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  • Title
    Collection 22: Natural history illustrations of Australian flora & fauna, some dated 1797 / compiled by Richard Pulteney
  • Creator
  • Call number
    PXA 678
  • Level of description
  • Date

    ca.1797 (collection is dated by dated drawings within it)
  • Type of material
  • Reference code
  • Issue Copy
  • Physical Description
    15 drawings - approx. 28 x 20 cm

    These drawings were owned by Richard Pulteney (1730-1801), a well-known English botanist, who appears to have had them bound into his copy of Sir James Smith's "A specimen of the Botany of New Holland". The drawings and book were purchased by Tim McCormick at a Sotheby's London book sale 1 June 1981 (lot 253A); from there they passed into the Longueville Collection of Miles Barnes. The Library purchased the drawings from the Longueville Collection. At some point after the 1981 sale the drawings were separated from the book in which they had been bound.
  • Scope and Content
    ITEM 01:
    A wild Dog or Dingo of N.S. Wales, 1797
    PXA 678 / 1

    ITEM 02:
    Wervia [potoroo], 1797
    PXA 678 / 2

    ITEM 03:
    Dabbii [sugar glider], 1797
    PXA 678 / 3

    ITEM 04:
    A Banksia, ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 4

    ITEM 05:
    A Banksia, ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 5

    ITEM 06:
    A kind of Creeper, ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 6

    ITEM 07:
    Epidendrum, ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 7

    ITEM 08:
    Styphelia, 1797
    PXA 678 / 8

    ITEM 09:
    Drosera, ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 9

    ITEM 10:
    Eriostemum [Eriostemon], ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 10

    ITEM 11:
    Persoonia [oblongarta?], ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 11

    ITEM 12:
    Myrtus trinervia, ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 12

    ITEM 13:
    [Caladenia alba], ca.1797 ls
    PXA 678 / 13

    ITEM 15:
    [Glossodia major], ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 15

    ITEM 14:
    [Persoonia laurina], ca.1797
    PXA 678 / 14
  • System of arrangement
    You may navigate to the detailed records of the 15 individual items of this collection from this record
  • Access Conditions

    Access to this pictures collection via appointment only. Please submit your request through Ask a Librarian
  • Copying Conditions
    Out of copyright: Creator died before 1955
    Please acknowledge:: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
  • General note

    These drawings were probably painted in England in 1797, copied from drawings made in New South Wales. The drawings of the potoroo (PXA 678/2), the sugar glider (PXA 678/3) and the banksia (PXA 678/5) are all copies of drawings now in the Watling collection, Natural History Museum London, (see microfilm at MAV/FM4/3151) which were collected by Surgeon-General John White in NSW, and taken back by him to England in 1794. The drawing of the potoroo is a copy of a signed Thomas Watling drawing. None of these drawings are by Watling. For the Watling collection see Bernard Smith & Alwyne Wheeler, The art of the First Fleet, 1988, ref. REF 1/Q741.994074/6
    The current botanical descriptions for these drawings have been provided by Library officers
    Digital order no:Album ID : 823805
  • Signatures / Inscriptions

    Most of the drawings are titled, some have field descriptions and 4 are dated
  • Conservation note

    All the drawings have one perforated margin caused by their being previously bound into a book
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Exhibited in

    A Rage for Curiosity - State Library of New South Wales (1 September, 1997 - 11 January, 1998). Applies to: PXA 678/1 "A wild dog or dingo..."
    Artist colony: drawing Sydney’s nature - State Library of New South Wales

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