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  • Title
    [Album of] Pencil sketches, watercolours, etc. by C. Martens, O.W. Brierly, S.T. Gill, John Rae, C. Rodius and others, ca. 1823-1863
  • Call number
    PXC 284
  • Level of description
  • Date

    1823-1824, 1836, 1838, 1840-1843, 1846, 1849, 1851, 1855, 1863
  • Type of material
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  • Physical Description
    1 album (21 drawings and 13 prints) - pencil and watercolour - 29.6 x 42.7 cm.

    Jemmy Button, captured as a boy in Tierre del Fuego and taken to London by Robert FitzRoy of the ship Beagle, was so named due to the payment of a pearl button in recompense for his life. In 1833 he was returned to his home in South America as a bearer of 'enlightened society' and to spread the Christian word. -- Reference: Charles Darwin Corresponence, University of Cambridge, Online 2004. See R. Fitz-Roy, "Narrative of the surveying voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Beagle ... Vol.II, pp.4-16 (ML ref. 508.3/7A1-4).
  • Scope and Content
    i. [flyleaf] Ash Island May 12th/41 [i.e. 1841 by Conrad Martens]
    1. Sydney Cove [by Conrad Martens]
    2. Study of Bush on the Patterson Oct 11/36 [by Conard Martens]
    3. Newcastle Church May 13/41 [by Conrad Martens]
    4. Church at Morpeth May - 10th/40 [by Conrad Martens]
    5. Sydney Cove - Oct. 4/38
    6. The Hunter at Glendon May 3/41 [pencil drawing by Conrad Martens]
    7. The Corall. Bungonia - Jul. 19/36 [by Conrad Martens]
    8. Bugonia Creek July 26/36- [by Conrad Martens]
    9. Fort Street. Feb 8th/43- [by Conrad Martens]
    10. Wreck of the "Edd Lalm" e On Middle Head Fort Jackson" / O.W. Brierly. Titled on mount.
    11. Design for National Monument to the Memory of Captain Cook ... [print]
    12. [Riverbank with hills in distance. Watercolour drawing]
    13. Jemmy Button [a boy of Tierra del Fuego] / G [or T] R Day 1830
    14. [Portrait of a young woman, possibly Fuegia Basket of Tierra del Fugeo]
    15a. The Tombs Garden Island / J.S. Prout
    15b. [Street view] / John Rae, 1846
    16. [Studies of Maori men and women. Engravings]
    17. Kangaroo of New South Wales. 1842 Sketched from Nature and Drawn on Stone by T.T. Balcombe. Printed by T. Liley
    18a. Cour de ma demeure Hotel Swisse faubourg ... / Chas Rodius del 1823
    18b. St John's Church [Adelaide] / S[?].T.G. 1849
    19. Panshanger in Van Diemen's Land [ca. 1835]
    20. [Vaucluse, 1851 / lithograph by G. E. Peacock]. At lower left, "From Nature & on Stone by G.E. Peacock". At lower right, ""J. Allan Lith. Printer"
    21. Landing Place of Capt. Cook ... 1864 / S.T.G.
    22. [Bush scene with Aboriginal family. The man is holding an axe and chopping wood.] / ...wate [or ...wale in pencil at lower right] signed Newall at lower right.
    23. Dr Leichhardt, 1846 / Charles Rodius
    24a. Tamehamalu. Queen of the Sandwich Island. / R. Cooper fc. [engraving]
    24b. Rhio Rhio. [i.e. Kamehameha II] King of the Sandwich Islands. Engraved for the Lady's Magazine 1824 [engraving]
    25. [Robert Campbell] Yours truly R. Campbell / E. Thomas [and] Walter Mason [engraving]
    26. View from the Sydney Hotel / Earle's Lithography. Pubd. at Sydney N.S.W. [colour lithograph]
    27. Sydney Heads. [ca. 1826] / Earle's Lithography. Pubd. at Sydney N.S.W.
    28. Land Auction Main Road Ballarat 1855 / S.T.G.
    29. "The Old Commodore," / Billy Blue. Drawn from Life and / on Stone by John Carmichael. Printed by I.G. Austin / 15 Phillip Street Sydney.
    30. Ease without Opulence / The Barrow is insured[?] / W.A. to Grandmas / 1863 / S.T.G. [signed in pencil at lower left of image]
    31. Yours most Respectfully T. Nainford / F.C.S.
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955
  • General note

    Bound into volume by SLNSW Preservation Branch at an unknown date.
    No.3 This pencil drawing shows a church with some similarities to Christchurch, Newcastle but is not identical to other images of the church.
    No.15a A lithograph of this image is located at SSV1/Har/Gar/1
    No.15b. In pencil on reverse of image in an unknown hand, ""Old Millers Point""
    No.19 The print is not signed or lettered. Attributed to L. Haghe after comparison with a lithograph, lettered ""On stone by L. Haghe"" and ""Day & Haghe Lithrs to the King London / Penshanger the seat of Joseph Archer Esqre county of Cornwall, Van Diemen's Land"", listed and reporduced in Craig, Clifford. Old Tasmanian Prints. Launceston, Foot and Playsted, 1964, pp. 269 & 272, pl.70 (ML ref. 769.966/1A1). Panshanger was erected between 1829 and 1835.
    No.20. Formerly titled ""Sydney Harbour"" on an old Mitchell Library card catalogue. This lithograph is a copy of Peacock's oil of Vaucluse, 1851 (ML 236). Enterprising colonial artists often published prints of their own works. Peacock published at least two. -- Reference: George Edwards Peacock exhibition catalogue / State Library of New South Wales, 2002
    No.27 This view with some variations is published in Dumont d'Urville - Voyage de decouvertes de l'Astrolable .. Paris, 1833 (ML 980/5 plate 31). In this publication the artist is given as de Sainson and titled ""Vue des caps du Port Jackson"". A hand colour lithograph of this print is located at PX*D 321.
    No.29. Publication of this lithograph was noted in ""The Sydney Times"" 19 September 1834
    Digital order no:Album ID : 824681
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Some images are titled, signed, and dated.
  • Creator/Author/Artist
  • Name
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Place
  • Exhibited in

    Journeys through Landscapes - Conrad Martens Life & Art - State Library of New South Wales (21 November, 1994 - 3 July, 1995). Applies to: Nos. i & 3
    George Edwards Peacock - State Library of New South Wales (May 2002 - August 2002). Applies to: No.20
    Faces of Australia: image, reality and the portrait. - State Library of New South Wales (May 1992 - October 1992). Applies to: No.29
    Sydney Eccentrics: A Celebration of Individuals in Society - State Library of New South Wales (April 1999 - August 1999). Applies to: No.29
    Charles Darwin: voyages and ideas that shook the world - Australian National Maritime Museum (March 2009 - August 2009). Applies to : Nos. 13-14

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