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  • Title
    Collection of realia relating to Matthew and Ann Flinders
  • Call number
    R 48
  • Level of description
  • Date

    1800 - 1830
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    ITEM 01
    Turned wooden chess set, with 16 white and 16 black pieces, stored in crude wooden box (a now illegible inscription is visible on lid). Box measures 9 x 16.3 x 9.6 cm. Flinders is said to have used this chess set on Mauritius.

    ITEM 02
    Shaving brush - turned wooden and boned handle with bristle; 13.5 cm long

    ITEM 03
    Oval shaving mirror, in wooden frame, with reflective surface now missing -- 17.3 x 14.5 cm

    ITEM 04
    Small glass dish - 8.3 cm diameter; 2.5 cm high

    ITEM 05
    Cardboard box, trimmed and decorated in thin pressed metal - 8 x 10 x 8 cm. Box contains pressed flowers and locks of hair collected by Ann Flinders, and wrapped in small paper packets and identified by her. Packets are titled "Mary's Myrtle"; "Anne's at two years & at 3 years"; "Anne's at 3 yrs old"; "A.Flinders"; "Captain Flinders'"; "Bell's [Isabella Tyler] at 15"; "My Mothers"; "My Father's aged 40"; "My Grandfather Chappelles - Aged 73"; "Anne's + her Papa's"; "Plucked from The Grave Octr 24th 1814"; "Plucked from the Grave May 16th + July 27th 1815"; "Plucked frm the Grave Sepr 23 rd 1820"; single pair of cuff links; unidentified tassle; and a verse, written by Ann Flinders, about the collection eg: "... To me these seeming trifles are / Memorials of departed days ..."

    ITEM 06
    Miniature writing box, presented by Matthew Flinders to Isabella Tyler, his sister-in-law. Included in box is an affectionate presentation note from Flinders to Tyler -- box, leather-covered, with wooden dividers and a leather flap, measures closed 4 x 11.5 x 7.6 cm. Also includes a pencil, with lead tip, 7 cm long.
  • Source
    Presented by Lady Flinders Petrie, 1949
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    Access to this pictures collection via appointment only. Please submit your request through Ask a Librarian
  • General note

    The chess set was probably given to Flinders by one of his closest friends on Mauritius, Mr Labauve, who presented him with a chess set on 1 April 1810 for his entertainment on the return voyage to England. For some brief notes on this chess set see Mike Darlow, "Matthew Flinders' Chess Set" in the Australian Woodworker", Nov/Dec 2004 p.52.
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