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    New Housewives' Association. Chatswood Branch - records, 1947-1950, with the associated records of the Chatswood-Willoughby Prices Committee, 1948-1949
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    MLMSS 6229
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    1947 - 1950
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    1 box - 0.13 Meters
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    The New Housewives' Association (NHA) was formed in Sydney in 1946. A number of suburban branches, including Chatswood, were established. The NHA's Central Committee adopted the Australian Women's Charter seeking equal status for women, launched at the Australian Women's Conference for Victory in War and Victory in Peace, 1943. The NHA's progressive platform attracted Communist women to this working-class body. It campaigned for the reduction and strict control of prices, mainly of household commodities; equal pay for women and increased Child Endowment; and the establishment of municipal markets in order to bring cheaper goods to housewives. In 1949 the NHA supported trade-union demand for a 30 shilling increase in the Basic Wage. It published a journal, The New Housewife, and a magazine, The Housewives' Guide. In 1950 the NHA National Committee moved to change the Association's name to reflect a broader constituency beyond women in the home; this gave rise to a new organisation, the Union of Australian Women.
  • Scope and Content
    1948-1950; Rough minute book, 13 Apr. 1948-17 Oct. 1950, and minute book, 3 Feb. 1948-17 Oct. 1950, with statement of income and expenditure as at 30 June 1948
    1947-1949; Correspondence and reports. Correspondents include New Housewives' Association. Central Committee
    1948-1950; Correspondence and reports. Correspondents include New Housewives' Association. Central Committee and Willoughby (N.S.W. : Municipality). Council
    1948-1949; Issues of The New Housewife, Feb.-Mar. 1949; no. 5 Apr. 1949; no. 6 June 1949; no. 7 Oct. 1949; no. 8 Nov. 1949; no. 9 Dec. 1949, and The Housewives' Guide: The Official Organ of the New Housewives' Association, Mar. 1948
    1948-1949; Minute book, 25 May-23 Nov. 1948, and notebook, 1948-1949, including rough minutes, of the Chatswood-Willouhby Prices Committee
    1948-1949; Correspondence of the Chatswood-Willoughby Prices Committee
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