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    Eric Aarons - papers, 188--1992
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    MLMSS 7060/Boxes 1-12
    MLMSS 7060/Box 13X
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    1888- - 1992
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    2.09 metres of textual material (12 boxes, 1 outsize box) includes photographs
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    Eric Aarons was a leading figure in the Communist Party of Australia, particularly in the area of Party education, from the early post-war years until the Party's dissolution in 1991. He was born in Marrickville, N.S.W., in 1919. He joined the Party in 1937 while at the University of Sydney, from where he graduated with First Class Honours in Science. After the war he accepted an invitation to undertake Party education work at the Marx School in Sydney. From 1951 to 1954 he led a study delegation of young Communists to China; he returned as a member of another Party delegation in 1983. In 1965 he represented the Party at the 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Chile. Aarons left full-time Party work in 1970 for a brief stint as a casual teacher of Science in Sydney high schools. He was Coordinator of the Party newspaper Tribune, 1974-76, and Joint National Secretary, 1976-1982. His publications include Philosophy in an Exploding World (1972) and What's Left?: Memoirs of Australian Communist (1993).
  • Scope and Content
    Chronological folders, 1939-1992, including articles, notes and talks by, and correspondence of, Eric Aarons:

    1939; '1939', being photocopied correspondence with Guido Baracchi (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1940-1942; '1940-42', being Bachelor of Science degrees, University of Sydney, 13 June 1942 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1950; '1950', being Tutors' Guide: Philosophy - Dialectical and Historical Materialism, July 1950 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1955; '1955', including 'Method in Education' by E. Aarons, Communist Review, July 1955, pp. 209-214, and notebook of lectures (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1957-1961; 'Late 50s', being notebook and a copy of Basic Questions of Communist Theory (Mar. 1957) (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1961; '1961', being lecture notes on capitalism and economics, and a copy of Economics for Workers (Sydney: Current Book Distributors, Oct. 1961) by E. Aarons (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1964; '1964', being notes concerning foreign investment and 'Art and Superstructure' by David Craig, Marxism Today, June 1964 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1965; '1965', being mainly notes and notebooks concerning Marxist economics, capitalism and philosophy (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1966; '1966', being mainly notes concerning economics and ideology of the intellectually trained; 'Marxism: Its Relation to the Natural and Social Sciences', being a paper delivered to Marxist Discussion Group of the University of N.S.W., and a copy of Cuba: Beacon of the Americas [1966], jointly authored with Pete Thomas; and photocopied letter from Audrey Blake to CPA Bondi Branch, 11 Sept. 1966, concerning her resignation from the CPA (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1967; '1967', being notes and 'Communists and the Battle of Ideas', being a paper delivered at CPA 21st Congress, 9-12 June 1967, and 'Marx as Political Leader' (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/1)
    1967-1968; '1968', articles, lectures and notes (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/2)
    1969; '1969', being articles, notes and reports, including the jointly authored China's Revolution 20 Years After (Australian Left Review publication) (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/2)
    197-; 'Early 1970s', being notes and talks (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/2)
    197-; '1970s', being notes (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/2)
    1970; '1970', including notes and articles from Australian Left Review; copy of Lenin's Theories on Revolution (1970); and letter received from Mark Aarons, 20 Apr. 1970, concerning his research overseas) (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/2)
    1971; '1971', being notes and notebooks (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/2)
    1972; '1972', mainly concerning, and including a copy of, Philosophy for an Exploding World (1972), and letter received from Noel Counihan, 6 Jan. 1972, concerning draft of the book (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/3)
    1972-1973; '1973', including letters received from Mosman Debating Society concerning the debate, 'Christianity is More Relevant than Marxism', and 1972 Christmas card from Noel Counihan (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/3)
    1974; '1974', including notes, articles and 'The Future of Soviet Society Today', being CPA Discussion Document for 24th Congress, 1974, and correspondence mainly with Alastair Davidson, Jack Hutson and John Sendy (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/3)
    1975; '1975', including articles and notes, and correspondence with Michael Gurdon, John Sendy and Bernie Taft (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/3)
    1976; '1976', being articles and notes, and correspondence mainly with John Sendy (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/3)
    1977; '1977', including articles, notes, reports and resolutions, and copy of The Communist Party: History, Thoughts and Questions (1978) by John Sendy (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/3)
    1979; '1979', being articles, notes, reports and talks; transcript of interview with Eric Aarons, 5 July 1979; and letter received from Jack Mundey, 3 Apr. 1979w (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/3)
    1980; '1980', being articles, notes and talks, with letter received from Laurie Aarons concerning enclosed transcript by him of Eric Aaron's talk at the CPA National School, May 1980, and letter received from Ted Hill, 21 Apr. 1980 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    198-; '1980s', being notes, talks and letter received from Audrey Blake, 6 Nov. 1980 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1981; '1981', being notes, talks and discussion papers; letters received mainly from Jack Blake and John Sendy, and from Jack Mundey concerning Eric Aaron's talk, 'The Future of the Left'; and edited transcript of 'Towards an Analysis of the Public Sector', a talk by John Alford at CPA Seminar, Melbourne, 20 Sept. 1981 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1982; '1982', being notes, talks, including 'The Future of the Left in Australia', reports, resolutions, and correspondence with Noel Counihan, Ted Hill, Gerard Peel, and John Sendy (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1983; '1983', being articles and notes; papers concerning visit to China; and correspondence with John Sendy and copies of letters to Dorothy Healy in the U.S.A. (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1984; '1984', being articles, notes and talks; correspondence mainly with Roger Millis and Malcolm Salmon; and copy of letter from John Sendy to Joe Palmada, 18 July 1984 (Call No.: MLMS 7060/4)
    1984-1985; '1985', being articles and talks, and correspondence with, among others, Roger Coates, Dorothy Healy, Evan Phillips and Qi Xiyu (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1986; '1986', being articles, notes and talks, and correspondence with, among others, Evan Phillips and John Sendy (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1987; '1987', being articles from Tribune (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    ca. 1987; Notebook (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1988; '1988', being articles and notes, and correspondence with Ted Trainer (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1989; '1989', being articles and notes, and correspondence with Don Sutherland, and with Broken Hill City Art Gallery concerning the exhibition, Noel Counihan: Images of Working Life 1933-1986 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1990; '1990', being articles, newscuttings and notes, and letters received from Broken Hill City Council and P. J. Heffernan, Acting Principal, Melbourne High School (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1991; '1991', being papers mainly concerning the Noel Counihan exhibition, including correspondence with Broken Hill City Art Gallery, and Eric Aaron's speech at the opening of the exhibition (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)
    1992; '1992', being correspondence with Broken Hill City Art Gallery and with Elisabeth Knight concerning research for filmscript on Noel Counihan (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/4)

