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  • Title
    Sketches in Sydney, Port Macquarie, Parramatta and Ryde area, 1839-1845 / H. C. Allport
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    PXD 86
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  • Issue Copy
    Partly Digitised : f.4, f.17, f.27
  • Physical Description
    45 drawings - ink, pen & watercolour - 35 x 51 cm (within framelines) or smaller
  • Scope and Content
    1. 'Lake Innes - from lawn looking North West, The Table Land & New England mountains in distance. H.C. Allport July 1839'. At lower left is a note 'from the residence of Major Archibald Clunes Innes No.3'. At sketch below right is written `Painted for Major Innes'
    2. 'Port Macquarie - from the Steam Wharf. The Hotel build by Major Innes. H.C. Allport. July 1939'. Preceeding title is 'No.5'. At lower left is written 'painted for Major Innes'
    3. 'The Creek or Bay at Port Macquarie - within the Bar. July 1839'. Titled at lower left with added note 'The store of Major Innes - of Capt. Geary & Mr Betts. The hospital & c. - looking North from the Hill near the Church'. Preceeding title is `No.6'. On mount below sketch is `Painted for Major Innes'
    4. 'Port Macquarie - from the Hill near the Church. H.C. Allport July 1839'. Titled at lower left with added note 'Government House - the Barracks The Factory - the Bar looking North East'. Preceeding the title 'No. 7'. On mount below sketch at right is `Painted for Major Innes'
    5. 'Port Macquarie - from Oyster Bay. July 1839. H.C. Allport'. Title at lower right and following title is 'No. 10'
    6. 'Entrance of Cooks River Botany Bay. Nov. 1840. H.C. Allport'. At lower left `painted for T.Lord Esqr. Decr. 1840'. On mount below sketch is written in pencil in another hand 'Bernard MacDermott 1845'
    7. 'Marian -nr. Sunset residence of Mrs Bowerman Kissing Point. Decr. 21 - 1840. H.C. Allport'. At lower right following title 'Mrs Bowerman' is possibly Mary Bowerman listed as a land owner in the Field of Mars District in District Constables List ... 1827 -- List of householders, ML Ref D1, p.272
    8. 'From the estate of Mr A. Davy. South Head Road. Drawn on the spot June 1841. H.C. Allport'. Below title 'Painted for Mr Davy 19 1/2, 13 1/2'
    9. Hunters Hill looking to Parramatta. Residence of J.Devlin Esqr. Augt. 1841. H.C. Allport'. Preceeding date is note 'Painted for C.P. Joel Esqr' and following signature is '19 1/2, 13 1/2'
    10. 'The Harbour of Sydney - looking to the North Head from eminence near Woolloomooloo. Oct. 1842'. At lower left is a note 'The Stables of A.McLeay Esqr. and Clarkes Island in distance'
    11. (Countryside scene). H.C. Allport. 1842'. On back written in ink, probably in Allport's hand 'Chauvel 2 February 1845' possibly referring to the land belonging to a settler of that name. Between the signature and date is written '47'
    12. 'Settler's cottage near beach. H.C. Allport. No. 56 1842'. On back written in ink probably in Allport's hand, 'Chauvel' this possibly refers to a settler of that name
    13. 'The Parsonage Hunters Hill. 1843'. Between the titel and date is written `Painted for The Revd. G.E.T[urner?]'. Another titel `Parsonage Ryde - painted for Revd. Mr Turner' is at lower left hand corner
    14. On Goulburn Plains from a sketch by Miss Bray. H.C. Allport 1845'.
    15. 'Looking Glass Bay Parramatta River', 1847. H.C. Allport
    16. 'Sydney from Wooloomooloo as it was in 1849. 1849'
    17. 'Cleves. Painted for J.B. Parvall Esqr'. Only part of the sketch has been coloured
    18. 'Cleves'. Only part of the sketch has been coloured
    19. 'Asylum'. At lower left probably not in Allport's hand. 'This sketch appears to be the same view as the watercolour, 'Tarban Creek and The Asylum, c. 1845' by Allport held by the Library at ML 1392
    20. 'Hunters Hill. The residence of J.Devlin Esq'. H.C. Allport. Sept'. Below title is written 'painted for Mr Devlin'
    21. 'Waterfall on North Shore. H.C. Allport'
    22. 'Port Jackson from Waverly'. Note beneath title in lower right 'painted for Mr Porter'
    23. 'Government House from Woolloomooloo'
    24. 'Kishnaghur - the residence of dear Bertha', titled on back in ink. 'Residence of Mr Allport, Parramatta side of Ryde', inscribed in pencil in a different hand below the ink inscription. Note Bertha Allport (nee Betts) was H.C. Allports second wife. Unsigned.
    25. 'Macarthur residence Parramatta River'. Title on back of sketch in pencil. This appears to be Hambledon Cottage on the grounds of Elizabeth Farm
    26. 'H.E.I.C. Depot. Bungarrabee [sic]'. Titled at lower left in ink though the writing does not resemble that of Allport's on other sketches. H.E.I.C refers to the horse stud run by the East India Company. See bound notes Duff, H. & Co.-Bungarribee farms Q981.2/D
    27. 'Residences of Sir T.Mitchell & - Bradley Esqr ... end of Darling Point'. Titled at lower right partly in ink and partly in pencil in another hand a note added reads `painted for Mr Challis'. This sketch appears to be a study for the watercolour `Carthona and Lindesay, Darling Point, from Clark Island' located at ML 147
    28. 'Government House, Sydney'
    29. 'Parramatta'. Title probably at lower right in pencil but only the top part of the word can be seen. On the back another title in unknown hand in pencil reads 'Beaudeseaire [sic] Park by Kate Allport's father'. Attempts to identify this park have been inconclusive
    30. 'Sharp's Bay Sydney'. Apr. 1847. H.C. Allport' at lower centre. On mount at right below sketch is `painted for C.Frith Esqr'. The area shown is possibly on the Parramatta River but attempts to identify the bay have been inconclusive. The sketch appears to be a preliminary study for a watercolour now held in the Art Gallery of New South Wales
    31. 'Cleves - Parramatta River'. Added note `painted for J.B. Darvall Esqr.' This is repeated in a pencil note at lower right
    32. 'Sydney from North Shore'. Added note `painted for Mr. Newton'
    33. `Prospect'. Note on lower left of mount 'painted for Lawson Esqr.'
    34. 'Sydney from Waverley'. Added note below sketch at right 'Painted for Fitzhardinge Esqr'
    35. 'Asylum - Tarban Creek'
    36. 'Blaxlands Private Chapel Newington'. Note on mount below sketch 'by H.C. Allport'
    37. Unfinished landscape
    38. Study of rocks
    39. Stone bridge
    40. Rural landscape. A title at lower right has been cut and is indepcipherable
    41. Landscape, possibly in England
    42. Landscape. 'H.C. Allport' at lower centre
    43. 'Concord. 1848'
    44. Rural scene
    45. Trees
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    Out of copyright:
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
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    Nos. 11, 37-42, 44-45 title designated by cataloguer.
  • General note

    Contents list available in the front of the portfolio
    17 sketches are signed and dated and 32 are titled.
    Digital order no:Album ID : 825648
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    Looking East - S.H. Ervin Gallery (20 October - 18 November, 1984). Applies to: f.16, f.27
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