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  • Title
    The Charles T.P. Ulm collection of historical aviation records, Part 1, 1919-1965
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    MLMSS 3359
    SAFE/MLMSS 3359 (Safe 3/127)
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    Photocopy : Preservation photocopies of 'Southern Cross' messages passed between co-commander and crew, 1928. See also 18 digital images of selected messages.
  • Physical Description
    3 metres of textual material (28 boxes 1 volume 1 portfolio) - typescript, printed

    Charles Ulm was born in Melbourne in 1898. He served with the Australian Imperial Force, 1915-1917, and on his return to Australia established the Aviation Service Company Ltd in 1919. The venture was unsuccessful.
    Ulm made many flights in the Southern Cross with Charles Kingsford Smith, including the first trans-Pacific flight in 1928 with Americans Harry Lyon, navigator, and James Warner, radio operator. It was at this time that Ellen Rogers was appointed as Ulm's private secretary.
    Ulm and Kingsford Smith were managing directors of Australian National Airways Ltd from 1928 - 1933 when the company went into liquidation.
    Ulm made many flights in Faith in Australia including the first official airmail flight from Australia to New Zealand in 1934.
    On 4 December 1934, Ulm set out from Oakland, California, with two companions in the Stella Australis to demonstrate the commercial possibilities of a trans-Pacific air service. The plane vanished. Ulm was survived by his wife, Mary Josephine Ulm, and their son John.
  • Scope and Content
    1919-1930; `Early aviation activities', 1920-1927', 1919-1933. Includes prospectus of the Aviation Service Company Ltd, 1920; letters by Aviation Service Company Ltd, 30 June - 10 December 1920, and correspondence of Charles Ulm, 1927-1933. Abridged prospectus of the Aviation Service Company Ltd filed at MLMSS 3359/15X/1 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/2/1-8)
    1927-1928; ` "Southern Cross" papers'. Includes correspondence of Ulm and Kingsford Smith. Manuscript map of the Phoenix Islands, Pacific Ocean, filed at MLMSS 3359/15/2 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/2/9-18)
    1928; `C.T.P. Ulm, Co-Commander (with C.E. Kingsford Smith), Co-Pilot and organiser "Southern Cross" '. Includes letters received by Ulm, c. 13 June - 14 July 1928; letters received by Ulm and Kingsford Smith, 13 June - 13 November 1928; and log of Southern Cross kept by Charles Ulm during the trans-Pacific flight, 1928 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/3X/1-12)
    1928-1929; `C.T.P. Ulm, Co-Commander (with C.E. Kingsford Smith), Co-Pilot and Organiser "Southern Cross" '. Includes flight logs kept by Ulm, 1928-1929; Citizens' Southern Cross Rescue Fund, 1929; Report of air inquiry committee in connection with the flights of aeroplanes Southern Cross and Kookaburra, March - April 1929. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/4/1-6)
    1929; Citizens' Southern Cross Rescue Fund file. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/5)
    1928; ` "Southern Cross" Trans-Pacific flight 1928' being messages exchanged between co-commanders (Ulm and Kingsford Smith) and crew. Photocopies only filed here. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/6) Originals of Items 4-6 have been removed and transferred to SAFE / MLMSS 3359
    1928-1930; `Australian National Airways Limited'. Includes prospectus, 1928; Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1928; Chairman's report to shareholders, 1929 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/7/1-11)
    1932-1933; `Australian National Airways Limited'. Includes report: `Notes, suggestions and recommendations concerning the establishment and operation of the Australian section of the Australia-England air route and subsidised air services within Australia' by C.T.P. Ulm, Joint Managing Director and on behalf of Australian National Airways Ltd; and correspondence file. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/7/12-17)
    1958-1962; `Australian National Airways Limited'. Includes miscellaneous items re. `Loss of "Southern Cross" VH-UMF, 21 March 1931', with correspondence of R.E. Ludowici, 1962. Maps filed at MLMSS 3359/15X/3-4 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/7/18-21)
    1930-1933; `Australian National Airways Limited', 1930-1933. Includes flight schedules prepared by Charles Ulm for Captain G.U. Allan for the first all-Australian airmail service from Australia to England in 1931. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/8/1-5)
    1934; `Tenders for Overseas and Internal Air Services in Australia by C.T.P. Ulm and Norman Brearley on behalf of Company to be registered Commonwealth Airways Limited', submitted 31 January 1934 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/8/6-9)
    1928-1934; `Australian National Airways Limited', being minute book, 18 December 1928 - 28 June 1934 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/9)
    1931-1934; ` "Faith in Australia" VH-UXX'. Includes proposal for a flight around the world, c. 1933; logbook, 1933; diary, kept by Mary Josephine Ulm, 1933 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/10/1-11)
    1929-1932; ` "Faith in Australia" VH-UXX', being copies of airmail envelopes and labels. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/11/1-40) Originals have been removed and transferred to SAFE / MLMSS 3359
    1934; ` "Stella Australis" VH-UXY'. Includes Memorandum and Articles of Association of Great Pacific Airways Limited' (Call No.: MLMSS 335912/1-4)
    1934-1940; ` "Stella Australis" trans-Pacific flight, 1934'. Includes `details of the monoplane "Star of Australia" lost in the Pacific Ocean December 1934'; the American search file, 1934; miscellaneous letters, 1934-1940. Map showing the combined search area for the Stella Australis, 1934, and `pilot chart of the North Pacific Ocean, December 1933' filed at MLMSS 3359/15X/5-6 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/12/5-13)
    1934; ` "Stella Australis" trans-Pacific flight', being autobiographical writings of Charles Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/13/1-4)
    1928-1957; `Sundry items'. Includes letters received by Charles Ulm, 1931; two logbooks kept by Ulm, 1918-1934. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/13/5-12)
    1928-1935; `Notes and comments on Charles T.P. Ulm's Aviation record by his private secretary, Miss Ellen Rogers'; compiled in 1976, with references to Kingsford Smith, 1928-1935 (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/14/1-3)
    Items removed from MLMSS 3359/2, 7, 12; MLMSS 3359/15X/1-6

