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  • Title
    Australian Consolidated Industries Ltd (ACI) photographs, relics and technical drawings, ca. 1890-1980
  • Creator
  • Call number
    PXD 1331
    PXX 94
    ARCH 26
    R 2099
  • Level of description
  • Date

    [ca. 1890-1980]
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Physical Description
    Approximately 7000 photographs
    114 drawings - blueline prints - 76 x 212.2 cm or less
    2 watchmakers lathes - in cedar boxes - 13 x 17 x 20 cm
    1 plaque - bronze - 25 x 17 cm
    1 trophy - steel, plastic, bronze - 45 x 22 x 8 cm
    1 nameplate - steel - 13 x 9 cm

    Australian Consolidated Industries Ltd (ACI) was founded in 1939 to consolidate the diversified operations of Australian Glass Manufacturers (AGM) who began in 1872. Under the directorship of William John (Bill) Smith, ACI retained a primary operation in glass manufacturing but also produced corrugated and fibre packaging, plastics, fibreglass, paper products, building products and electronics. The company operated in Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific and Asia. In 1988 it was taken over by BTR Nylex Ltd.

    Australian Dictionary of Biography, Smith, William John (Bill) (1882–1972)
  • Scope and Content
    PXD 1331
    Photographs depicting personnel and various operations of the company.
    Box 1: Numerical and alphabetical index to photographs (housed in two small blue boxes)
    Box 2: 1-346
    Box 3: 347-885
    Box 4: 886-2159
    Box 5: 2160-2801
    Box 6: 2802-3200
    Box 7: 3201-3575
    Box 8: 3576-3791
    Box 9: 3792-4042
    Box 10: 4043-4653
    Box 11: 4654-5263
    Box 12: 5264-5711
    Box 13: 5712-6552
    Box 14: 6553-6615 (photographic album), 6709-6756
    Box 15: 6757-7117 (2 photographic albums)
    Box 16: 89-92, 93, 95-102, 104, 822
    Unnumbered photographs:
    Two men shaking hands (in pencil on back of mount: W.J. Smith? L. Mayce?)
    Portrait of a man (Inscription on lower right corner: ‘To Norman … 17-7-52’)
    Portrait of Howard Dare (‘completed 50 years’ service … retired 1930')
    Portrait of W.H. Barber (‘completed 50 years' service … retired 1931’)
    Portrait of H.H. Harper (‘completed 50 years’ service … January 1935’)
    Group portrait, Australian Glass Manufacturers, Limited, 1935. (Names on loose sheet, from left to right: J.L Smailes, Secretary; V.R. Smith, Sales …; George Suncock, Manager; S.G. Garnsworthy, …; ?, Aide de Comp. to Lord ?; ? Grunwade; A.E. Smith; Lord ?; ?; ?) (Some names illegible, some only possible identifications)
    Portrait of unidentified male, ca. 1890s (photographer's embossed stamp lower right: 'Vandyck, Melbourne')
    Box 17: 15, 25, 53, 59-62, 64-71, 82

    Mounted large photographs, 1938-1944, unnumbered:
    PXX 94/Folder 1
    ACI War Comforts & Patriotic fund ‘Popular Girl’ Competition, 1943 (Winner, Miss P. Welzel) (2 sets of 4 photographs on one mount, one photograph coloured in one set only)
    ACI photographs (mount damaged and title missing), includes photographs of winners of the King and Queen competition for the A.C.I. War Comforts & Patriotic Fund, Miss M. Heidtman and Mr J. Jack, and a delivery by horse drawn wagon at ACI, Dowling Street, 1944 (5 photographs on one mount)

    PXX 94/Folder 2
    Photograph of a glass blower

    PXX 94/Folder 3
    Photographs of factories: Australian Glass Manufacturers Co. Ltd., Sydney Works, 1938 and Eildon Engineering Co., 1957

