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  • Title
    Ros Bowden - interviews conducted for radio programs and documentaries, ca.1975-1989
  • Call number
    MLOH 304
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    Sound Recording : CY MLOH 304/1-168
  • Physical Description
    Sound Recordings - 78 reels and 90 cassettes - 100hrs

    Ros Bowden, interviewer and broadcaster with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, worked in the Radio National Social History Unit and on the 'Coming Out Show'. Between 1977 and 1989 she conducted interviews for various radio programs broadcast on the ABC.
  • Scope and Content
    1984; 'Australian Women's Land Army', a series of interviews recorded for the 'Coming Out Show'.

    Interviews with Jean Scott and Sheila van Emden (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/1)

    Interview with Dorothy Hill (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/2)

    Interview with Mrs Gullison (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/3)

    Interviews with Mrs Pitty, Mrs Richardson and Mrs Gullison (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/4)

    Recording of monthly meeting of former members of the Women's Land Army (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/5)

    1985-1988; 'Word of Mouth', a series of interviews for radio, profiling the lives of individual people, some well known and others relatively unknown.

    Interview with Norm Rains, 19 Aug. 1987. Rains talks about growing up in outback Queensland (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/6-7)

    Interview with Mrs Harry Bonney, 1987. Bonney talks about her solo flights from the United Kingdom to Australia and South Africa prior to 1939 (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/8)

    Interview with Paddy Pallin, 9 Aug. 1988. Pallin, aged 87, talks about bushwalking; the days before good bushwalking equipment was available; making his own sewing machine; and establishing the Paddy Pallin shops. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/9)

    Interview with Winifred Hilliard, ca.1985. Hilliard, a deaconess at Ernabella Aboriginal Community in South Australia for many years, talks about her work. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/10)

    Interview with Dot Butler, 9 Nov. 1988. Butler, aged 87, talks about bushwalking around Sydney. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/11)

    Interview with Pearl Power, 24 June 1986. Power talks about pioneering life in the Northern Territory. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/12)

    Interviews with Irene Rush, 1988. Rush, born in 1902, talks about growing up in Sydney and her experiences in Russia during World War II. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/13-15)

    Interview with George Watts, 24 Nov. 1988. Watts talks about life amongst the inner city poor
    working class of Melbourne. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/16)

    Interview with Don Taylor, 7 June 1985. Taylor, aged 94, talks about his childhood and his career as a teacher. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/17-19)

    1976; 'On their own Terms', a profile of Mum Shirl's life. Interviews with Mum Shirl. Transcript available. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/20-23)

    1977; 'Work of Equal Value', a series of four programmes dealing with women's work throughout Australian history.

    Interview with Harriette Peterson. Peterson discusses her working life as a domestic. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/24)

    Interview with Daisy Wackett. Wackett talks about being a housewife at the turn of the twentieth century. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/25 and CY MLOH 304/30 and CY MLOH 304/36)

    Interview with Beatrice Taylor who began her teaching career in 1911. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/25 and CY MLOH 304/36)

    Interview with Zoe O'Leary. O'Leary talks about growing up during the depression of the 1930s. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/26-29)
    Interview with Ruth Higgins. Higgins talks about the depression of the 1930s. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/31)

    Interview with Eileen Powell. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/32-35)

    Interview with Kath Buckley about her work during World War II. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/37-38)

    Interview with Madina Douglas. Douglas discusses her work as a nurse during World War I. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/39-40)

    Interview with Edna Woolcock. Woolcock talks about the depression of the 1930s, and life as the mother of five children. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/41-43)

    Interview with Mary Gwynne. Gwynne, aged 92, talks about life as a housewife at the turn of the twentieth century. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/44-47)

    Interview with Joy Muir. Muir talks about voluntary services and the Housewives Association. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/48-50)

    Interview with Madeline Kempster. Kemster talks about having been born in a bark hut and growing up in the Australian bush. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/51-55)

    Interview with Flo Davis. Davis talks about being a unionist and the equal pay for equal work fight. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/56-58)

    Interview with Mrs Ted Bailey who talks about her upbringing in the Australian bush. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/59-60)

    Interview with Yvonne Meyers. Meyers talks about life during the depression of the 1930s and World War II. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/61-63)

    Interview with Edna Ryan. Ryan talks mainly about her books on women and work. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/64-66)

    Interview with Jean Arnot. Arnot talks about the fight for equal pay for equal work in relation to the Mitchell Library. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/67-68)

    Interview with Lila Thornton. Thornton talks about the depression of the 1930s, and her husband who was a leading unionist. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/69-70)

    Interview with Elizabeth Wakefield. Wakefield talks about the Australian Labor Party and being a pacifist. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/71-73)

    Interview with Margaret Watts. Watts talks about being a pacifist, and work in the factories during World War II. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/74-75)

    Interview with Elizabeth Mattick. Mattick talks about the Teachers Federation and the fight for equal pay for equal work. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/76)

    Interview with Gwen Georges. Georges talks about the fight for equal pay for equal work. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/77)

    1987-1988; 'Between Two Laws'. Interviews used to compile four programs about the Patrol Officers of the Northern Territory who were responsible for the administration of Aboriginal Communities prior to 1972.

