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    Series 05: Hassall family, printed leaflets of the Parramatta Sunday School and the New South Wales Sunday School Institution, 1816
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    Safe 1/31a/item 1
    Safe 1/31a/item 3
    Safe 1/31d
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    0.01 metres of textual material (1 item) - printed - 23.5 x 29.5 cm
    0.01 metres of textual material (1 item) - printed with manuscript annotations - 11.0 x 15.5 cm
    0.01 metres of textual material (1 item) - printed - 20.5 x 24.5 cm

    Thomas Hassall (1794-1868), Anglican clergyman, was born in Coventry, England, the eldest of nine children of Rowland and Elizabeth Hassall. He and his brother Samuel Otoo sailed with their parents to Tahiti on the missionary ship 'Duff' in 1796. After leaving Tahiti in 1798 the family settled at Parramatta. In 1813 Thomas opened the first Sunday School in Australia at his father's house at Parramatta. In December 1815 Thomas Hassall, his father Rowland Hassall, and others, formally established the New South Wales Sunday School Institution. Thomas Hassall remained involved with the Sunday School at Parramatta until his departure for England in 1817 to study for the ministry. He was the first candidate from Australia presented for ordination. While studying at Lampeter College, Lampeter, Wales, Thomas Hassall taught at the Sunday School at Lampeter.

    The New South Wales Sunday School Institution was established in 1815 by Rowland Hassall, Thomas Hassall, Reverend John Eyrem and others. A meeting on 1 December 1815 resolved to form the Institution 'for the Establishing and Promoting of Sunday Schools throughout the Colony, with a view to the Instruction of poor Children of both Sexes, to read the Holy Scriptures'. The Institution was supported by voluntary subscriptions and donations by Members. A Committee, Secretary, and Treasurer, were appointed, and it was resolved that an Annual Report should be printed and sent to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and every subscriber. The Committee as listed for 1816, comprised of Rowland Hassall, John Eyre, Thomas Hassall, John Hosking, E. S. Hall, Thomas Bowden, Francis Oakes, the Treasurer was Edward Eagar, and the Secretary was James Smith.
  • Scope and Content

    ITEM 1

    1A. Parramatta Sunday School - requirements and rules, being a printed sheet titled 'Requirements & Rules for Persons engaging themselves as Teachers in the Parramatta Sunday School, instituted in the year 1815. T. Hassall, Superintendant and Secretary'. The text states that 'Persons desirous of becoming Teachers must be proposed at a monthly meeting and if everything appears satisfactory they will be elected by a majority on a shew of hands'. This statement is followed by Requirements, I-VII, and Rules I-IV. The leaflet was 'Printed at the Missionary Press. Parramatta. August, 1816'. 1 page, 1816. 1B. Parramatta Sunday School - 'Hymns for the Eighth Anniversary', being a printed leaflet of with manuscript. annotation '1816, Printed at Parramatta at house of Mr R Hassall at the Mission Press Parramatta'. The leaflet includes the words of hymns for the anniversary service: 'Happy the child whose tender years..'; 'Father of Mercies! still to thee..'; 'Come let our voices join..'; 'From all that dwell below the skies..'. 4 pages, 1816. Safe 1/31a, items 1, 3 (Microfilm: CY 2608, frames 1-17).

    ITEM 2

    The New South Wales Sunday School Institution - rules and regulations, a being printed leaflet on the formal establishment of the Institution setting out rules on membership, appointment of the committee, appointment of a treasurer and secretary, annual meetings, special meetings, annual reports, and 'books to be used'. 3 pages, 1816. Safe 1/31d (Microfilm: CY 2608, frames 26-33).
  • General note

    Microfilm copy available at CY 2608, frames 1-17 (Safe 1/31a, items 1, 3) and CY 2608, frames 26-33 (Safe 1/31d). Photocopy of item at Safe 1/31a/item 3 is available at Safe 1/31a/item 2. Digitised from the microfilm copy in 2019.
    Digital order no: Album ID : 846278
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    Breaking the shackles - Parramatta Heritage Centre (August 2009 - ). Applies to: Safe 1/31a/items 1-3
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