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    Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia records, 1885-1914, with additional material, 1921-1926, 1991, and papers of Alan Carroll, 1886-1892
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    MLMSS 7603
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    1885-1914, 1921-1926, 1991
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    Microfilm : Minutes / papers, 1895-1908, & General correspondence, 1895-1899).
    Microfilm : General correspondence, 1900-1903).
    Microfilm : CY 4782, frames 1-369 (MLMSS 7603/2: Correspondence, 1904-1914).
    Microfilm : CY 4935A, frames 1-815 (MLMSS 7603/3: Journal manuscripts and correspondence, 1885-1911)
    Microfilm : CY 4935B, frames 1-625 (MLMSS 7603/3: Journal manuscripts and correspondence, 1885-1911)
    Microfilm : CY 4556, frames 1 - 256 (MLMSS 7603/5: Lists of Aboriginal place names, 1899 - 1901 & 1921 - 1926).
    Microfilm : CY 4556, frames 257 - 322 (MLMSS 7603/5: Western Australian place names, 1899 - 1903).
    Microfilm : CY 4555, frames 1 - 495 (MLMSS 7603/4: New South Wales place names, 1899 - 1903)
  • Physical Description
    1.12 metres of textual material (7 boxes)

    The Anthropological Society of Australasia was formed in 1895 'to study Anthropology in all its branches, or sections, and to carry out investigations therein'. It became the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia in 1900. The Society's journal, first called 'The Australasian Anthropological Journal' then 'The Science of Man and Australasian Anthropological Journal' then 'Science of Man: Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia', was published from 1896 to 1913. It was edited by Alan Carroll.

    The Society asked members to collect information on Aboriginal place names. In about August 1899 the Society circulated copies of a form to the governments of each colony with a request that they be sent to government officials in local areas. The survey asked for 'Name of Place' and 'Meaning or reason why it was given'. Extracts from the lists were published in the Journal from about 1908 to 1913.

    In 1896 and again in early 1899 the Society circulated a survey form to members asking for the Aboriginal equivalents for a list of English words and for 'any other information regarding their Folklore, Traditions, Rites, and Customs'. In late 1899 the forms were sent to the Chief Secretary of New South Wales and of Queensland. Extracts from the lists were published in the Journal from about 1908 to 1913.

    The Society's projects to document Aboriginal words and place names were directed by William Wentworth Bucknell.

    After Carroll's death in 1911, Mrs. D. Izett became the editor and publisher until it ceased publication in 1913. The Journal, and the records, include information about the Child Study Association of Australasia (later the Child Study and Adult Health Association of Australia) and other interests of Alan Carroll.
  • Scope and Content
    BOX 1:
    Includes minutes of meetings, 5 Dec. 1895-10 May 1904; circular letters, 3 Sept. and 21 Oct. 1895, inviting 'certain gentlemen' to join a Society founded 'for the study of the Aboriginals of Australia and neighbouring Islands and comparing them with the Ancient Peoples'. The invitations were issued by William Wentworth Bucknell, Honorary Secretary, and Dr Alan Carroll, Founder, Manager and Director; rules of the Society (incomplete); list of corresponding members, 1895; circular letter asking for information about Aboriginal names, words, ceremonies, photographs and relics, 1896; preliminary prospectus of the Anthropometrical, Psychological and Psychiatrical Laboratory Association of Australia.

    Being mainly letters received with a few drafts of letters sent. Arranged chronologically. Letters mainly concern subscriptions, receipt and non-receipt of the Journal by individuals and overseas societies, and the Society's financial position.
    Most letters concerning Aboriginal names were removed from this sequence by the Secretary and placed with papers concerning the Journal, so that relevant extracts could be printed in the Journal. Correspondents include Frank Farnell; A.W. Howitt, 1902; R.H. Mathews, 1890s; Constance C. Petrie, 1902; Eugene F. Rudder, 1902.

    BOX 2:
    FOLDERS 1-5: GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE (continued), 1904-1914


    BOX 3:
    Comprises manuscripts edited for publication, correspondence with authors, newscuttings, and letters selected for publication. Longer lists of Aboriginal words sent with letters were generally extracted by Hon. Sec. W.W. Bucknell and added to lists of Aboriginal words and place names in boxes 4-7. Some letters include information which was not published. Correspondents and authors of manuscripts include Yang Anyut (Cecil Fabris), A.T. Archibald, Daisy Bates, Elsdon Best, A.C.R. Bowler, Joshua Bray, F.N. Bucknell, W.W. Bucknell, A.L.P. Cameron, Alan Carroll, J.R. Chisholm, John H. Close, William P.F. Dorph, W.J. Enright, M. Fox, A. Fraser, Rev. C.C. Greenway, Walter R. Harper, W.W. Hassall, William R. Henderson, W.G. Ivens, William Jardine, Georgina King, Rev. D. Macdonald, A.C. McDougall, Robert Mackie, Rev. John Mathew, W.S. Murdoch, G.C. Nash, J.G.B. Nerdrum, Mrs Ranken, C. Richards, W.E. Roth, John S. Skeet, Howard Slater, J. Malbon Thompson, Taylor White and John G. Withnell.

    BOXES 4-5:
    Survey forms and correspondence received by the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia regarding Aboriginal place names, 1899-1903, 1921-1926

    BOXES 6-7:
    Survey forms, lists and correspondence received by the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia regarding Aboriginal vocabulary, 1893-1902, 1922


    Author/Artist entries:
    Archibald, A. T.
    Bates, Daisy, 1859-1951
    Best, Elsdon, 1856-1931
    Bingham, Hiram, 1831-1908
    Bowler, A. C. R.
    Bray, Joshua
    Bucknell, F. N.
    Bucknell, William Wentworth, 1858-1926
    Cameron, A. L. P.
    Carroll, Alan, ca. 1823-1911
    Carruthers, J. H. (Joseph Hector), 1857-1932
    Chisholm, J. R.
    Close, John H.
    Dorph, William P. F.
    Enright, W. J.
    Farnell, Frank, 1862-1928
    Fison, Lorimer, 1832-1907
    Fox, M.
    Fraser, A.
    Greenway, Charles Capel, 1818-1905
    Gribble, E. R. B. (Ernest Richard Bulmer), 1869-1957
    Harper, Walter R
    Hassall, W. W.
    Henderson, William R.
    Howitt, A. W. (Alfred William), 1830-1908
    Ivens, W. G. (Walter George), b. 1871
    Izett, D.
    Jardine, William
    King, Georgina
    Macdonald, D. (Daniel), 1846-1927
    McDougall, A. C.
    Mackie, Robert
    Mann, John F. (John Frederick), 1819-1907
    Mathew, John, 1849-1929
    Mathews, R. H. (Robert Hamilton), 1841-1918
    Murray, A. W. (Archibald Wright), d. 1892
    Nash, G. C.
    Nerdrum, J. G. B.
    Parkes, Henry, Sir, 1815-1896
    Petrie, Constance Campbell
    Ranken, Mrs
    Richards, C.
    Richardson, T. L.
    Roth, Walter Edmund, 1861?-1933
    Rudder, Eugene F.
    Skeet, John S.
    Slater, Howard
    Stow, Catherine, 1856-1940
    Thompson, J. Malbon
    White, Taylor
    Withnell, John G
  • General note

    Two boxes of papers of Alan Carroll are held at MLMSS 144, a volume of further papers is held at MLMSS 2137 and 5 boxes of further papers are held at MLMSS 8080.

    Other records relating to the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia are held by the Australian Academy of Science Adolf Basser Library, Canberra at MS 026.
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