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    Series 02: Etchings of insects by John Lewin, 1803 : pre-publication plates of his Prodromus Entomology
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    14 prints - hand coloured etchings mounted onto card - 20.5 x 15.5 cm approx
  • Scope and Content
    Item 01
    [Tiger : Phalaenoides Glycinae], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 02
    [Sting Ray - Bombyx Vulnerans], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 03
    [Snout - Bombyx Nasuta], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 04
    [Hook Tip - Bombyx Lewinae], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 05
    [She-Oak - Bombyx Exposita], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 06
    [Banksia Beauty - Bombyx Banksiae], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 07
    [Dappled Grey - Cryptophasa Irrorata], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 08
    [Banksia - Cryptophasa Albacosta], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 09
    [Mimosa Ruby - Cryptophasa Rebescens], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 10
    [Ruby - Cryptophasa Pultenae], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 11
    [Striped Banksia - Crypothasa Strigata], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 12
    [Orange Shouldered - Lithosa Replana], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 13
    [The Oak Beauty - Hepialus Ligniveren], 1803 / J.W. Lewin

    Item 14
    [Motley Grey - Tortrix Australana], 1803 / J.W. Lewin
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    Access via appointment
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    Out of copyright: Artist died before 1955
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    These plates appear to be early pulls of etchings by John Lewin, probably at Parramatta, in preparation for his publication: Prodromus Entomology. Natural history of lepidopterous insects of New South Wales / collected, engraved, and faithfully painted after nature by John William Lewin. London : Printed for the author, and published from the hand of his brother, Thomas Lewin ..., 1805. The hand colouring is presumably either by Lewin or his wife.

    These etchings were acquired with other Australian and European prints and watercolours. The Australian watercolours, including a number by John Lewin, are now at PXD 388. Five plates of European butterflies are at ML ref. F595.78/B, while fifteen plates of shells by Thomas Martyn are at ML ref. F594/3.

    It has been suggested that the album once belonged to William Paterson: see Rex & Thea Rienits, "Early artists of Australia", 1963, p.163-165

    All the items were once part of the same scrap album. Each item has been mounted onto an album sheet, on the reverse of which are European portrait and landscape engravings, mostly from the 1830s.

    A collection of drawings by Lewin of moths and caterpillars, some of which relate to these engravings, is at ML ref. ZPXB 205. Lewin's own copy (with manuscript text) of "Prodromus Entomology", possibly compiled in NSW as a pattern book for the London edition and titled "Natural History of eighteen nondescrpt. moths with descriptions ...", 1804, is at ML ref. PX*D 258.

    Transferred from Manuscripts Section C 693, June 1997
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823972
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    A Rage for Curiosity - State Library of New South Wales (1 September, 1997 - 11 January, 1998). Applies to: PXC 693/6

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