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  • Title
    John Taylor - papers, 1948-2001
  • Creator
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    MLMSS 7327/Boxes 1-4, 6-7
    MLMSS 7327/Boxes 5X, 8X, 10X, 12X, 19X
    MLMSS 7327/Folders 9, 11, 13-18, 20
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  • Date

    1948 - 2001
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  • Physical Description
    2.05 metres of textual material (6 boxes, 9 folders, 5 outsize boxes) includes photographs - manuscript, typescript

    John Taylor (1931-2001), author, journalist, freelance editor and literary agent, was born at Parramatta. He spent most of his working life in Sydney, with stints as a copywriter in London, 1962-1969, and as a consultant, editor and publisher in Melbourne, 1972-1973. He was Director of Publicity and Information of the Australia Council, 1973-1975, and a part-time lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts, 1976-1982. Taylor was a regular contributor to Nation Review, and a book reviewer for The National Times and The Australian. He wrote a monthly column, 'Word's Worth' for Look and Listen, 1985-1986. His children's book, Happyendia, was published in 1983.

    As a literary agent in the mid-1970s, John Taylor's clients included Alan Marshall and Joan Lindsay. Her celebrated novel, Picnic at Hanging Rock (1967), was published after the final chapter (18) had been excised at the publisher's insistence. Joan Lindsay gave Taylor the typescript of the chapter when he was negotiating the sale of the film rights to the book. She later gave him the copyright so that the chapter could be published after her death in 1984. The chapter, with a commentary by Yvonne Rousseau that was commissioned by Taylor, was published as The Secret of Hanging Rock (1987).
  • Scope and Content
    SERIES 01: Correspondence

    1973-2001; Correspondence with, among others, Lloyd Rees and Mike Leunig, 1981; and copies of letters to newspaper editors (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/1 )
    197--2001; Correspondence, being mainly letters received, chiefly with friends and literary associates (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/8X : RESTRICTED)
    1960, 1983-1984; Correspondence with and concerning Luigi Strano, and with Gaetano Rando (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/2 )
    1970-1976; Correspondence with and concerning John Heathcote, with enclosed literary drafts (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/3 )
    1972-; Copy of letter to Robert Jones (Robert Dessaix), with photocopied typescript of his 'An Account of the Deeds of a Strange Group of Travellers in Lom prior to the Fall of Phylaxia' (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/4 )
    1972-1976; Correspondence mainly with and concerning Alan Marshall, and with his secretary, Gwen Hardisty, Thomas Nelson (Aust.) Ltd, Rigby Limited and Cassandra J. Carter (Creative Management Australia) (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/5)
    1972-86; Copies of letters to Phillip Adams, with related material (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/9 : RESTRICTED)
    1974-1995; Correspondence with and concerning Australian puppeteer, Richard Bradshaw (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/10X : RESTRICTED)
    1976-1981; Correspondence with and concerning John Bailey mainly about the film options and rights for his novel, The Moon Baby (Angus & Robertson, 1978) (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/6)
    1976-1989; 'Publishing', including rejection letters and correspondence concerning contracts and royalties (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/7)
    1977-1979; Correspondence with and concerning Beckett Green Publishing and Mead & Beckett Publishing, with photocopied galley proofs of book by Anders Ousback (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/8)
    1977-1979, 1990; Correspondence with and concerning Australian illustrator of children's books, Leigh Hobbs, with enclosed sketches (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/9)
    1980-1983; Correspondence concerning, and letters received from, Mervyn Nolan (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/1/10)
    1979-1982, 1985; Correspondence with and concerning Gail Holst-Warhaft (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/11 : RESTRICTED)
    1980-1989; Correspondence mainly with Penguin Books Australia Ltd and Fantasia Sound Productions concerning the publication of Happyendia, with typescript, corrected galley proof, illustrations and reviews (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/12X : RESTRICTED)
    1980-1996; Correspondence mainly with and short stories by Mena Calthorpe (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/1)
    1982-1984; Correspondence mainly with Oxford University Press (Aust.) and Tim Bonyhady concerning the editing of his manuscript, 'Nineteenth Century Australian Landscape Painting' (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/13 : RESTRICTED)
    1988-1989; Correspondence concerning the alleged plagiarism of his short story, 'An Exhibition of Themselves', The Bulletin Literary Supplement, 12 Apr. 1978, in two episodes of the television series, 'A Country Practice' (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/2)
    1982; Inscribed photocopied typescript of 'Alexia' by Antigone Kefala, Feb. 1982, received from the author for comment (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/3)
    1989-1999; Correspondence mainly with Michael Griffiths concerning his book on Australian poet, Francis Webb, and with the latter's sister, Catherine Snell (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/14 : RESTRICTED)

