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  • Title
    [Collection of portraits, predominantly of Aborigines of New South Wales and Tasmania, ca. 1817-1849]
  • Call number
    SAFE/PXA 615
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1817-1836, 1849
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
    Partly Digitised : 27 images
  • Physical Description
    33 prints - lithographs (some with white highlights) and etchings - 33.3 x 33.8 cm. or smaller
    8 drawings - watercolour and pencil - 30.6 x 30.8 cm. or smaller
    Textual Records - 3 handwritten sheets
    Textual Records - (typescript) 1 typed sheet

    Bungaree in fact died in 1830.
  • Scope and Content
    1. Prepared for battle / Same convict / [by T.R. Browne]. This is possibly a portrait of `Mimosa', a similar work is held at DGA 3 f. 2

    2. "2" [Australian Aboriginal male carrying spear and fish, ca. 1820 / by T.R. Browne]

    3. N.S. Wales - Native in the act of fighting / Same Convict / [by T.R. Browne]. This is possibly a portrait of Tora-Wa (see Sotheby's catalogue 29 Oct 1987, Lot 178)

    4. No. 1 - Wife. / No. 1 & 2 - Natives of N.S. Wales - Mr Leigh knew them and had them taken from life by a convict -". This is possibly a portrait of `Killigrant'. For variant drawings see items held by the National Library of Australia and the Sotheby's catalogue (29 Oct 1987-Lot 133).

    5. Broken Bay Jemmy / N.S.W. 1817 / Browne delt. [In pencil on reverse,] "?Browne of Wests P... 4/107", with grey and white rectangular border

    6. Natives of New South Wales [on backing sheet] / Biddy Salamander / of the Broken Bay Tribe / Bulkabra / Chief of Botany / Gooseberry / Queen of Bungaree / [watercolour drawing by Charles Rodius]

    7. Biddy Salmander. / Broken-Bay Tribe, / Bulkabra. / Chief of Botany, / N.S. Wales. / Gooseberry. / Queen of Bungaree. / Drawn from Life & on Stone by Chas. Rodius. Printed by I.G. Austin, 15 Phillip Street

    8-9. Punch. / Ginn of Culaba, / Broken Bay Tribe / Culaba. / Five Islands Tribe. / N.S. Wales. / Profile / of / Culaba. / Chas. Rs. 1834 / Drawn from Life / and on / Stone by Chas. Rodius. / Printed by I.G. Austin 15 / Phillip St. Sydney

    10-11. Neddy Noora / Shoalhaven / Shoalhaven Tribe. Chs. Rodius / Sydney 1834 / Printed from Stone by I.G. Austin 15 Phillip Street, Sydney
    Shown wearing breastplate.

    12. [Handwritten note, affixed to sheet behind No.13] "M.S. notes copied from a copy of this lithograph submitted through the Agent-General 17.5.34: Maria of Werrigee Morirang. The marks on the arm are cut with a piece of glass bottle or a slinter of quartz and are considered ornamental. Very like.

    13-14. Morirang. / Shoalhaven Tribe. / N.S. Wales. / ... 1835 / Drawn from Nature and on Stone by Charles Rodius. / Printed by I.G. Austin, 15 Phillip Street.

    15-16, 18. Nunberri. / Chief of the Nunnerahs, / N.S. Wales. / CRas [?] 1834 / Drawn from Nature and on Stone by Charles Rodius / Printed by I.G. Austin 15. Phillip St. Sydney
    Shown wearing breastplate.

    17. [Handwritten note on sheet behind No.16] Notes copied from a copy of this lithograph, submitted through Agent-General 17.5.34: 'Jeremy Charcoal Nunberri Chief of the Nunnerahs, and of Numba N.W. Wales' An excellent likeness and now standing at my side - 20th Oct. 1838 E.K.

