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  • Title
    Series 09: Angus & Robertson portraits of authors and others, ca. 1866-1971
  • Call number
    PXA 1559
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1866-1971
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Physical Description
    Approximately 430 photographs (3 boxes) includes some drawings and prints - chiefly black & white - various sizes
  • Scope and Content
    This series comprises portraits of authors, poets, Angus & Robertson managers and others. It includes black & white photographs, prints and drawings. Many were intended for publication as publicity photographs or for use on book jackets.

    BOX 1
    1. Abbott, John Henry M.
    2. Alatas, Syed Hussein
    3. Allan, Gwenda
    4. Ammon, W. W.
    5. Anderson, John, 1961
    6. Angus, D. M., ca. 1901
    7a. Astley, Thea
    7b. Astley, Thea
    7c. Astley, Thea

    8. Baker, Kate, 1937
    9. Banfield, E. J.
    Bartley, Reg (see McKay, Claude)
    10. Bartlett, Norman
    11. Baylebridge, William / drawing by Garran Brown [located in Mitchell Library at P3/166]
    12. Bayldon, A. D.
    13. Beale, Howard, 1957
    14. Bean, C. E. W.
    15. Béchervaise, John
    16. Bedford, Randolph
    17. Bedford, Ruth
    18. Beilby, Richard, ca. 1968-1971
    19a. Belsky, Fred
    19b. Belsky, Fred
    20a. Bird, Nancy
    20b. Bird, Nancy (includes Colin Simpson)
    21. Birkett, Winifred G. / Howard Harris Studios
    22a. Bisset, James [not located July 2012]
    22b. Bisset, James [not located July 2012]
    22c. Bisset, James [not located July 2012]
    22d. Bisset, James [not located July 2012]
    23. Bligh, Beatrice
    24. Blight, John / Howard Harris Studios
    25a. Bloomfield, John, 1959
    25b. Bloomfield, John, 1959
    26. Boldrewood, Rolf (pseudonym for T. A. Browne)
    27. Borin, V. L.
    28a. Bowman, Frank Thomas / photograph by Quinton F. Davis
    28b. Bowman, Frank Thomas / photograph by Quinton F. Davis
    [28c-28g not located July 2012]
    29. Bowring, Jean
    30a. Brennan, Christopher
    30b. Brennan, Christopher
    30c. Brennan, Christopher
    31. Brewer, Warren Boyd
    32. Bridges, Roy
    33. Broomfield, F. J. [located in Mitchell Library at P2/280]
    34a. Buettel, Norman E
    34b. Buettel, Norman E.

    35. Campbell, R.G. / Athol Shmith Studio
    36. Carmichael, Jennings
    37. Casey, Gavin
    38a. Charlwood, Don E.
    38b. Charlwood, Don E.
    38c. Charlwood, Don E.
    37. Cheshire, F. D., 1967
    40. Cheyne, Irene
    41. Churchill, Winston
    42a. Clark, Manning
    42b. Clark, Manning
    43a. Clarke, Marcus, 1866
    43b. Clarke, Marcus
    44a. Clune, Frank C. / Hall Photo
    44b. Clune, Frank C.
    44c. Clune, Frank C.
    44d. Clune, Frank C.
    45. Conan-Davies, Geoffrey W. S.
    46. Cowan, Peter
    47. Cowan, Raymond
    48. Cronin, A. J.
    49. Cross, Zora
    50. Cumpston, J. H. L.
    51. Cusack, Ellen Dymphna / Capitol Studios, Brisbane

    Davies, Geoffrey W.S. Conan (see Conan-Davies, Geoffrey W. S.)
    52a. Davis, Pedr Llewellyn
    52b. Davis, Pedr Llewellyn
    52c. Davis, Pedr Llewellyn [not located July 2012]
    53. Davison, Frank Dalby [located in Mitchell Library at P1/453]
    54a. Dennis, C. J.
    54b. Dennis, C. J.
    55. Dickman, Walter
    56. Dobson, Rosemary
    57. D’Ombrain, Athel F.
    58. Drake-Brockman, Henrietta
    59a. Du Cros, Edward
    59b. Du Cros, Edward
    60a. Dufty, David Geoffrey
    60b. Dufty, David Geoffrey
    60c. Dufty, David Geoffrey
    61. Duncan, W. A.
    62. Dunn, John
    63. Dutton, Geoffrey

    64. Eastman, W. R.
    65. Ellis, M. H. / photograph by Quinton F. Davis, 1952
    66a. Ewers, J. K.
    66b. Ewers, J. K.

