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  • Title
    Series 7: George Augustus Robinson pictorial material and realia, ca. 1820-1866
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca. 1820-1866
  • Type of material
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  • Scope and Content

    Item 01
    [Sir John Franklin, ca. 1830 / wax medallion portrait by Theresa Walker]

    Item 02
    Landscapes, 1831-47 / Robert Hoddle

    Item 03
    View of the Heads of Macquarie Harbour. with the Pilots Residence, ca. 1832

    Item 04
    S.W. View of Macquarie Harbour V.D.L., ca. 1832

    Item 05
    A north east view of Macquarie Harbour, 1833 / painted by W.B. Gould

    Item 06
    Natives at a corrobory, under the wild woods of the Country [River Jordan below Brighton, Tasmania], ca. 1835 / John Glover

    Item 07
    George Augustus Robinson, 1838? / [probably by Thomas Bock]

    Item 08
    Residence of G[eorge] A[ugustus] Robinson on Yarra, c.1840 / [attributed to G.A. Gilbert]

    Item 09
    Residence of George Augustus Robinson at Prahran on the Yarra, 1843-1848 / [attributed to G. A. Gilbert]

    Item 10
    Daughter of George Augustus Robinson and his first wife Maria Amelia Robinson, ca. 1845-49

    Item 11
    Views in Australia, 1847-1852

    Item 12
    [Work on the gold fields, 1850-62] / drawn by William Strutt

    Item 13
    Western Port Aboriginal native, Victoria, Australia, wife of Big Jack an Aboriginal native, 1852 / drawn by William Strutt

    Item 14
    George Augustus Robinson, 1853 / painted by Bernardino Giani?

    Item 15
    Mrs George Augustus Robinson, 1853 / painted by Giani

    Item 16
    Residence of George Angustus Robertson at Bath, view taken from the terrace, 1863

    Item 17
    Boorel Port Stephens, ca. 1824-1836 / Robert Hoddle

    Item 18
    [Buttons from a uniform of George Augustus Robinson, ca. 1820-1866]
  • System of arrangement
    Pictorial material listed chronologically
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    Out of copyright:
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    This list may not be complete Note in Guide to Robinson papers (A 7093)
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