    19. [Handwritten note housed with No.20] M.S. notes copied from a copy of this lithograph submitted through the Agent-General 17.5.34: King Bungaree. Boongaree or Bungaree was the chief Black of Sydney and its neighbourhood and used to visit every ship which arrived in Port Jackson, welcome her passengers to his land, and with a very elegant manner solicit the loan of one dump, then fifteen pence. He always dressed with a cocked hat. E.K.

    20. King Bungaree 1829 / Sydney [2 head and shoulders profiles in pencil and inscribed on reverse] "By Ambrose Wilson" [in one hand] "Mr Ambrose Wilson Tutor to Sir Francis Forbes" [in other hand] [More likely to be by Charles Rodius]

    21-22. King Bungaree. / Chief, of the Broken-Bay Tribe, N.S. Wales. / Died. 1832. / Drawn from Life, 1831 and on Stone 1834 by Cha.s Rodius / Printed by I.G. Austin. 15. Phillip St. Sydney

    23-24. Tooban. / Ginn, or Wife, of the Chief / of / Shoalhaven Tribe / "CR's / 1834. Printed at bottom "Drawn from Nature, and on Stone, by Charles Rodius, Sydney / Printed by I.G. Austin, 15 Phillip St. "

    25. Toby / Broken Bay Tribe [ca. 1836] / W.H.F. del

    26. Mickie / From Lake Macquarie / Newcastle Tribe / W.H.F. del.

    27. Punch. / The Wife of Cullabaa / Native of Sydney / Broken Bay Tribe / W.H.F. del. ...

    28. Cullabaa. / Native of Lake George. / Five Islands Tribe / W.H.F. del.

    29. Jemmy. / Newcastle tribe [ca. 1836] / W.H.F. del

    30. Boardman. / Lake Macquarie Tribe. / W.H.F. del.

    31a. Tommy. / Broken Bay tribe [ca. 1836] / W.H.F. del

    31b. [sailing ship - pencil sketch on reverse of No.31a]

    32-33. Bungaree. / (Deceased, late) / King of the Broken Bay Tribe / W.H.F. del
    (no. 33 has a section missing from the upper right-hand side)

    34. Goosberry. / Widow of King Bungaree. / Brocken [i.e. broken] Bay Tribe / W.H.F. del.

    35. Bill Worrall. / Five Islands Tribe [ca. 1836] / W.H.F. del

    36. New Zealand Chiefs. 1. Tupa Gupa. / 2. George. / 3. Ahoudee Ogunna. 4. Tooi. / 5. John Rutherford (Englishman). / 6. War Clubs. / J.G. / Published and Sold by Jas. Maclehose at the Old Australian Bazzar No.6 Hunter Street Sydney N.S.W.

    37. [Real life in Sydney, ca. 1838 - pencil drawing]

    38. Jacky Jacky / Expedition of Kennedy. March 16th / 1849 / Chas. Rodius delt. Printed by J. Allan.

    39. King Teapot & His two Gins, Chief of the Bogen Tribe. N.S. Wales / As he appeared after having a tightner.

    40. Truggernana / A native of the southern part of V.D. land & Wife to Woureddy / was attach'd to the mission in 1829 / Design'd etch'd & publish's by Bm. Duterrau Augt. 24 1835 Hobart Town Van Dieman's Land

    41. "A small outine of a national picture" [in pencil] Design'd etch'd & publish'd by Bm. Duterrau July 15th 1835 Hobart Town Van Diemen's Land

    42. Manalarganer / A celebrated chieftan of the east coast of V.D. Land one of Wm. Robinson's / faithful attendants attach'd to the mission in 1831

    43. Woureddy / A wild native of Brune Island one of Wm. Robinson's most faithful / attendants attach'd to the mission in 1829 / B. Duterrau

    44. Tanleboueyer / A native of the district of Oyster bay & the Wife to Manalargerna / was attach'd to the mission in 1830 / Bm. Duterrau
  • Access Conditions

    Access via appointment
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    Nos. 1-4 have been attributed to T.R. (Richard) Browne based on their similarity to No.5 "Broken Bay Jemmy" and illustrations in T. Skottowe's album, "Select Specimens From Nature of the Birds Animals ..." (located at PXA 555 Mitchell Library).