    67. Farmer, W. / photograph by Smiling Snaps, 1944
    68. Farrell, John
    69. Farwell George
    70. Fenner, Ruth / photograph by Noel Rubie Pty Ltd
    71a. Ferguson, Elizabeth
    71b. Ferguson, Elizabeth
    72. Ferrall, E.O., 1919
    73. Finch, Peter / J. Arthur Rank Organisation [located in Mitchell Library at P1/574]
    74. Finkel, George
    75. Fitzgerald, Elizabeth, 1966
    76a. Fowler, Helen
    76b. Fowler, Helen
    77a. Franklin, Miles
    77b. Franklin, Miles
    77c. Franklin, Miles
    78. Frith, Harold James
    79a. Furphy, Joseph, 1889
    79b. Furphy, Joseph, 1903
    79c. Furphy, Joseph - grave
    80. Fysh, Hudson

    81a. Galbraith, Jean
    81b. Galbraith, Jean
    82. Gartrell, Marjorie
    83. Gibbs, May
    84. Gordon, Ian
    85a. Greenwood, Gordon / photograph by Quinton F. Davis
    85b. Greenwood, Gordon / photograph by Quinton F. Davis
    85c-85d. Greenwood, Gordon [not located July 2012]
    86. Greenwood, Ted
    87. Griffin, Gwyn / photograph by Stuart Brown
    88. Hamilton, Thomas
    Harris, Martin (see Stewart, Douglas)
    89. Harris, Max
    90a. Harris, Lady Patricia
    90b. Harris, Lady Patricia
    90c. Harris, Lady Patricia
    91. Harris, Thistle
    92a. Hartigan, Rev. Patrick Joseph
    92b. Hartigan, Rev. Patrick Joseph
    93. Hart-Smith, William
    94. Harwood, Gwen
    95. Hatfield, William
    96a. Hemphill, Rosemary
    96b. Hemphill, Rosemary / photograph by Dorothy Dupain
    97a. Heney, Helen
    97b. Heney, Helen
    97c. Heney, Helen
    98a. Herbert, Xavier, 1930
    98b. Herbert, Xavier, 1930
    98c. Herbert, Xavier, 1930
    98d. Herbert, Xavier, 1930
    98e. Herbert, Xavier
    98f. Herbert, Xavier
    98g. Herbert, Xavier [located in Mitchell Library at P1/739]
    99. Herman, Morton
    100. Hill, Ernestine
    101. Hope, A.D.
    102a. Horder, Margaret
    102b. Horder, Margaret
    102c. Horder, Margaret
    103. Horne, Donald
    Hughes, William (see McKay, Claude)
    104. Hume, Fergus
    105a. Hungerford, Tom A.G.
    105b. Hungerford, Tom A.G.
    105c. Hungerford, Tom A.G.

    BOX 2
    106a. Idriess, Ion L., 1951
    106b. Idriess, Ion L. / Rembrandt Studios
    106c. Idriess, Ion L.
    106d. Idriess, Ion L.
    107. Irwin, W.W.
    108. Isbister, Claire

    109. James, Brian
    110. Jeffrey, Sister Betty / Antoine-Stevens Studio
    111. Johnson, Colin
    112. Jones, Philip M.

    113. Kades, Hans
    114. Keesing, Nancy
    115. Kelly, Vince
    116a. Kendall, Henry Clarence
    116b. Kendall, Henry Clarence
    117a. Keneally, Thomas
    117b. Keneally, Thomas
    118a. Ker Wilson, Barbara / photograph by Armando Fontana Italfoto, 1968
    118b. Ker Wilson, Barbara / photograph by Armando Fontana Italfoto, 1968
    118c. Ker Wilson, Barbara / photograph by Armando Fontana Italfoto, 1968
    119a. Kim, Don’o
    119b. Kim, Don’o

    120. Laseron, Charles F. / photograph by Quinton F. Davis
    121. Lawler, Ray
    122a. Lawson, Henry / photograph by William Johnson, 1915 [see also P1/952]
    122b. Lawson, Henry / from a dry-point by Lionel Lindsay
    122c. Lawson, Henry / photograph by May Moore [see also P2/475]
    122d. Lawson, Henry
    122e. Lawson, Henry
    122f. Lawson, Henry / [studio portrait by] May Moore [located in Mitchell Library at P2/475]
    122g. Lawson, Henry / photograph by William Johnson, 1915 [located in Mitchell Library at P1/952]
    122h. Lawson, Henry / from the portrait by Florence Rodway
    122i. Lawson, Henry, 1900
    122j. Lawson, Henry / from the portrait by Florence Rodway
    122k. Lawson, Henry / dry-point by Lionel Lindsay
    122l. Lawson, Henry / [print of watercolour by] Low

