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  • Title
    Collection 02: Australian Indigenous Ministries records, 1904-1930
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    MLMSS 7244
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    0.18 Meters of textual material (1 box) - typescript, photocopy
  • Scope and Content
    Photocopies of records of the Aborigines Inland Mission (AIM):
    1. Correspondence from and regarding AIM staff including applications for AIM missionary service
    1905-1930; Missionary roll - List of missionaries in service with the AIM, including date of commencement, place of origin and Date of resignation.
    1907-1908; Application inquiries
    c.1907; Acland, Margaret - Application for AIM missionary service.
    1907-1908; Allen,Jean - Correspondence.
    1907; Anderson, Clara - Letter to Mrs Long from Sackville Reach regarding the Everingham family and Billy Bond.
    1913; Beer, Selby - Letter regarding the printing of Our Aim newsletter.
    1915; Belshaw, Mary - Application for AIM missionary service. Correspondence.
    1918-1919; Bock, Mrs - Correspondence.
    1910-1913; Burgess, Lavinia and William - Applications for AIM missionary service. Other correspondence.
    1908; Capern - Correspondence.
    1907; Copeman, Rosetta - Correspondence.
    1915-1916; Crebbin, Miss - Petition from residents of Moonah Cullah Aboriginal Reserve to prolong the stay of missionary Miss Crebbin.
    1913; Dietrich, Elsie May - Application for AIM missionary service.
    1906, 1915; Dodimead, Julia - Application for missionary work. Death notice.
    1913-1916; Gates, Robert Henry - Application for AIM missionary service.
    1907-1908; Harrington, Mr - Correspondence.
    c.1916; Heather, Ernest - Application for AIM missionary service.
    c.1908; Jackson, Emily - Letter to Mrs Long.
    n.d.; Lewis, Annie - Application for AIM missionary service.
    1908; McGregor, Mary - Letter. Tommys letter.
    c.1907-1909; Mrs E. McKenzie - Correspondence.
    1907; Macpherson, Miss - Correspondence.
    1907-1908; Morris, Marie - Correspondence.
    1914-1916; Partridge, Alice - Application for AIM missionary service.
    c.1920; Preston, Mr - Letter.
    n.d.; Ruddell, Jean - Correspondence.
    1907; Russell, Alec Native Worker - Letter to Mrs Long.
    1916-1920; Schenk, Rudolph - Application for AIM missionary service. Correspondence.
    n.d.; Wilson, Robert Hugh - Application for AIM for missionary service.

    2. AIM records and correspondence
    1907-1920; AIM correspondence - various.
    1916-1920; Excerpts from AIM account books.
    1909-1919; China Inland Mission.
    1904-1923; Correspondence.

    3. Records relating to Singleton Aboriginal Childrens Home
    c.1913; Jarvis, Bertha - Correspondence regarding Singleton Childrens Home.
    1917; Cragg, William (solicitor) - Correspondence regarding the sale of Glasgow Place on behalf of Sir Albert Gould.
    1907, 1909; Heath, Maria - Correspondence regarding Maria Heath, Aboriginal girl from Merriwa, NSW.
    1907-1914; Singleton Childrens Home - Correspondence, some NSW Office for the Protection of Aborigines, regarding various children at Singleton Childrens Home, including Lily Kermode. Includes Aborigines Protection Board correspondence.
    1914-1922; Smith, George Colton - Correspondence relating to George Colton Smith, Superintendent of Singleton Childrens Home. Includes notes on various children and Aboriginal Protection Board correspondence.
    1908; Matrons position at Childrens Home.

    Aboriginal peoples (Australians)
    Acland, Margaret
    Belshaw, Mary
    Dixon, Retta, 1877-1953
    Gates, Robert Henry
    Heath, Maria
    Long, Leonard
    Russell, Alec
    Schenk, Rudolph
    Smith, George Colton
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