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    Marionette Theatre of Australia - records, 1956-1989
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    23 boxes
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    Box 1
    Correspondence General 1989
    Correspondence re Sydney Cove Authority 1989
    1987-88 Accounts list of Directors letters of resignation, as well as letters of consent to act as Director
    Schools Bookings 1983
    Workshop Classes 1983-86 letters of interest from students and prospective puppetry teachers
    National Puppetry Forum 1985 nominations for attendance, UNIMA correspondence
    Box 2
    Contracts 1984-87
    Correspondence Sponsors 1984-86
    Fundraising 1986
    Strategy Plan for Building Redevelopment Feb 1987
    Commercial Orders 1987
    Company Meetings 1987-88
    Puppetry Debate 1986 findings of National Puppetry Forum inc. report on formation of a National Puppeteers Association
    Box 3
    Financial Records 1988
    Memorandum of Association
    Agreements 1988
    Group Certificates 1988
    Financial Reports & Directors Reports 1986-88
    Mailing List 1988
    Management Accounts 1988
    Conditions of Australia Council Grant 1988
    Grant Submissions 1976-81
    AETT Entrepreneurial Activities 1976-81
    General Correspondence and Press Releases 1988
    AETT Payroll Records 1957-64
    Box 4
    Grant Application for Playwright in Residence 1989
    Mime What You Say 1988-89 press release and newspaper cuttings, designs
    The Professor 1988 budget
    Funding Applications 1989
    Green Thumb Theatre press releases and associated material for Canadian company hosted by MTA
    Puppet Power 1981-86 touring schedules, script, school questionnaire results, correspondence and contracts
    Showing Off 1985 touring schedule
    Financial Matters 1988
    Management Accounts 1985, 1987-88
    Liquidation Papers
    Box 5
    Sponsorship Proposals 1988-89
    Scripts inc Kakadu 1988, Life on Mars, Asylum, Robyn Archers Songs from Sideshow Alley (first draft), Megalomania, Smiles Away, General Macarthur in Australia, Puss in Boots, The Professor (plus submissions), Calvin the Crocodile, Aussie Rules, The Mysterious Potamus, Bottersnikes and Gumbles, Mr Punchs Bicentennial Pantomime 1989, Thats The Way To Do It, Aesops Fables, The Magic Pudding (inc. 1st and 2nd versions of Peter Scrivens adaptation (1960), and another later version)
    Box 6
    Box Office Receipts 1988
    General Macarthur in Australia lighting plans, cue sheets
    Minutes 1987-88 financial year
    Royalties Record 1986-88
    Programmes and Posters
    Copy of Manipulation (puppetry journal), vol 6 no 11 March 1986 inc. reports from National Puppetry Forum
    Copy of Pix June 30 1956 article on The Tintookies with lots of pictures
    Paper patterns for Mimi and Vamakkon from Kakadu
    Box 7
    Aesops Fables Folder 1983
    Day Files 1980-83
    Box 8
    The Sailors Home Theatre Impact 1984 A Marketing and Public Relations Project for the Sailors Home Theatre (student project by Sydney School of Technology)
    Day Files 1984-86
    Box 9
    Photographs inc. photos from Rubbish film shoot; negatives from Puppet Pudding film shoot; 1 negative of Norman Lindsay self-portrait (etching?); The Wind in the Willows proof sheets 1986; Pinocchio 1987; The Magic Pudding 1988, inc. publicity shots of Max Gillies and Gordon Chater posing with the puppets; Asylum production photos, with Ralph Cotterill; negatives of puppeteer Tina Matthews with puppets; extensive collection of early Magic Pudding publicity photos (string version), some with puppeteers and some with children; photos of 1975 Tintookies, party shots and production photographs; pre-1969 Tintookies photographs and shots of recording sessions; two 10x8s of Peter Scriven, one posing with clown puppet; photos of Yakshagana Puppets (visiting show); Tales from Noonameena; Roos photos; colour photos of Sailors Home Theatre; photos of Murray Raine Puppets.