    SERIES 02: Papers relating to Joan Lindsay

    1967-1994; Papers mainly concerning Joan Lindsay's novel, Picnic at Hanging Rock, including letters received from her and her correspondence with others, and photocopied typescripts of chapters 1-2, 4, 6 and the beginning of chapter 7 (originals held by the National Library of Australia) (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/4)
    1967-1982; Letters received from Joan Lindsay, with her correspondence with Sandra Forbes, 1967, and letter to Andrew Fabinyi, 1969 (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/5)
    1975-1982; Letters received from Joan Lindsay (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/6)
    1969-1980; Correspondence of John Taylor and Joan Lindsay mainly concerning the film rights of Picnic at Hanging Rock. Correspondents include Eleanor Witcombe (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/7)
    1975-1986; Newscuttings, including photocopies, concerning the film Picnic at Hanging Rock (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/2/8)
    1976; Correspondence with Patricia Lovell (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/15 : RESTRICTED)
    1968-1981; Correspondence of John Taylor and Joan Lindsay concerning her accounts and royalties (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/1 )
    1975-1982; Copies of correspondence with Joan Lindsay (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/2)

    SERIES 03: Papers relating to chapter 18 of Picnic at Hanging Rock

    1978-1998; Correspondence mainly with Perpetual Trustees (Melbourne) concerning the estate of Joan Lindsay, with discarded introduction to The Secret of Hanging Rock returned by Angus & Robertson, 27 Jan. 1987 (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/3)
    1986, 1996, Date unknown; Correspondence concerning negotiations towards a contract with Angus & Robertson to publish chapter 18, in The Secret of Hanging Rock (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/4)
    1986-1987; Correspondence from contract to book launching with, among others, Angus & Robertson and photoprints (3), including one of Joan Lindsay (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/5)
    1984-1987; 'S.O.H.R. / Arbitration / General', being correspondence concerning the publication of The Secret of Hanging Rock (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/6)
    1968, 1985-1987; Correspondence concerning published articles on chapter 18 (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/7)
    1975-1989; Correspondence mainly with Cliff Green and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/16 : RESTRICTED)
    1985-1988; 'Publicity for SOHR', being mainly newscuttings and photocopies (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/8)
    1987-1989; 'Lectures and Theories on Joan Lindsay / Picnic [by John Taylor]' (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/9)
    Date unknown; Edited versions of chapter 18 and photocopied page proofs of The Secret of Hanging Rock (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/10)
    1979-1989; Correspondence with, and articles by, Yvonne Rousseau (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/17 : RESTRICTED )
    1996-1997; Correspondence with David Critchley concerning film adaptation of chapter 18 (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/18 : RESTRICTED)
    1988-1997; Correspondence mainly with Australian Broadcasting Corporation concerning the radio dramatisation of chapter 18 (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/11 )
    1987, 1993-1996; Papers concerning French and German translations of chapter 18 (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/3/12)

    SERIES 04:
    Papers relating to Sir Daryl Lindsay

    1948-1978, Date unknown; Papers include letter received by him from Cheshire (London), 3 Dec. 1969; correspondence of John Taylor concerning Lindsay's estates, 1976-1978, and photocopy of his will, 5 July 1976; letter from Joan Lindsay to Andrew Fabinyi, 28 July 1967, with letter from Sir Robert Menzies to Andrew Fabinyi, 20 July 1967; and Lindsay's notes for, and drafts of, talks and lectures: 'William Blake', 'Turner', 'Australian Painters', 'Childhood', 'Old Masters', 'Horse Painting', 'English Watercolour', being British Council lecture, 24 May 1948; 'Fine Arts Department Lecture', 31 July 1952; 'The Sporting Picture in History'; and autobiographical notes (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/4/1)

    SERIES 05: Writings

    1979-1997; Articles, short stories and related correspondence, including 'Arvo the Wonder-Horse', being typescript, with letter received from Richard Walsh (Angus & Robertson), 15 May 1985, and copy of letter from John Taylor to Children's Book Editor (Methuen Aust.), 8 Feb. 1986; letter received from Collins Australia Children's Books, 13 Apr. 1989, with enclosed 'The Trouble with Burroos', being photocopied typescript; 'Designing Woman', being computer typescript rejected by The New Yorker; synopsis of 'The Dreaming-Stone', being typescript, with letter received from Kay Ronai (Editor, Penguin Books Australia), 19 Aug. 1981; rejection letter received from Geoffrey Dutton, 1981, with enclosed photocopied typescript of 'Exile'; letters received from Australian Penthouse, 9 September 1981, with enclosed articles, 'Encounter with Bea' and 'The Beard of the Prophet, The Profit of the Beard', and of 17 Dec. 1979, with enclosed article, 'A Gay Time for Rugger-Buggers'; letter received from Australian Playboy, 1991, with enclosed article, 'A Verdict on History - Hurrah, We Won, being photocopied typescript; and rejection letter from The New Yorker, 1991, with enclosed article, 'Hair-Care Hints from the Old Testament' (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/4/2)