    Interview with Ted Evans (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/78-80 and beginning of CY MLOH 304/96)

    Interview with Ted Egan (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/81-82)

    Interview with Creed and Jean Lovegrove (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/83-84)

    Interview with Bill Coburn (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/85-86)

    Interview with Jeremy Long (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/87)

    Interview with Ray Hempel (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/88)

    Interview with Trevor Milikins (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/89)

    Interview with Sid Kyle Little (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/90)

    Interview with Jim Dorling (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/91)

    Interview with Des Morrison (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/92)

    Interview with Mick Rangiari (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/93)

    Interview with Les Penhall; (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/94)

    Interview with Les Penhall, Glad Litchfield and Bernie Havlik (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/95)

    Interview with Jack Doolan preceded by Ted Evans (approx. 1/3 of Side A) (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/96)

    1978; Interview with Helen Moyes recorded for 'Coming Out Show'. Helen Moyes discusses her activities as a suffragist in England prior to World War I. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/97-100)

    ca.1975; Interview with Harold Merson. Merson discusses his life as a young jackaroo; mentions seeing Hudson Fysh on an early flight. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/101-105)

    1978; Interview with Ruby Rich. Recorded for the 'Coming Out Show'. Rich discusses her activities as a feminist in Sydney. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/106-109)

    1981; 'Australian Women Flyers', interviews conducted for a radio program on women flyers prior to World War II. The women discuss being unable to continue flying during World War II due to fuel rationing; being unable to continue flying after the war due to family committments; and being unable to get jobs flying after the war because they were given to returned servicemen.

    Interview with Gwen Caldwell (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/110)

    Interview with Margaret Kentley (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/111)

    Interview with Nancy Bird Walton and Meg Skelton (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/112-113)

    1977; Interviews with Captain Morton Moyes. Moyes went to the Antarctic with Mawson in 1912. He talks about his Antarctic experience; about his childhood; about his working life in the Australian Navy; about his involvement in establishing the naval college at Jervis Bay. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/114-117; also digital copy available - ask the Curator of Oral History)

    1988-1989; 'Jessie Street the Disappearing Heroine', interviews used to compile a two part program made to commemorate the anniversary of Jessie Street's birth. Interviews conducted with people who knew Jessie Street during her various campaigns.

    Interview with Julia Caminer (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/118)

    Interview with Syd Einfeld (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/119)

    Interview with Winifred Mitchell (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/120)

    Interview with Faith Bandler (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/120)

    Interview with Dr Jim Cairns (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/121)

    Interview with Mavis Robertson (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/122)

    Interview with Jessie Street (copy of interview by Hazel de Berg, National Library of Australia collection) (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/123)

    Interview with Betty Searle (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/124)

    Interview with Mary Wright (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/125)

    Interview with Eve Highson (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/126)

    Interview with Betty Archdale (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/127)

    1988; 'Croker Island Evacuated', interviews conducted for two programs about a group of Aboriginal children and four white women who escaped from Croker Island, north of Arnhem land, after Darwin was bombed during World War II. They travelled to the mainland by boat, walked to the Oenpelli mission, then to Pine Creek where they caught a train to Sydney, arriving in Sydney at the time that midget Japanese submarines bombed Sydney Harbour.

    Interview with Betty Fisher and Clare Roberts (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/128)

    Interview with Beryl Adams (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/129)

    Interview with Olive Sanders (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/130)

    Interview with Jessie March (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/131-132; 134)

    Interview with Olive Sanders and Margaret Sommerville (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/133)

    Croker Island Mob (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/134)

    1983; 'Government Property', interviews for a radio program concerning Aboriginal people in the Broken Hill and Wilcannia area. The interviews were later published on cassette for schools, accompanied by notes for teachers. (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/135-139)

    1986; 'Being Aboriginal', interviews used to compile six programs profiling six different aboriginal communities. The series won the inaugural Human Rights Award for a Radio Documentary in 1987. In 1990 the ABC published a book 'Being Aboriginal', which included material from some of the programs. The six programs were: 'Without Artists there is no Culture' - Eora Centre, Sydney'; 'The White Man Says We Have No History' - Brewarrina NSW; 'The Spirit of Musgrave Park' - Brisbane; 'Learning Two Ways' - Yipirinya School, Alice Springs; 'Raised to Think White' - Aboriginal children brought up in white families.

    Interview with Robin Vincent and Coral Edwards; (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/140)

    Interview with Essey Coffee (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/141)

    Interview with Olive Murphy (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/142)

    Interview with Roy Barker (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/143)

    Interview with Don Davidson (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/144)

    Interview with Paddy Jarome (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/145)

    Interview with Bob Day (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/146)

    Interview with David Kennedy (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/147)

    Interview with Nell Derone (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/148)

    Interview with Bobby Merrit (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/149-150)

    Recording of Caama Radio program (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/151 & CY MLOH 304/153)

    Interview with Violet Williams (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/152)

    Interview with Emily Hayes and Isaac Yamma (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/154)

    Interview with Clara Requests - some traditional stories on radio (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/155)

    Interview with Thomas Stevens (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/156)

    Recording of a documentary about women and grog (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/157)

    Recording made at the Town Camp (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/158)

    Interview with Kevin Butler (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/159)

    Interview with Coral Edwards (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/160 & CY MLOH 304/140)

    Interview with Joy Atkinson (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/161)

    Interview with Cherie Atkinson (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/162)

    Recording of bird calls (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/163)

    Recording made at Yipirinya School, Alice Springs (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/164-165)

    Interview with Richard Sullivan and Tombo Williams (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/166)

    Interview with Lola Edwards (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/167)

    Interview with Les Darcy (Call No.: CY MLOH 304/168)
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