    Design blueprints for machinery and parts, Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA. (OnIzed Containers), 1937-1939
    ARCH 26/Folder 1
    Includes: tumbling barrel and barrel roller assembly (PMB-0103, PMB-0104, PMB-111, PMB-112-B, PMB-113), assembly of brush drive and idler sprocket (F-02, F-04, F-8, F-24, F-25, F-60, F-74, F-75, F-76, F-77), drive unit assembly and clutch operating mechanism (PM-01040, PM-01041), new pattern top cover plate and thermostat bracket (PM-411-A, PM-434-B), base and housing unit - retainer jacket and retainer cap top cover(PM-420, -420A and PM-436-B), cylinder unit - cylinder ring (PM-704), drive unit – horn shaft (PM-1019-A), clutch – solenoid, clutch arm support and clutch arm cover (PM-1053, PM-1054), assembly of feeder and cam shafts (PM-01600), feeder arm assembly (PM-01676), mold unit – lower asbestos sponge and lower asbestos retainer plate (PM-2205-A, PM-2206A), upper shaft plate (PM-2224), chute bracket arm, bracket and bottom plate (PM-2810, PM-2811, PM-2813), lower and upper insulator rings (PM-1903A, PM-1904), outer bus bar (PM-1907), wiring cover plate (half) (PM-1910A), arrangement of piping and electrical apparatus, and wiring diagram for 220 and 440 volt operation (PM-03701, PM-3702 and PM-3703)

    ARCH 26/Folder 2
    Includes: assembly of machine (PM-0100), base and housing unit (PM-403, -407, -450), assembly of sorting hopper (FH-2-03, -5, -32, -48, -49), assembly of tumbler (TM-1-01), assembly of valve and cylinder mechanism (PM-03400), assembly of heat control mechanism (PM-01900), die block (PM-2201), main frame (PM-3201), inspection conveyor and tumbler barrel (F-03, -21, -22, -23, -62, -78, PMB-0102, -106), base and housing unit (PM-404, -405, -412-A, -415-A, 421-A, -422, -431, -438- 440), cylinder (PM-727, -730), assembly of clutch operating mechanism (PM-01001, -1054), air heater and valve piping assembly (PM-01, PM-1-A), feeder cam, blade, arm and shutter (PM-1645, -1670, -1677 and -1678), hopper (PM-1700, -1701, -1702, -1703, 1704), bus bar (PM-1906, -1941, -1976), temperature control housing tube (PM-2006A), assembly of chute table (PM-02801, -2813A), switch box and ammeter panel (PM-3710A, -3711A, -3733, -3734) and valve unit (PM-3407A, -3411-A, -3419, -3425-A)

    Relics used by ACI in their various operations:
    LR 96
    Bench Micrometer, Lane Cove Engineering Co.

    R 2099 / A-C
    A 2 x 6mm watchmakers lathes in cedar boxes , manufactured by Lane Cove Engineering Company ; Lance Cove Engineering Company catalalogue ; ACI nameplate from 1st machine made in Australia
    B Bronze Plaque, portrait of W. J. Smith, managing director of ACI
    C Award trophy to ACI Packaging Products Group, Top Plant 1974, Lloyds Engineering & Tool Co. Pty. Ltd.
  • System of arrangement
    Original numbering sequence retained. A numerical and subject index to the photographic series is available in Box 1.
  • Language
  • Appraisal Note
    Large bundle of engineering drawings received in very poor condition, were not accessioned. Condition reviewed, plans destroyed 11/3/1999.
  • Access Conditions

    Access via appointment - For material located at LR 96 and R 2099
  • Copying Conditions
    Copyright restrictions may apply: Photographs in this collection created before 1955 are all out of copyright. Photographs created after 1955 are in copyright for the life of creator plus 70 years.
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    Related Manuscript Material: MLMSS 5146 Mitchell Library
    Pic.Acc. Upgrade Project - Information transferred from Pic.Acc.6783 as part of the eRecords Project 2013-14
    ARCH 26/Folders 1-2 transferred from PXD 1331/Folders 1-2, 21 November 2023
    PXX 94 transferred from PXD 1353/Folders 1-3, 21 November 2023
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