    Box 10
    Programmes and Posters inc. original Tintookies and Magic Pudding programmes, Tintookies Return poster for Sydney opera House season, programmes from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka seasons
    Tintookie Fanclub Material inc. copy of Tintookie Times 1975, Tintookie Fanclub Membership Certificate, Happy Birthday Card from the Tintookies
    Box 11
    The Wind in the Willows touring schedules, designs, notes, colouring competition entries and letters from students
    The Mysterious Potamus Stage Managers script and notes, schedules, designs
    The Magic Pudding 1988 show and tour Stage Managers reports
    The Professor and Greek Conspiracy designs, scripts, cuesheets, notes
    Asylum 1986 reviews and poster
    Contracts 1977-78
    Accounts July 1984
    Box 12
    Accounts 1982-85
    Employment Applications 1979-85
    Sydney Opera House Trust 1981-82
    AETT/Adam Salzer File inc correspondence and AETT information for early 1990s, 1990 edition of Front Row (AETT magazine), Australian Business Support for the Arts (ABSA) Council Meeting Report 28/12/1990 (Salzer CEO), proposals prepared by Salzer for SBW Foundation and Potter Foundation for future funding of Bell Shakespeare Company
    Box 13
    Accounts, Budgets and Tax Records 1984-88
    Employment Records 1979-83
    Box 14
    AETT/Adam Salzer File inc. Tax Deductibility 1989, Litigation file, files relating to dispute over Chalwin Estate, Proposal to set up Musicians Retraining Programme, Independent Theatre Trust matters (inc. correspondence with North Sydney Council and fundraising)
    Manipulation paste-up of Oct 1986 edition
    The Magic Pudding a few newspaper articles from 1988
    Box 15
    Employment Contracts K-Z 1977-83
    Sailors Home Building Maintenance 1981-84
    Accounts 1987
    Sponsorship Proposals 1988-89
    Membership 1979-83
    Provident Fund 1977-82
    Box 16
    Legal Matters inc. Norman Lindsay contract
    Employment Contracts A-J 1977-83
    Touring 1988
    Puppetry Forum Steering Committee Papers 1985
    Minutes 1987
    MTA Newsletters June & September 1981
    Box 17
    Commercial Orders 1981-86
    Australian International Puppetry Festival Jan 21-30 1983
    Insurance 1984-86
    Taxation 1984-85
    Employees 1980-86 inc. job applications, terms of employment, letters of resignation, staff meetings
    Income Tax Instalment Declarations 1987-88
    Box 18
    Board Information
    Australia Council Correspondence 1984-85
    Proposal for Bicentennial Project
    Misc. Material inc. information relating to Steve J. Spears Spears and Shakespeare
    Box 19
    Board Meetings 1984-85
    Alexander Bunyip designs for ABC programme, 1983
    Bottersnikes and Gumbles 1982-83 script, letters, budget, tours
    Solicitors (Dawson Waldron) File 1981-83
    Cultural Grants 1979-81
    Box 20
    Fundraising 1981-85
    Australia Council 1986-89
    Publicity 1980-86
    Box 21
    The Wind in the Willows 1986 initial script and design concepts through to final theatre bookings
    Ministry Correspondence 1985-87
    Australia Council 1979, 1981-82
    Box 22
    Proposed Tour of Vietnamese Water Puppets 1985
    Pinocchio Discovery Exhibition for Adelaide Festival Centre 1988
    Board of Management 1980-88
    Accounts 1987-88
    Opera House Puppet Exhibition 1982 inc. letters of application, details of puppets, final entry list
    Box 23
    The Mysterious Potamus 1977-80 inc. negotiations with Sergei Obratsov over possible Soviet production
    The Magic Pudding 1979-80
    ABSA/AETT/Independent Theatre File
    List prepared by David Tredinnick in July 2004
  • Source
    Presented by Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation in Nov. 1994
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    Restricted: Permission must be sought from the Seaborn, Broughton and Walford Foundation
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