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  • Title
    Godden Mackay Pty. Ltd. - Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick Destitute Children's Asylum Cemetery Excavation Project, 1995-1996
  • Call number
    MLMSS 6684/Boxes 1-10
    MLMSS 6684/Items 11X-17X
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  • Physical Description
    10 boxes and 7 outsize items
  • Scope and Content
    1995; Copies of tender document by the Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and the proposed archaeological investigation design by Godden Mackay and Austral Archaeology (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/1)
    1995; Procedures manual for the site, including copies of preliminary research reports, previous excavation reports, standard recording forms and contacts lists (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/1)
    1995; Trench reports (Stratigraphic Data Sheets) for Western Margin Machine Trenches MT 9-MT 19, Northern Area Excavations E22-M27 and test pits (3 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/1)
    1995-1996; Registers of visitors, truck loads and first aid incidents (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/2)
    1995; File kept by the Project Director, Richard Mackay, of preliminary research reports, computer program for calculating the minimum numbers of individuals at site and inventory recording forms (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/2)
    1995-1996; File: 'Weekly Progress Reports' (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/2)
    1995; File: 'Documentation relating to tender application', including correspondence with and reports of consultants' preliminary research and newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/2)
    1995; File: 'Historical Research Documents', notes and photocopies of articles, book chapters and manuscript material relating to the Asylum (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/2)
    1995; File: 'Team Briefing Papers (Proposed)' largely the same documentation as procedures manual (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/3)
    1995; Files: 'Historical Research Documents', photocopies of archival material from Australian Archives, primarily from the records of the Repatriation Commission, Department of Defence and Department of Works and Railways (2 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/3)
    1995-1996; Files: 'Original Artefact Datasheets', completed datasheets (2 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/4)
    1995; List of database input field descriptors (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/4)
    1995; File: 'Sandstone Features - Context Sheets', completed stratigraphic recording sheets for pre-historic stone manuports (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/4)
    1995; Draft final report (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/4)
    1995; Hut R trench reports (3 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/5)
    1995; Hut P trench reports (3 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/5)
    1995; Current Dispensary Area trench reports (3 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/6)
    1995-1996; Burial Records, completed forms describing 67 excavated burials (2 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/6)
    1995; Hut T trench reports (3 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/6)
    1995-1996; Field diaries of archaeologists (11 volumes) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/7-8)
    1995-1996; Field diary for pre-history excavations (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/8)
    1995-1996; Grid Control book (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/8)
    1995-1996; Reports on genealogical research into 26 children, including copies of vital records certificates (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/8)
    1996; Reports on additional genealogical research into 12 children (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/8)
    1995-1996; Death certificates for 173 children, 170 of whom were buried at the Asylum (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/8)
    1995-1996; Interim reports and Statement of Significance (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/9)
    1995-1996; Photograph catalogue recording sheets, Rolls 1-100 (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/9)
    1995-1996; Photographic negatives, Rolls 1-100 (4 files) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/9)
    1997; Computer disks of final report with contents list (7 disks) (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/9)
    1997; Final report; Volume 1 Main Report including artefact database on disk, Volume 2 Archaeology (in two volumes), Volume 3 Physical Anthropology (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/10)
    1995; Final Report Volume 4 Archaeological Investigations (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/11X)
    1918; Copies of 1918 plans of the Destitute Children's Asylum site from Australian Archives (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/11X)
    1995-1996; Plan Register Area 1, drawings 1-66 (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/12X)
    1995-1996; Plan Register Area 2, Volume 1, drawings 67-188 (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/13X)
    1995-1996; Plan Register Area 2, Volume 2, drawings 189-313 (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/14X )
    1995-1996; Plan Register Area 2, Volume 3, drawings 314-426 (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/15X)
    1995-1996; Plan Register Area 2, Volume 4, drawings 427-571 (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/16X)
    1891; Surveyor's plan sheet 37 of Randwick showing location of Asylum and hospital buildings and cemetery (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/17X)
    1995; Site map with archaeological grid lines marked (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/17X)
    1994; Aerial photograph of Prince of Wales Hospital in colour showing excavation (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/17X)
    undated; Aerial photograph of Prince of Wales Hospital in black and white (Call No.: MLMSS 6684/17X )
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