    II. Scrapbooks of newscuttings, 1928-1965
    1928; Newscuttings re. Southern Cross; presented to Charles Ulm by San Francisco newspaper. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/16)
    1930-1934; Newscuttings presented to John Ulm by Joe Williams (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/17X)
    15 June 1927 - 11 June 1928; Newscuttings kept by Mary Josephine Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/18)
    11 June 1928 - 28 March 1929; Newscuttings kept by Mary Josephine Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/19)
    17 March - 11 April 1929; Newscuttings kept by Mary Josephine Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/20)
    11 April - 23 April 1929; Newscuttings kept by Mary Josephine Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/21)
    17 April - 15 June 1929; Newscuttings kept by Mary Josephine Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/22)
    16 June 1929 - 5 May 1930; Newscuttings kept by Mary Josephine Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/23)
    1 May - 30 November 1930; Newscuttings kept by clerk of Australian National Airways Ltd (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/24)
    1 January - 13 April 1931; Newscuttings kept by clerk of Australian National Airways Ltd. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/25)
    13 April 1931 - 27 May 1932; Newscuttings kept by clerk of Australian National Airways Ltd. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/26)
    30 September 1931 - 19 February 1932; Newscuttings kept by Australian National Airways Ltd. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/27)
    c. 10 January - c. 2 November 1931; Newscuttings kept by clerk of Australian National Airways Ltd; with advertising material of Australian National Airways Ltd. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/28)
    12 April 1933 - 4 December 1934; Newscuttings kept by Mary Josephine Ulm. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/29)
    17 December 1934 - 8 July 1965; Newscuttings kept by Ellen Rogers. (Call No.: MLMSS 3359/30X)
  • System of arrangement
    This collection includes pictorial material. You may navigate to a detailed description of the aviation photographs from this collection record.¶Arranged, and with notes,by Ellen Rogers, c. 1977
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    Reproduction Restricted
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    Read transcription of selected pages here: archival-classic.sl.nsw.gov.au/_transcript/2017/D00007/a332.html
  • General note

    See also Charles Ulm's 'Southern Cross' papers, June-July 1929, filmed on CY 4602, frames 11-162 (DLMSQ 630).

    This collection includes pictorial material at Pic.Acc.5116
    Digital order no: Album ID : 823911
    A selection of 1928 trans-Pacific flight messages have been digitised as part of the Nelson Meers Foundation Benefaction, 2002.
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    Nelson Meers Foundation Heritage Collection - State Library of New South Wales (January - June 2003). Applies to: Flight messages
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