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  • Title
    First Fleet Re-enactment Company records, 1978-1990
  • Call number
    MLMSS 7796/Boxes 1-9
    MLMSS 7796/Boxes 10X-11X
    VT 1267-VT 1274
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    2.57 metres of textual material (9 boxes and 2 outsize boxes) - manuscript, typescript, printed
    8 videocassettes

    In 1975 Jonathan King had the idea to re-enact the voyage of the First Fleet to celebrate the Australian Bicentenary. The First Fleet Re-enactment Company (FFRC), with Wally Franklin as its Executive Director, was formed in the mid 1980s to organise the First Fleet Re-enactment Voyage (FFRV). The FFRC chartered square-rigged sailing ships from around the world and, with permanent and trainee crew, departed from Portsmouth on 27 April 1987 and arrived at Port Jackson on 26 January 1988, via Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Mauritius, Fremantle and Botany Bay.
    Source: Australia's First Fleet : the voyage and the re-enactment 1788/1988 by Jonathan King. ML REF 1/Q994/103
  • Scope and Content
    BOX 1
    Correspondence, 1985-1990: correspondents include Wally Franklin, Jonathan King, Philip King, Gerald Weingarth;
    Wally Franklin’s appointment diaries, 1986-1989, and file
    ‘1985 World Trip’: notes and itinerary of trip to negotiate charter of ships for the First Fleet Re-Enactment Voyage (FFRV)
    File: ‘Historical Info’: including ‘The Original First Fleet’ an article by Dr Jonathan King; list by ship of all those who sailed on board the First Fleet

    BOX 2
    Legal and financial records:
    Allen Allen & Hemsley files mainly concerning the chartering of ships for the FFRV and applications to the Department of Transport and Communications for single voyage permits for carriage of passengers: correspondence and related papers, 1978 -1989, including agreements, contracts, certificates, inspection surveys, stability data reports
    FFRC budget summaries, 1985-1988; financial statements, 1985-1986;
    port inspection and on-site merchandising revenue, 1987-1988
    ‘Stock Control’ note book recording sale of FFRV merchandise, 1987-1988

    BOX 3
    File for each port of call visited by Wally Franklin during the FFRV: London, Portsmouth, Tenerife, Capetown, Mauritius, Botany Bay
    File ‘Memorabilia’: includes invitations, menus, tickets, calendar, FFRV cloth badges, official first fleet souvenir pop-up
    Files of letters of support and congratulations
    File of postcards received by Trish and Wally Franklin

    BOX 4
    File ‘Biographical material/Ships’: information about the ships taking part in the FFRV
    File ‘Fleet Position’: telexes from Soren Larsen advising the position of the fleet while at sea
    Ship’s log of the Bounty, 12 May 1987 – 11 January 1988, compiled by Kenneth Edwards and Adrian Small, Masters of the Bounty, and Jonathan King, official FFRV correspondent;
    ‘Diary of First Fleet Re-Enactment 5th April 1987 – 26th January 1988’, by Dick Ridsdale, 1st Mate on the One and All;
    ‘Four weeks before the mast: a personal memoir of a voyage across the Indian Ocean aboard the Tradewind as part of the First Fleet Re-Enactment incorporating excerpts from the ship’s log’, 10 November – 10 December 1987, by John Patterson, trainee crewmember
    File of papers concerning a proposal to have erected at Darling Harbour a monument to James Mario Matra, midshipman on the Endeavour, who was with Cook's landing party at Botany Bay.

    BOX 5
    Trainee crew handbook
    Lists of permanent and trainee crew for each leg of the voyage between London and Sydney, and for subsequent ports of call within Australia

    BOX 6
    Certificates and commemorative medals for permanent and trainee crew

    BOX 7
    First Fleet Times, Editions 1-8, October 1986 – January 1988
    Various publications promoting the FFRV: magazines, brochures, flyers, posters, etc.
    Various newsletters and magazines containing articles about the FFRV, 1986-1988
    ‘Press coverage April 1986 – May 1987 including details of TV and radio coverage’: British media coverage of the FFRV, including copies of press cuttings, compiled in 2 volumes by Rosamunde Bern Associates, Press and Public Relations, London
    Press cuttings (loose), March – November 1987, about the FFRV from newspapers in Britain, Tenerife, Brazil, Cape Town, Mauritius

    BOX 8
    Press cuttings (loose), April 1982, January 1985 – 16 January 1988, about the FFRV from Australian newspapers and magazines

    BOX 9
    Press cuttings (loose), 17 January 1988 – 5 July 1988, about the FFRV from Australian newspapers and magazines

    BOX 10X – 11X
    Scrapbooks of press cuttings, October 1985 – July 1987, about the FFRV from Australian newspapers and magazines

    VT 1267-VT 1274
    Videos: FFRV departure from Portsmouth, 27 April 1987
    FFRV arrival at Fremantle, December 1987
    FFRV arrival at Botany Bay, 18 January 1988
    FFRV final landfall, 29 January 1988 [2 tapes]
    ABC TV 7.30 Report -'The Story of the One and All',
    square-rigged sailing ship built in South Australia
    which took part in the FFRV, [1987]
    'Bound for Botany Bay', documentary about the First
    Fleet presented by Jonathan King, [198?]
    'Keep Sailing On': song performed by Bahloo
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