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  • Title
    Sir Thomas Mitchell - collection of drawings and portraits, ca. 1838-1880
  • Creator
  • Call number
    PXD 877
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1830s-1880
  • Type of material
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  • Physical Description
    Drawings - 22 miscellaneous items including drawings in pencil, ink, ink wash, watercolour or a combination of these materials. Also etchings, lithographs, and aquatints - 44 x 49 cm. or smaller, on cardboard mounts 58 x 41 cm. - Edges torn and frayed on some items.
    Photographs - 3 calotypes - 30 x 23 cm. or smaller, on cardboard mounts 58 x 41 cm. - Edges torn and frayed on 2 items
  • Scope and Content
    1. [Unsigned calotype portrait, hand-col., by William Hetzer of one of Mitchell's sons, ca. 1850s]
    2. Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell [Signed calotype portrait, hand-col., by William Hetzer, ca. 1850s]
    3. [Calotype portrait, hand-col., of unidentified European male by Gerothwohl & Tammer, 1854]
    4. [Unidentified male portrait in pencil and watercolour. Miscellaneous, rudimentary pencil sketches on reverse]
    5. [Pencil and ink wash portrait of unidentified male in classical costume including laurel wreath. Quote from Canto X. St.128 at lower edge]
    6. [Pencil drawings of Mitchell's portrait sculpture, from 2 angles, headed "Learn to know thyself". Rudimentary pencil sketch on reverse]
    7. [Ink drawing of classical frieze depicting horses pulling a chariot with 2 Roman figures]
    8. [Same, in ink wash and squared up for etching]
    9. [Same, but smaller, in pencil and squared up for etching]
    10. [Unfinished classical frieze in pencil depicting soldiers armed with rifles in battle scene]
    11. Eucarya Murrayana [at left in pencil with a smaller pencil sketch of an unidentified dwelling at far left and pencil sketch of unidentified flora at right. Rudimentary pencil sketch of trees and path on reverse]
    12. Young eucalyptus in clump on plain, 23 June [pencil sketch]
    13. [Untitled pencil sketch of head of a bird, possibly an eagle]
    14. [Unfinished, untitled pencil and ink drawing of a lion]
    15-17. [Detailed pencil drawings of fossilised animal bones and teeth. All are numbered and some titled in preparation for publication]
    18. [Diagram of location of a tomb]
    19. [2 patterned aquatints] from Royal Institute
    20. [Pencil and watercolour sketch of Breccia Cave, at Wellington Valley]
    21. [Preliminary design of a contoured topographical map]
    22. [Same, more developed and lacquered across surface]
    23. [Title page design for a map of the south eastern portion of Australia, in ink]
    24. [Etching by John Carmichael of a drawing by Mitchell of New Line cleared of trees, Mount Victoria, 31st July 1830]
    25. [Lithograph of] New line cleared of trees, [Mount Victoria], 31st July 1830
  • General note

    Digitised images were scanned prior to mounting
    Some of the drawings appeared in Mitchell's publication of Three Expeditions into the interior of Eastern Australia, first published 1838, including the drawings of Eucarya Murrayana - Vol.2, p.100 (11), Young eucalypt - Vol.1, p.338 (12), the fossils appeared as Plates 29-32 in Vol.2 (15-18), the tomb - Vol.2, p.112 (18), Breccia Cave - Vol.2, Plate 27 (20). The title page design for the map was published in the 1839 revised edition map. All the above drawings appeared likewise in the revised edition but on different pages.
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823620
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Faint, largely illegible inscriptions on some items
    Calotype portrait of Mitchell's son is incorrectly inscribed on reverse as "Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell as a boy" (1)
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