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  • Title
    Miscellaneous papers mainly relating to agriculture and land, ca. 1817-1917
  • Creator
  • Call number
    A 280
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1819, 1828-1847, 1851-1856, 1884-1886, 1895, 1917
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
    Microfilm : CY 901, frames 574-665 (A 280)
  • Physical Description
    1 volume - 0.03 Meters
    Textual Records
    Textual Records - (printed)
  • Scope and Content
    Letter from unidentified correspondent in Parramatta to unidentified recipient regarding the state of agriculture in N.S.W., 15 Feb. 1819

    G.B. Burton writes to Hyland about sheep, 31 Dec. 1834
    Extract of a letter form Joseph Docker to His Excellency Sir George Gipps, concerning employment of Aborigines as shepherds, 31 Dec. 1841 [copy]

    G. Holt writes to J.V. Thompson regarding examination of samples of cotton, 11 Jan. 1841

    Notes, memoranda, and enquires by E. Riley
    Letter to E. Beckham from N.S.W. Treasury Dept. requesting a return of stations to be licenced in the Lachlan District, 15 June 1847

    Crown Land circulars for 4th and 9th Nov. 1853 regarding the compiling of information for the "Blue book"

    Map of Victoria showing parts as proclaimed under 'Agricultural Colleges Act 1884

    Copies of Letters from Messrs. Donaldson, Wilkinson, & Co. and Messrs. Loughnan & Hughes, in relation to the Wools of Australia and Van Diemen's Land, 1832 [printed]

    Calcutta Police Supt. Indian Labourer Permit, 22 Aug. 1837

    Indian Labourers Ticket, No.49, belonging to Madhoo, 19 August 1837

    Table of calculation of the cost of a freeman, prisoner, and 'coolie'.

    Statement of the Quotation of Cotton Wool in Liverpool, at the close of each week in the year 1840 [printed] addressed to John V. Thompson, Deputy Inspector of Hospitals, New South Wales

    New South Wales, Reserve Branch, money received from G. Driutt, 30 June 184
    Memoranda of agreement between Lsoa [Isoa?] Oa and Lap Hai (natives of China) and Thomas Beckford Simpson, for work, wages and food supplies, 11 Oct. 1851 (2 sheets with Chinese characters on reverse and cover letter to Principal Librarian dated 1917)

    Supplement to the Victoria Government Gazette, 17 Sept. 1856 [printed]

    Regulations under 'the Agricultural Colleges Acts 1884 and 1885' for regulating the election of members of the Council of Agricultural Education [printed, several items]

    Victoriae Reginea No. DDCCCLXXI An Act to amend 'The Agricultural Colleges Act 1884", Dec. 1885 [printed]

    Prospectus Dookie Farm School, Cashel, 1886 [printed]

    Dookie Farm School. Regulations to be observed by students, 1886 [printed]

    Memorial to the Honorable G.H. Reid, Premier & Colonial Treasurer, 1895 [printed]

    Pedigrees of thorough bred electoral rams Leutewitg and Loithian [letter and certificate]

    Half-yearly returns of the number of persons employed or residing at, and the number and description of the live stock, on the licensed station of Mr Henry D. Owen, 1844; Thacker Mason & Co. called Wallendbeen, 1844; Samuel Atkins [?] called Gungala, 1846 (3 sheets)

    Return of live stock slaughtered for tallow and lard at the Boiling Down establishments within the Commissioners District of Lachlan for the year 1853

    Schools 1853 - Return of private schools within the Commissioners District of Lachlan for the year 1853

    Live Stock Slaughtered 1853 & 1854. Return of live stock slaughtered within the Commissioners District of Lachlan during the year 1853 and for the year 1854 (2 sheets)

    Mills, Manufactories &c. 1853. Return of mills, manufactories, works &c. and of mines and quarries within the Commissioners District of Lachlan for the year 1853

    Return of the quantity of grain disposed of from the silos at Cockatoo Island from the 1st January, 1852 to the present date [1853]

    Return of live stock imported into New South Wales in each year from 1828 to 1840

    Return of wool exported from the Colony of New South Wales from 1822 to 1840

    New South Wales, estimated quantity of land in cultivation inclusive of gardens and orchards on 31 Dec. 1840

    Abstract from the return of the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the half of the year form 1st July to 31st Dec. 1840 showing the number of persons occupying stations beyond the limits of location ..., 1841
  • General note

    The material in this volume appears to be an artificial series being derived from various sources and does not have any imposed order. One item is addressed to the "Principal Librarian, Mitchell Library, 5th Dec. 1917" and thus postdates D.S. Mitchell's death.

    A non-contemporaneous handwritten contents list accompanies the volume.

    Bound in a volume with lettering on spine, "Agriculture".

    There is a pencil note in margin at front of volume after contents list, "24.10.11 Mitchell Collection"

    D.S. Mitchell bookplate inside front cover.
    Copied onto preservation microfilm, Feb. 1986.
  • Creator/Author/Artist
  • Subject
  • Exhibited in

    India, China, Australia : Trade and Society 1788-1850 - Museum of Sydney
    Imperial Cargo - Parramatta Heritage Centre. Applies to: f.17
    East of India – forgotten trade with Australia - Australian National Maritime Museum

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