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  • Title
    [Old Domain Baths], 1881 / E f B
  • Call number
    DG 388
    Status: On display – Paintings from the Collection, Room 1, West Wall, no. 15
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    1 painting - oil on canvas - 67.5 x 39.5 cm. in frame 89.5 x 72 cm.

    The identity of this artist remains elusive. The painted signature and date on the work are not entirely clear and may have been transcribed incorrectly. No obvious correlations can be made with any of the entries listed within the standard references of Australian artists -- Sydney Harbour: Seldom Scene exhibition, artist biographies, 2007
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    Out of copyright:
    Please acknowledge:: Dixson Galleries, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    Signed 'E f B 1881' at lower right
    Untitled. Title assigned by Library
    This view may show the Corporation Baths, built by the city council in 1858 on a site occupied by successive baths in the 19th century. An undated sketch signed "S J" in which the same buildings are visible is titled "The Ladies' Baths Domain" (SSV1/BAT/1). Separate Corporation Ladies' Baths were also built in the Bay by Sydney Municipal Council in the late 1850s. A chronology of baths at this location is frustrated by inconsistent naming.
    Dimensions from Mitchell Library Pictures card catalogue
    Digital order no:Album ID : 825788
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