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    Log, ship portrait and charts for the ship Marquis Cornwallis, 1793, 1796
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    1793, 1796
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    The Marquis Cornwallis, under Captain Michael Hogan, left Cork, Ireland, on 9 August 1795 to transport Irish convicts to New South Wales. On the 9 September, as the ship neared Cape Verde Islands, Hogan learned of a plot by some of the convicts and soldiers to seize the ship. Hogan acted swiftly. Between forty and fifty convicts were flogged and two guards were imprisoned. Seven of the convicts and one of the guards died of wounds. The ship arrived in Sydney on 11 February 1796. Because of an enquiry into the mutiny, Hogan was obliged to stay in Sydney for three months. The ship left Sydney on 15 May 1796, reaching England on 24 July 1797.
    Michael Hogan was born in Ireland in 1766. Between 1780 and 1784 he served as a seaman and midshipman in the Royal Navy. After leaving the navy he sailed as a seaman on trading voyages to India and China before becoming owner and captain of a ship trading between India and Europe. In 1795 he sailed as master of the Marquis Cornwallis transporting Irish convicts to New South Wales. He returned to London in 1797 and later became a merchant in Capetown before settling in New York where he continued to trade. In 1820 he was appointed U.S. Consul and Navy Agent at Valparaiso, Chile. He died in 1833.
    Henry Moor, who drew the charts, came to Sydney as Master of the Reliance in 1795. He later captained several ships including Montgomery, Fortune and Wansted. He joined the Marquis Cornwallis in Sydney on 26 March 1796 and disembarked at Calcutta on 2 October. He later published 'Sailing directions to accompany a new Chart of the Molluccas and Eastern Islands: together with separate plans ... surveyed, in the course of two years and six months stations in those seas, by Henry Moor, assisted by V.V. Ballard', 1801.
  • Scope and Content
    Item 01: Log book of the ship Marquis Cornwallis, 1 February to 1 November 1796. MLMSS 7491.
    Item 02: Portrait of Il Netunno, later Marquis Cornwallis, by Balthazar Solvyns, 1793. ML 1353.
    Item 03: Two maritime charts by Henry Moor showing the track from Norfolk Island to New Guinea. The charts are located at M Ser 4 000/1 MLMSS 7491 Map 1 & Map 2
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    This collection comprises manuscript and pictorial material. You may navigate to a more detailed description from this collection record.
  • General note

    Further information can be found in the following publications: Michael H. Styles, 'Captain Hogan : Sailor, Merchant, Diplomat on Six Continents', 2003 (Mitchell Library location number 327.73009/2); Barbara Hall, 'A Desperate Set of Villains : the Convicts of the Marquis Cornwallis, Ireland to Botany Bay, 1796', 2000 (Mitchell Library location number (Ref 1/929.3944/15A).
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