    No.2 At the upper left of the drawing appears the number "2" that may refer to the note inscribed on drawing No.4 that reads, "No. 1 & 2 - Natives of N.S. Wales" and would therefore make the two drawings a set.
    No.7. Another print is located at SV*/SP Coll/Rodius/3 (Mitchell Library)
    Nos. 10-11 Another print is located at V*/Sp Coll/Rodius/8
    Nos. 13-16, 18. Another print of "Morirang" and "Numberri" (mounted together) is located at V*/Sp Coll/Rodius/9.
    No.20 Although an inscription on this drawing attributes it to Ambrose Wilson, it is more likely to be by Charles Rodius, who was employed to teach drawing to Sir Francis Forbes's children [see Colonial Secretary's Letters Received 1831. Ticket of Leave petition dated 15 November, 32/4181 in 4/2144 State Archives of NSW]. This drawing is very similar to the lithograph published by Rodius in 1829 [see P2/531] and stylistically can be attributed to him.
    Nos. 21-22, 24. These lithographs were a series of seven which Rodius had published in 1834. Their publication was noted in the Sydney Gazette, 7 October 1834, p.2. Seven lithographs were published in the series, although the Sydney Gazette claims that it comprised only six.
    Nos. 21 and 22 are similar to other portraits of Bungaree, including one by Charles Rodius (located at ML 153 Mitchell Library) and a lithograph by C. Pye (see SSV*/Sp Coll/Roduis/16 Mitchell Library). Other prints are located at Mitchell Library Pd 24 and Pe 8.
    Nos. 23-24 Another print is located at V*/Sp Coll/ Rodius/8
    Nos. 25-35 were published by J.G. Austin & Co. No. 12 Bridge Street, Sydney as Fernyhough's "A series of twelve profile portraits of Aborigines of New South Wales", Sydney 1836.
    No.37 Titled derived from a lithograph of this image by an unknown artist that is tipped into the front of a letterbook of Reverend John Saunders located at ML B1106. The fighting couple and the child were used by John Carmichael in his etching, "Male and Female Black Native", published in "Picture of Sydney" and "Stranger's Guide in New South Wales", Sydney 1838. Another lithograph print, titled "Natives of 'New South Wales' 1849 - Botany Bay Tribe" / published by Edward David Barlow (SV/76 Mitchell Library) -- Reference: Faces of Australia : image, reality and the portrait / Richard Neville. Sydney : State Library of New South Wales Press, 1992.
    No.39 is accompanied by a typed note: "Lithograph 'King Teapot & his two Gins.' purchased from Francis Edwards Ltd. in accordance with Hon. Premier's letter A.32/273 of 9 March 1932, and Principal Librarian's letter of 29 Feby. 1932; also referred to in Agent-General's letter Ref. of 12th April, 1932". Other copies of this print are located at SV/107 and V/108 Mitchell Library.
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823413
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Titled beneath image.
    Many of the prints bear artist and publication details.
    Printed at bottom "Printed & Sold by J.G. Austin & Co. No. 12 Bridge Street Sydney"
    Nos. 42-44 have printed artists and publication details, "Design'd etch'd & publish's by Bm. Duterrau Augt. 24 1835 Hobart Town Van Dieman's Land"
    Some are dated.
  • Creator/Author/Artist
  • Name
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Exhibited in

    Faces of Australia: image, reality and the portrait. - State Library of New South Wales (25 May - 12 October, 1992). Applies to: Nos. 2, 21, 32
    Matthew Flinders : The Ultimate Voyage - State Library of New South Wales. Applies to: Nos. 21-22
    A Rage for Curiosity - State Library of New South Wales (September 1997 - January 1998). Applies to: Nos. 19-20
    The Art of exploration - Applies to: No.38
    Illawarra and Environs: a pictorial survey - Wollongong City Gallery. Applies to : No.35
    Charles Rodius - State Library of New South Wales (17 June 2023-12 May 2024): Applies to No. 38

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