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  • Title
    Collection 01: King family papers, 1791-1956
  • Call number
    MLMSS 1973/vol. 1X
  • Level of description
  • Date

  • Type of material
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  • Issue Copy
    Partly Digitised
  • Physical Description
    1 outsize volume of textual material - typescript
    drawings, photographs, prints and photomechanical prints

    Philip Gidley King was Governor of New South Wales, 1800-1806. Phillip Parker King was his son, and Philip Gidley King the younger was his grandson
  • Collection history
    From an album purchased from Mr Bruce Gidley Abbott (son of Elizabeth Matilda Abbott (b. King, 1872; m. Ross, 1893; m. Abbott, 1901) and great-grandson of Philip Gidley King (1817-1904)). The album was bequeathed to Mr Abbott by his aunt, Olive Maria Laura Gidley King. The contents of the album were catalogued individually.
  • Scope and Content
    Contents list in volume
    Includes MS copies of journals (2) of Anna Josepha, wife of Governor King: diary of a voyage to Australia on board the whaler 'Speedy', 19 Nov. 1799 to 15 Apr. 1800, diary of voyage from New South Wales to England on board HMS 'Buffalo', 4 Feb. to 24 May 1807; letters (8) to Admiral Phillip Parker King, 1839-1846, including two from Sir Francis Beaufort, 1839, 1841, one from Rev. William Branwhite Clarke. 1842, re Ludwig Leichhardt, and one from Captain John Septimus Roe, 1840, re Allan Cunningham and the Beagle; typescript autobiography of Philip Gidley King, the younger, 1791-1894, and other papers of family members, 1839-1946

    Item 01
    Sydney Cove: looking at Dawes Point from Government Domain, ca.1802 / probably by Governor King

    Item 02
    Sketch of a lion / Phillip Parker King, Admiral

    Item 03
    Commandants House, Melbourne, [by R. Russell, December 1886] from the original sketch by Captn ... [i.e. Captain] P.P. King, 1837 / Phillip Parker King

    Item 04
    Hemocallideoe order 191 / Philip Gidley King, the younger

    Item 05
    Myrtacae / Philip Gidley King, the younger

    Item 06
    Dianella / Philip Gidley King, the younger

    Item 07
    Myrtaceae [and]? Flindersia , 1901 / Philip Gidley King, the younger

    Item 08
    Sketches in New South Wales, 1891-1893 / probably by P.G. King

    Item 09
    Residence at Goulburn / possibly by P.G. King

    Item 10
    Mill at Stroud / Philip Gidley King, the younger

    Item 11
    Crossing place to Nichols /probably by P.G. King

    Item 12
    Views in the Cavan Caves near Yass, 1837 / Philip Gidley King

    Item 13
    Arched entrance to Tallendun? Cave : Caven, 1837 / Philip Gidley King, the younger

    Item 14
    Pagoda in Tallendun? Cave, 1837 / Philip Gidley King

    Item 15
    Unidentified residence, probably in New South Wales / possibly by P.G. King

    Item 16
    Morning lights Banksia, 1899 / possibly by P.G. King

    Item 17
    Woy Woy, 1899 /possibly by P.G. King

    Item 18
    Tahiti near Papawa, 1835 / Philip Gidley King, the younger

    Item 19
    Goonoo Goonoo, 1861 /George Bartholomew Gidley King

    Item 20
    Portrait of a child / G.B.G. King

    Item 21
    Untitled sketch of a house near a river?, 1861 /George Bartholomew Gidley King

    Item 22
    Photographs, sketches and prints from an album / Olive Maria Laura King

    Item 23
    Party landed from HMS Rattlesnake, 1849 / pencil sketch by Thomas Henry Huxley

    Item 24
    H.M. Torpedo gun-boat Rattlesnake

    Item 25
    Cape York Id., 1849? / possibly by T. H. Huxley

    Item 26
    Professor T.H. Huxley, President of the Royal Society, 1883?

    Item 27
    Gigantia Lily / [watercolour drawing attributed to John William Lewin]

    Item 28
    Boronia / [watercolour drawing attributed to John William Lewin]

    Item 29
    Involucrata Candia / Banks & Solander / [watercolour drawing attributed to J.W. Lewin]

    Item 30
    The Ceremony of unveiling the statue of Captain Cook, Hyde Park, Sydney, 1879 / Montagu Scott

    Item 31
    Launceston Castle / Drawn by T. Shaw, lithographed by R. Groom and C. Moody, published by Thomas W. Maddox, Launceston

    Item 32
    View of the Grounds taken at the door of the library leading in to the [Verandah]

    Item 33
    A view of Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains, New South Wales / James Wallis

    Item 34
    Photomechanical prints of early Sydney scenes, 1804, ca. 1840-1890, 1930 / from drawings chiefly by Albert Collins, 1935-1950
  • Description source

    Information upgraded from Manuscripts Leaf Catalogue No. 1 (1-191C) as part of the eRecords Project, 2010-2011
  • General note

    This collection was listed as part of the Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government in NSW 1856-2006 Project.
    Microfilm available at: CY 2253, frames 1-137 (MLMSS 1973X)
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