R. Barnett from the bequest of the late S. E. C. Nicolle, grandson of the late E. D. Nicolle, October 1965
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    Information transferred from pictures card catalogue as part of the eRecords Project, 2009-2010
  • General note

    From Sands Directory (A-Z index):
    1864 Nicolle, Eugene, civil engineer, Petersham
    1866 [No entry]
    1867 Nicolle, E. D. Manager, Sydney Ice Works Company Works West St.
    1868 Nicolle, Eugene D, ice works, West St. 1869 [same address]
    1870 Nicolle, Eugene D, Railway Terrace, Burwood
    1871 & 1873 [No entry]
    1875 Nicolle and Mort (Nicolle, J. A.; Mort, T. S.) Ice Works, Barcom St.
    1876 [No entry]
    1877 Nicolle, E. D., civil engineer, 40 Barcom St.

    Keyword subjects:
    Metropolitan Exhibition
    Digital order no:Album ID : 1127453
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