    1990, Date unknown; Articles and short stories, with related correspondence (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/4/3)

    1967-2001; 'Plays, Scripts and Musicals', including playscript, 'Another Rasputin', 1981-1987, with related correspondence and reader's reports from Peter Kocan, 1987, and Ray Lawler, 1983; radio comedy, 'The Sights of Sydney', 1983, with related correspondence; playscript, 'Come Share My Couch ! by Salim Patell and John Gersbach [John Taylor ?], being processed typescript; and correspondence, 1992, 2001, with, among others, Australian Children's Television Foundation, concerning 'TIG', a television series for children and teenagers (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/4/4)

    1963, 1971-1985; Articles, columns, reviews and pamphlets, including contributions to Nation Review, National Times, The Australian, 24 Hours and Look & Listen, being mainly newscuttings and photocopies (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/5X)

    1977-1999, Date unknown; Poetry, doggerel, song lyrics, and related correspondence (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/1)
    1985-1990; 'Language', including drafts of booklet on language and writing, and copies of letters to Professor G. A. Wilkes (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/2)
    1986, Date unknown; Drafts mainly of book reviews (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/3)
    Date unknown; Drafts of column, 'Word's Worth' in Look and Listen (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/4 )
    ca. 1980-1991; 'Competitions', including entries and related correspondence (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/5 )
    198-; 'Competitions', including correspondence concerning his inventions (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/6)
    198- ; 'Shrink Aust-Lit, including entries for The Sydney Morning Herald and related correspondence (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/7)
    Date unknown; Incomplete and duplicate literary manuscripts (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/6/8)

    SERIES 06: Miscellaneous papers

    Date unknown, 1997; Personal papers, including curriculum vitae and Gersbach family tree (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/7/1)
    1973-1975; Papers concerning his employment with the Australia Council (2 folders) (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/19X : RESTRICTED)
    1976-1989; Papers concerning his teaching, including notes and lectures, in Verbal Communication at the Sydney College of the Arts (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/7/2)
    196--2001; Newscuttings on a range of topics (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/7/3)
    1971-1975; Papers, being photocopies, concerning the bust of Aboriginal artist, Yirawala (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/7/4)
    Date unknown; Notes and photocopies concerning Casanova and his published memoirs, History of My Life (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/7/5)
    1986, 1994, Date unknown; Miscellaneous items (Call No.: MLMSS 7327/20 : RESTRICTED)

    Author/Artist entries:
    Adams, Phillip, 1939-
    Angus & Robertson
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    Australian Children's Television Foundation
    Bailey, John, 1944-
    Bonyhady, Tim, 1957-
    Bradshaw, Richard
    Calthorpe, Mena, 1905-1996
    Critchley, David
    Dessaix, Robert, 1944-
    Dutton, Geoffrey, 1922-1998
    Fabinyi, Andrew, 1908-1978
    Fantasia Sound Productions
    Forbes, Sandra
    Green, Cliff, 1934-
    Griffiths, Michael J. (Michael Joseph)
    Hardisty, Gwen
    Heathcote, John
    Hobbs, Leigh
    Holst-Warhaft, Gail, 1941-
    Kefala, Antigone
    Kocan, Peter, 1947-
    Lawler, Ray, 1921-
    Leunig, Michael, 1945-
    Lindsay, Daryl, 1890-1976
    Lindsay, Joan, 1896-1984
    Lovell, Patricia
    Marshall, Alan, 1902-1984
    Mead and Beckett Publishing
    Menzies, Robert, Sir, 1894-1978
    Nolan, Mervyn
    Oxford University Press (Australia)
    Penguin Books Australia Ltd.
    Perpetual Trustees
    Rando, Gaetano, 1942-
    Rees, Lloyd, 1895-1988
    Rousseau, Yvonne, 1945-
    Snell, Catherine
    Strano, Luigi
    Walsh, Richard, 1941-
    Wilkes, G. A. (Gerald Alfred), 1927-
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    Partly restricted: Applies to MLMSS 7327/Boxes 8-20. Access only with written permission of named correspondent.
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