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    Marie Beuzeville Byles - Further papers, ca.1901-1981
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    MLMSS 7071/Boxes 1-2
    MLMSS 7071/Boxes 3X-4X
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    Microfilm : 'Many Lives in One: being the autobiography of a pioneer in various fields'. Photocopy of a corrected, unpublished, typescript draft, in 15 chapters, c.1972).
    Partly Digitised
  • Physical Description
    0.36 metres of textual material (2 boxes, 2 outsize boxes) includes photographs

    Marie Beuzeville Byles (1900-1979), solicitor and conservationist, was born at Cheshire, England, daughter of Cyril Beuzeville Byles, a railway signal engineer and his wife Ida Margaret, nee Unwin. In 1912 the family arrived at Sydney. Marie Byles was educated at Presbyterian Ladies Colleges at Pymble and Croydon and the University of Sydney, where she graduated Bachelor of Arts in 1921 and Bachelor of Laws in 1924. Admitted as a solicitor in 1924 Byles was the first woman to be admitted in New South Wales. She established a legal practice at Eastwood in 1929, retiring from the practice in 1970. Marie Byles was a feminist who actively supported the rights of women throughout her legal career. She was a bush walker and climber who was a member of the Sydney Bush Walkers and a regular contributor to the Bushwalker. As a conservationist and bush walker she was involved in the successful campaign to establish Bouddi National Park. Byles travelled to China, India and Japan. She developed an interest in Buddhism and was an original member of the Buddhist Society of New South Wales. Byles lived for many years at 'Ahimsa' a cottage built in bushland at Cheltenham. She published a number of books including By cargo boat & mountain (1931), Footprints of Gautama the Buddha: being the story of portions of his ministerial life (1957), Journey into Burmese silence (1962), and The lotus and the spinning wheel: a comparison of the teachings of Buddha and of Ghandi (1963). Marie Byles died at 'Ahimsa' in November 1979.
    Dorothy Butler [Dot] was a long standing friend of Marie Byles and a member of the Sydney Bush Walkers. She was one of three female executors of the estate of Marie Byles.
  • Scope and Content
    I. Papers of Marie Byles, 1938-1978
    ca.1938; 'The Black Dragon and the White: being an expedition to South West China including the exploration of the Sansato Massif', by Marie Byles, being ts. with ms. corrections draft unpublished manuscript, 15 chapters. (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/1)
    ca. 1972; 'Many lives in one: being the autobiography of a pioneer in various fields' by Marie Beuzeville Byles, being a photocopy of corrected ts. draft of unpublished autobiography of Marie Byles, 15 chapters. (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/1: Issue microfilm copy at CY 4564)
    1973; 'Notes for executors', being ts. notes by Marie Byles instructing executors on her wishes in regard to disposal of her ashes and form of farewell including selected verses. (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/2)
    1931-1977; Papers concerning Freda Du Faur, being ms. and ts. papers and documents including correspondence of Freda Du Faur; letters received by Marie Byles from Freda Du Faur; last will and testament, probate and other legal documents concerning the death of Freda Du Faur; death certificate and certified copy of birth certificate of Freda Du Faur. [Freda Du Faur, born in 1882 at Croydon NSW, was a bush walker and mountain climber. In 1915 she published The conquest of Mount Cook, describing her successful climb of Mt Cook, New Zealand. After her death in 1935 Marie Byles acted as her sole executrix.] (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/2)
    1939-1978; Miscellaneous papers of Marie Byles (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/2)

    II. Papers concerning Marie Byles, 1938-1981
    1938-1981; Papers of Dorothy Butler concerning Marie Byles, being ms., ts. and ts. photocopies including letters received from Marie Byles describing her travels along with carbon ts. pages of Byles' diary entries during a visit to Penang; letters received concerning Byles; papers, obituaries and articles concerning 'Salute and farewell to Marie Byles', held at 'Ahimsa' 4 Dec. 1979; papers concerning the estate of Marie Byles (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/2)
    1973-ca.1980; Papers concerning the estate of Marie Byles, including carbon ts. copy of last will and testament; ms. and ts. list of library books of Marie Byles as at 5 Jan. 1980; notes, papers and lists concerning the distribution of books, papers and effects of Marie Byles. (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/2)

    III. Pictorial Material, ca.1901-ca.1979
    ca.1901-ca.1979; Photographs, being black and white photographs of Marie Byles; three black and white photographs of mountaineering in New Zealand; black and white snapshots of two separate trips to Japan; coloured and black and white postcards of Japan (Call No.: MLMSS 7071/3X-4X)
  • General note

    Earlier accessions of Marie Byles' papers are located at MLMSS 3833 and ADD-ONs 1372, 1387 & 1932
    Digital order no:c046270001
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