    123. Lear, Melva
    124. Lehmann, Geoffrey
    125a. Levi, Werner / Photographic Laboratory, University of Minnesota
    125b. Levi, Werner / Photographic Laboratory, University of Minnesota
    125c. Levi, Werner [not located July 2012]
    126a. Lindsay, Norman / photograph by May Moore, 1915
    126b. Lindsay, Norman / photograph by May Moore, 1915
    126c. Lindsay, Norman / photograph by Australian Department of Information, 1945
    126d. Lindsay, Norman
    126e. Lindsay, Norman
    126f. Lindsay, Norman
    126g. Lindsay, Norman / photograph by Quinton F. Davis
    126h. Lindsay, Norman / photograph by Quinton F. Davis, 1964 [located at P2/284]
    127. Littleworth, Andrew, 1961
    128. Lloyd, V.H.
    129a. Lower, Lennie
    129b. Lower, Lennie

    130. MacDonnell, Freda
    131. Maclntyre, Elizabeth
    132. Macneil, Calum
    133. Mander-Jones, Phyllis [not located July 2012]
    134. Mann, Mollie / photograph by Athol Shmith
    135. Martin, J. H.
    136. Mathew, Ray
    137. Maxwell, Violet
    138a. McArdle, Allan Arthur
    138b. McArdle, Allan Arthur
    138c-138d. McArdle, Allan Arthur [not located July 2012]
    139. McAuley, James
    140a. McCrae, Hugh
    140b. McCrae, Hugh
    140c. McCrae, Hugh
    140d. McCrae, Hugh
    141. McKay, Claude (with Reg Bartley, William Hughes and Sir Victor Wilson)
    142a.McKie, Ronald / Rembrandt Studios
    142b. McKie, Ronald
    143. McLean, Don
    144a. McLeod, Helen
    144b. McLeod, Helen
    144c. McLeod, Helen
    145a. Mead, Tom
    145b. Mead, Tom
    146. Mercier, Emile / photograph by Quinton F. Davis
    147. Meillon, Claire
    148. Meredith, Gwen / photograph by Max Shepherd
    149a. Miles-Brown, John
    149b. Miles-Brown, John
    149c. Miles-Brown, John [not located July 2012]
    150a. Moll, Ernest George, ca. 1964
    150b. Moll, Ernest George, ca. 1964
    150c. Moll, Ernest George, ca. 1966
    150d. Moll, Ernest George
    151. Montgomery, L. M.
    152. Morris, Clarice Elsa / The Wynyard Studio
    153. Morrieson, Ronald Hugh / Nightingall’s Photo Service, 1962
    Morton, Harris (see Stewart, Douglas)
    154. Mountford, [?]
    155a. Mountford, C.P.
    155b. Mountford, C.P.
    155c. Mountford, C.P.
    156. Mudie, Ian / photograph by Norman Dewhurst
    157a. Murdoch, Walter
    157b. Murdoch, Walter [located in Mitchell Library at P2/285]

    158. Nagle, Bill
    159a. Neilson, John Shaw, 1939
    159b. Neilson, John Shaw
    160a. Newell, Malcolm
    160b. Newell, Malcolm
    161a. Niland, D’Arcy
    161b. Niland, D’Arcy
    162. Noall, William
    163. Noblet, E.M.
    164. Norton, Frank

    O’Brien, John (see Hartigan, Rev. Patrick Joseph)
    165. O’Conner, Elizabeth
    166a. Odell, Carol / photograph by John Hearder
    166b. Odell, Carol
    166c. Odell, Carol
    166d. Odell, Carol
    166e. Odell, Carol
    167. Ogilvie, Will
    168. O’Grady, Frank / Falk Studios
    169. O’Harris, Pixie, 1957

    170. Paice, Margaret
    171. Palmer, Vance [not located July 2012]
    172a. Park, Ruth
    172b. Park, Ruth
    173. Parr, Letitia Evelyn
    174a. Paterson, A. B.
    174b. Paterson, A. B.
    174c. Paterson, A. B. [located in Mitchell Library at P1/578]
    175a. Pearl, Cyril
    175b. Pearl, Cyril
    176. Pedley, Ethel
    177a. Phelan, Nancy
    177b. Phelan, Nancy
    177c. Phelan, Nancy
    177d. Phelan, Nancy
    178a. Phipson, Joan
    178b. Phipson, Joan
    178c. Phipson, Joan
    178d. Phipson, Joan
    179a. Pinney, Peter
    179b. Pinney, Peter
    180a. Poignant, Axel
    180b. Poignant, Axel
    181. Porteous, Richard Sydney [not located July 2012]
    182a. Porter, Hal
    182b. Porter, Hal
    182c. Porter, Hal
    182d. Porter, Hal
    183. Poynter, Dennis James [not located July 2012]
    184. Prichard, Katharine Susannah