    1972-1980; Correspondence with Angus McIntyre (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/5)
    194--196-; 'Odds and Ends collected / preserved', including 'Notes on the Origins of the Present Developments in China' by Dave Morris (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/5)
    196--197-; Research notebooks mainly for Philosophy for an Exploding World (1972) (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/5)
    196--1972; Research material concerning Philosophy for an Exploding World (1972), including correspondence mainly with Lloyd Churchward, Jean Curthoys, Douglas Kirsner and Humphrey McQueen (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/6)
    195--1970; Research material concerning Philosophy for an Exploding World (1972), including papers delivered at Socialist Scholars' Conference, Sydney University, 21-24 May 1970; letter received from Terry Irving, 28 Jan. 1970, concerning his enclosed jointly authored chapter with Baiba Berzins, 'History and the New Left'; and newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/7/1)
    1958-1968; Research material concerning class and social stratification in Australia, including letters received from Lloyd Churchward, 1967; Bob Connell; John Playford, 1968; and R. J. (Dick) Thomson, 1968; newscuttings and printed material (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/7/2)
    196--1971; Research material concerning education (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/7/3)

    Literary manuscripts of Philosophy for an Exploding World (1972):

    Original typescript with MS. corrections (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/8/1)
    Typescript/carbon typescript with further MS. corrections (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/8/2)
    Revised typescript (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/8/3)
    Edited typescript (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/8/4)
    Computer typescript with MS. corrections (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/9/1)
    'Memoirs (Working title)', being computer typescript: '1st Draft September 1990' (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/9/2)
    'Memoirs', being photocopy of computer typescript with comments and corrections by Rose Creswell (?) (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/9/3)
    'Draft 1 (+ transcript of interviews)', being photocopied typescript with MS. corrections, and with early version of introduction and chapter one commented on by Rose Creswell (?), and edited transcript of interview with Eric Aarons (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/9/4)
    Photocopied typescript with later MS. corrections and comments. (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/10/1)
    'Draft 2 incorporating add. material from transcripts, + Erics responses to Nicky's marginal notes, + further thoughts of his own + subsequently Angelo's editing', being computer typescript with MS. corrections and editorial emendations (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/10/2)
    Computer typescript with minimal MS. corrections (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/10/3)
    Edited computer typescript (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/11/1)
    Computer typescript with minimal MS. corrections (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/11/2)
    Edited computer typescript with notes to typesetter (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/11/3)
    Photocopy of edited computer typescript with additional author's MS. corrections (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/11/4)
    1992; Photocopy of corrected page proofs, illustration details and draft index (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/12/1)
    1894-1976; Aarons family papers, including marriage certificate of, and marriage contract in Hebrew, East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, 1894, between Louis and Jane Aarons; diary of Jane Aarons' trip to England and Europe via Colombo, 1926; obituary of Sam Aarons, 1971 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/12/2)
    188--198-; Photographs of Aarons family and their friends and colleagues, with photographs of Louis and Jane Aarons on their overseas trip, 1926 (Call No.: MLMSS 7060/13X)

    Author/Artist entries:
    Aarons, Jane
    Aarons, Mark
    Baracchi, Guido, 1887-1975
    Blake, Audrey, 1916-
    Blake, J. D. (John David), 1909-
    Broken Hill City Art Gallery
    Churchward, L. G. (Lloyd Gordon)
    Connell, R. W. (Robert William), 1944-
    Counihan, Noel, 1913-1986
    Curthoys, Jean
    Davidson, Alastair
    Gurdon, Michael Antony
    Healy, Dorothy
    Hill, E. F. (Edward Fowler)
    Hutson, J. (Jack)
    Irving, T. H. (Terence H.)
    Kirsner, Douglas
    McIntyre, Angus, 1944-
    McQueen, Humphrey, 1942-
    Milliss, Roger, 1934-
    Mosman Debating Society
    Mundey, Jack, 1932-
    Peel, Gerard
    Phillips, Evan
    Playford, John, 1935-
    Qi, Xiyu
    Robertson, Mavis
    Salmon, Malcolm, 1925-1986
    Sendy, John
    Sutherland, Don
    Taft, Bernie, 1918-
    Thomson, R. J. (Richard James)
    Trainer, Ted
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