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  • Title
    [Album of portraits, mainly of New South Wales officials, ca. 1836] / by W.H. Fernyhough
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    PXA 617
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  • Date

    ca. 1836
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  • Physical Description
    1 album (containing 21 lithographs, some with bronzed highlights & hand-coloured) - 34.5 x 25.7 cm. or smaller (images) ; 36 x 26.6 cm.

    Nos. 1 & 5
    Felton Mathew, born in England, arrived in New South Wales in 1829 to take up a position as Assistant Surveyor of Roads and Bridges. -- Reference: Diary of Felton Mathew, National Library of Australia, Online Jan. 2005
    Captain Macpherson is mentioned in two legal cases of the Superior Courts of N.S.W. - 1. R. v. Rose, 1834 ; 2. R. v. James 1836 -- Reference: Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899, published by the Division of Law Macquarie University, Online Jan. 2005
    Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, born in Scotland, was appointed surveyor-general in 1828 and made improvements to roads. Throughout the 1830's Mitchell led several expeditions to the interior of Eastern Australia, particularly in the Darling River area, to chart river tributaries. -- Reference: Australian Dictionary of Biography. Vol.2, 1788-1850. Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1967
    Captain William Hunter, Military Secretary to the Commander of the Forces, is mentioned in two court cases of the Supreme Court of N.S.W., 1. Faunce v. Cavenagh, 15-16 March 1838 ; 2. Mitchell v. Thompson, 23 March 1838 -- Reference: Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899, published by the Division of Law Macquarie University, Online Jan. 2005
    Nos. 6-8
    Thomas Macquoid worked as a senior public official in India prior to his appointment as High Sheriff in New South Wales in 1829. -- Reference: Ourimbah: History of a New South Wales Timber Town to 1930, B.C. Jones & A.C. Eyers, Online Jan. 2005.
    John Bede Polding, Catholic archbishop, was appointed vicar-apostolic of New Holland, Van Diemen's Land, and the adjoining islands in 1834. In New South Wales he established a firm administration, and reformed religious services and Catholic education. He was elevated to the rank of archbishop in 1841. -- Reference: Australian Dictionary of Biography. Vol.2, 1788-1850. Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1967
    Archibald Clunes Innes, born in Scotland, was a soldier, magistrate, and pastoralist who arrived in Sydney in 1822. In the colony he held several posts including commandant of the penal settlement of Port Macquarie, brigade major, superintendent of police, and magistrate at Parramatta. In 1829 he married Margaret MacLeay. -- Reference: Australian Dictionary of Biography. Vol.2, 1788-1850. Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1967
  • Scope and Content
    1. ? Felton Mathews - Town Surveyor [in pencil beneath image] / Drawn on Stone by W.H. Fernyhough
    2. Capt. P. Macpherson / W.H.F. del
    3. Sir Thomas Mitchell / W.H. Fernyhough del
    4. Military Sketches. [in ink] / Captn. [William] Hunter [28th Foot] / W.H.F. 1836
    5. Felton Mathews [on a horse] / W.H.F. del.
    6-7. [Male with hat and umbrella, possibly Sheriff Macquoid as per inscription on No.7]
    8. No.4 Sketches from the Bar. / Sheriff Macquoid / W.H.F.
    9. Patrick Scott / W.H.F. del.
    10. Captain Thos. Williams 4th Foot
    11. Capt. Chambre? [handwritten in pencil on reverse. Male in military dress holding sword] / W.H.F. del.
    12. No.2 Military Sketches [in ink] / C... Wood [handwritten in ink to the right of printed text] / W.H.F.
    13. Archbishop Poulding [i.e. Polding] / W.H.F. del
    14. Major [Archibald] Innes? / (married Miss Macleay) [in pencil on reverse]
    15. Ombres Fantastiques No. 1 / on stone by W.H. Fernyhough
    16. Ombres Fantastiques No. 2 / on stone by W.H. Fernyhough
    17. Corrobborree. [i.e.corroboree] / Or Dance of the Natives of New South Wales. / On stone by W.H. Fernyhough
    18-19. Bungaree. / Late Chief of the Broken Bay Tribe / N.S. Wales / W.H.F. del
    20-21. Piper. / The Native who accompanied Major Mitchell / in His Expedition to the Interior. / On Stone by H.H. Fernyhough
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Creator died before 1955
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    The contents of the album were removed from the volume at an unknown date. Album spine is damaged.
    The plates without publishing details may be proofs before letters.
    The silhouette portraits of Sydney identities were probably part of a series of portraits of prominent Sydney men entitled "Military and Editorial Sketches", which Fernyhough published in October 1836 and sold for a shilling each (see "The Sydney Gazette" 8 October 1836).
    The Sydney Gazette, dated 29 September 1836 states, "Mr Fernyhough of Bridge St. has just completed on stone in black under the denomination of Amores Fantastiques, likenesses of several well-known gentlemen, among the number we observe the worthy Colonel driving in his Stanhope ..."
    The Sydney Gazette, 8 October 1836, "Mr Ferryhough [i.e. Fernyhough], the zincographist of Bridge St., has just published a series of sketches under the head of Military & Editorial Sketches ..."
    No.3 Sir Thomas Mitchell holds in his hand another lithographic portrait by Fernyhough - that of the Aborigine Piper, who accompanied Mitchell on his 1836 expedition along the Darling and Murray Rivers. "The Sydney Gazette" recorded the publication of Piper's portrait on 20 December 1836, while Mitchell noted it in vol. 2 p.338 of his "Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia", London, 1839.
    No.11 is similar to a portrait of Sergeant Moore, Major of the Mounted Police, in W.H. Fernyhough's "Portraits of N.S.W. Officials .." (located at Dixson Library F83/24 f.10).
    No.15 The man riding in the buggy in the first row is identified in pencil as "Col. Wilson [crossed out] Snodgrass" ; the first figure in the second row as "Wood" ; and the two uniformed officers, in the third row at the extreme bottom right, are identified as "Capt. Macpherson" [and] Brown"
    Nos. 18-19 are a head and shoulders profile of Bungarre. No.18 differs from the other portrait by having bronzed highlights.
    No.20 has an additional pencil note to the right of the printed title, "S.G. 20.12.1836"
    No.21 is a coloured version of No.20 and has a piece missing from the lower left-hand side.
    Bound by Corbett Binder, City Chambers, 243 Pitt Street, Sydney
    David Scott Mitchell bookplate inside front cover.
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823418
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Many of the prints are titled in ink beneath image.
    Pencil identifications are written on the lower edge or reverse of some of the portraits.
    Artist's details are printed at lower left on image. The forms include: "Drawn on stone by W.H. Fernyhough" ; "W.H. Fernyhough del" or initialled "W.H.F." and "W.H.F. del"
    One is dated "18[3]6"
    Most bear printed publishing details of "J.G. Austin & Co. No.12 Bridge Street, Sydney" beneath image.
    No.6 is inscribed "Old"
  • Creator/Author/Artist
  • Name
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Exhibited in

    Faces of Australia: image, reality and the portrait. - State Library of New South Wales (25 May - 12 October, 1992). Applies to: No.13
    Heads of the people : a portrait of colonial Australia - Nos. 3, 8, 9, 13

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