    BOX 3
    185. Riddell, Elizabeth
    186a. Robertson, George, 1900
    186b. Robertson, George, 1905
    187. Robertson, Marjorie
    188a. Robinson, Roland / photograph by Norm Danvers
    188b. Robinson, Roland
    189a. Roderick, Colin, 1949
    189b. Roderick, Colin, 1952,
    189c. Roderick, Colin, 1967
    189d. Roderick, Colin (with Colonel C. Duke, Mrs Duke, Mrs Murdoch, John Bayley, Margaret Roderick), 1967
    190a. Rolleston, Juliet
    190b. Rolleston, Juliet / photograph by Max Dupain
    190c. Rolleston, Juliet / photograph by Max Dupain [located in Mitchell Library at P1/2042]
    191. Rolls, Eric
    192a. Rose, Lyndon
    192b. Rose, Lyndon
    192c. Rose, Lyndon
    192d. Rose, Lyndon
    193. Rowbotham, David
    194. Rowe, John / photograph by Anthony North
    195. Rust, Clifford
    196. Ryan, Peter

    197. Schlunke, E. O.
    198. Scott, Mary
    199. Shapcott, Thomas
    200. Sheffield, Captain T. W.
    201. Shenstone, Fred
    202a. Simpson, Colin
    202b. Simpson, Colin
    202c. Simpson, Colin
    202d. Simpson, Colin
    202e. Simpson, Colin
    202f. Simpson, Colin
    202g. Simpson, Colin (see also 20b)
    202h. Simpson, Colin / Max Dupain Studio
    202i. Simpson, Colin / photograph by Rembrandt Studios
    202j. Simpson, Colin
    203a. Southall, Ivan
    203b. Southall, Ivan
    203c. Southall, Ivan
    203d. Southall, Ivan
    204. Spencer, A. H., 1922
    205. Spencer, Margaret / photograph by Frogley, Casino
    206a. Spender, Lady Jean
    206b. Spender, Lady Jean
    207. Stead, Christina
    208a. Stegar, Winifrid
    208b. Stegar, Winifrid
    209. Stephens, A.G. [located in Mitchell Library at P1/1662]
    210a. Stephenson, William
    210b. Stephenson, William
    210c. Stephenson, William
    210d. Stephenson, William [not located July 2012]
    211a. Stevenson, Jack
    211b. Stevenson, Jack
    212a. Stewart, Douglas (with Martin Harris)
    212b. Stewart, Douglas
    212c. Stewart, Douglas
    212d. Stewart, Douglas
    212e. Stewart, Douglas
    213a. Stivens, Dal
    213b. Stivens, Dal
    214. Stone, W. Clement / photograph by Fabian Bachrach
    215. Sutherland, James Alan
    216. Sidney, Dorothy [Mrs Claude McKay] / portrait by Muir
    217. Syred, Celia

    218. Taylor, P.G. / [from a drawing by] Norman Carter, 1940
    219a. Taylor, Thomas Griffith
    219b. Taylor, Thomas Griffith
    220a. Taylor, Walter Harold
    220b. Taylor, Walter Harold
    220c. Taylor, Walter Harold
    220d-220h. Taylor, Walter Harold [not located July 2012]

    221a. Teakle, L. J. H., 1954
    221b. Teakle, L. J. H., 1954
    222a. Tennant, Kylie
    222b. Tennant, Kylie
    223a. Timms, E. V.
    223b. Timms, E. V.
    223c. Timms, E. V.
    223d. Timms, E. V.
    223e. Timms, E. V.
    224. Tronc, Keith
    225a. Tulloch, David
    225b. Tulloch, David
    226. Tyrrell, James R., 1955 [located in Mitchell Library at P2/283]

    227a. Upfield, Arthur
    227b. Upfield, Arthur
    227c. Upfield, Arthur
    227d. Upfield, Arthur
    227e. Upfield, Arthur

    228a. Villiers, Alan
    228b. Villiers, Alan
    229. Vizer, H.

    230a. Walsh, Richard
    230b. Walsh, Richard
    230c. Walsh, Richard
    230d. Walsh, Richard
    231. Warner, Peggy / photograph by Athol Shmith
    232a. Weatherburn, A. K. / photograph by Studio Commercial
    232b. Weatherburn, A. K. / photograph by Studio Commercial
    232c. Weatherburn, A. K. / photograph by Studio Commercial
    233. Webb, Francis
    234. Wedlick, Lancelot
    235a. Weekes, Claire
    235b. Weekes, Claire
    236. Weiss, Richard / photograph by Green & Hahn, Christchurch
    237. Wells, Ann E.
    238a. Williams, H. D.
    238b. Williams, H. D.
    238c. Williams, H. D.
    Wilson, B.K. (see Ker Wilson, Barbara)
    239a. Wilson, Erle Alexander Mann
    239b. Wilson, Erle Alexander Mann
    Wilson, Sir Victor (see McKay, Claude)
    240. Wong, Ella-Mei
    241. Wright, Judith, ca. 1950
    242a. Wrightson, Patricia
    242b. Wrightson, Patricia
    243. Wymark, F. [not located July 2012]
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