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    Squire's Brewery, Kissing Point / watercolour by unknown artist
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    1 watercolour - 11" x approx. 15 1/2" - dimensions transcribed from ML Pictures card catalogue
  • General note

    Heavily varnished and restored; affixed to backing board on which is remnant of Sydney Morning Herald, Friday January 1853
    Reproduced before restoration in Carmichael, R. ed. Ryde 1790-1926 opp. p.20
    It has been suggested that this drawing was by J. Lycett. It is not the original of Lycett's plate in his Views in Australia and does not seem to be by the same artist as other drawings in ML and Dixson which are attributed to Lycett.
    A colour reproduction of this drawing, digitally enhanced to simulate its unvarnished colour, was exhibited in Eora : mapping Aboriginal Sydney, 1770-1850, State Library of New South Wales, 5 June to 13 August 2006
    "The earliest encounters between the English colonists and the Wallumedegal took place on the Parramatta River at The Flats, the low-lying mangrove swamps between the present Homebush Bay and Meadowbank. This area was first settled in January 1792 by former marines who were granted land at the Field of Mars (later Kissing Point and Ryde). Two Aboriginal men are seen (at left) on the wharf of James Squire's brewery at Kissing Point. Bennelong spent the last years of his life in Squire's orchard at Ryde and was buried there in 1813 when he died after a long illness." -- Eora exhibition caption, 2006
    Digital order no:a928850
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    Eora: Mapping Aboriginal Sydney, 1770-1850 - State Library of New South Wales (5 June - 13 August, 2006). Applies to: Colour reproduction exhibited showing original and digitally enhanced states in a split image

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