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  • Title
    Aborigines day of mourning, 26 January 1938
  • Call number
    Q 059/9 Mitchell Library (Printed Books Collection)
  • Level of description
  • Date

    Mar - Apr.1938 (publication date), Sydney, N.S.W. : Man magazine
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
    Copy print : Q 059/9 Mitchell Library (Printed Books Collection)
  • Physical Description
    Photographs - 4 photomechanical half-tone prints - 12 x 17 cm. or smaller
  • Scope and Content
    1. Section of Aboriginal meeting in Australian Hall, Sydney, organised by Aborigines' Progressive Association mourners
    2. A large blackboard displayed outside the hall proclaims, "Day of mourning". Leaflets warned that, "Aborigines and persons of Aboriginal blood only are invited to attend". At 5 o'clock in the afternoon resolution of indignation, protest, was moved, passed (sic).
    3. President Patten (right) reads resolution, "We, representing the ABORIGINES OF AUSTRALIA ... on the 150th Anniversary of the whitemen's seizure of our contry, HEREBY MAKE PROTEST against the callous treatment of our people ... AND WE APPEAL to the Australian Nation of to-day ... for FULL CITIZEN STATUS and EQUALITY WITHIN THE COMMUNITY".
    4. [Group of Aborigines with protest sign reading "Aborigines claim citizen rights!"] April 1938 p. 108
  • System of arrangement
    Order of appearance in magazine
  • General note

    3 of the photographs were taken by the magazine's cameraman, Russell Clark, while the 4th was taken by a reader, C. Sorrell, and sent in to the magazine, appearing in the letters column
    The images appeared on pp.84-85 - Man magazine, Mar. 1938. Image no. 4 appeared on p. 108 - Man magazine, Apr 1938.
    A short text article accompanied the images on p.84 of the magazine
    "Australian Aborigines Conference sesqui-centenary Day of Mourning and Protest ..." [poster] -- copy available in P. R. Stephensen - Papers, ca.1920-1971 (Location no.: ML MSS 1284/111, folder 2)
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823981
  • Attributions / conjectures

    No. 2: Left to right: William Ferguson, Jack Kinchela, Isaac Ingram, Doris Williams, Esther Ingram, Arthur Williams, Phillip Ingram, Louisa Agnes Ingram OAM holding daughter Olive Ingram, Jack Patten. unknown

    Identifications supplied by April Kinchela, January 2010
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