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    Delmer family - further papers, 1861-1991, being corrected printout of the book, Frederick Sefton Delmer: From Herman Grimm and Arthur Streeton to Ezra Pound (1991), by John Fletcher, and Files: A-D concerning the Delmer family, arranged by John Fletcher
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    MLMSS 5998/1
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    1892-1991, date unknown
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    1991; Corrected printout of Frederick Sefton Delmer: From Hermann Grimm and Arthur Streeton to Ezra Pound by John Fletcher. Sydney: Book Collectors' Society of Australia, 1991 (Studies in Australian Bibliography, No.33) (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/1)
    Date unknown; 'FSD Australian Lit.', being MS. notes by Frederick Sefton Delmer' (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/2)
    1906-1985; 'F.S. Delmer Berlin - before Ruhleben' Includes photographs of Delmer family and friends (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/3)
    1914-1915, 1985; 'F.S. Delmer Berlin - Ruhleben' Includes letter from Harvard Law School Library to John Fletcher, 10 Sep. 1985, concerning its Ruhleben Collection; papers concerning FSD's internment at Ruhleben during World War I, including his correspondence with his family (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/4)
    1914-1917, 1963; 'F.S. Delmer Berlin - after Ruhleben' Includes papers of FSD and Margaret Mabel Sefton Delmer (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/5)
    1909; 'Berlin British Colony', being newscutting of notice concerning General Meeting of the Berlin British Colony, published in the English-language newspaper, Daily Record, 11 May 1909 (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/6)
    1917; 'FSD Berlin Today', being newscuttings mainly of articles by FSD in The Times, concerning his internment, and leaflet for his lecture, Berlin To-day', Hampstead Garden Suburb, 27 June 1917 (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/7)
    1895, 1914, 1987; 'F.S.D. Berlin University' Includes letters from Zentrales Staatsarchiv, Merseburg (DDR) and Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin, 1987 (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/8)
    1969; 'Mary Booth', being correspondence of Margaret Mabel Sefton Delmer with Ruth McKinnon on her proposed biography of Dr Mary Booth (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/9)
    1892-1939; 'F.S. Delmer A. Brandl', Includes letters from Alois Brandl to FSD, 1901-1916 (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/10)
    1895-1902, 1955-1982; 'F.S. Delmer C.J. Brennan' Includes photocopied typescript letters from C.J. Brennan to FSD, 1900-1901, and photocopied presentation copy of Poems by W.B. Yeats from Brennan to FSD, Christmas 1899; letters from James J. O'Dwyer to Margaret Mabel Sefton Delmer, and reviews of Christopher Brennan: A Critical Biography (1980) by Axel Clark (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/11)
    1896, 1900; 'F.S. Delmer - F. Brentano', being letters from Franz Brentano to FSD (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/12)
    1919; 'FSD - Buckmaster 4/5/19', being letter from Lord Buckmaster to FSD, 4 May 1919 (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/13)
    ca. 1901, 1980; 'The Bulletin, Sydney' Includes English translation by FSD of verse fragment by Paul Heyse for The Bulletin and review of souvenir edition of The Bulletin, 1880-1980 (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/14)
    1916-1918, 193-, 198-; 'FSD Oskar Cohn' Include letters from Oskar Cohn, 1916, and Sophia Cohn, 1918, to FSD (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/15)
    1920; 'FSD (Hon.) Lt Commission June 1920', being certificate of FSD's commission as Lieutenant in the Royal Marines Forces (Unattached List) (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/16)
    1923-1926, 1986; 'FSD Constable & Co.', being letters from the publisher, Constable and Co. Ltd, to FSD, 1923-1926, and letter from Constable Publishers to John Fletcher, 18 Sep. 1986 (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/17)
    1900-1901, 1987; 'F.S. Delmer Cotta', being letter from Cotta-Archiv, Schiller Nationalmuseum Deutsches Literaturarchiv, with photocopied documents, to John Fletcher, 24 Aug. 1987, concerning FSD (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/18)
    1917; 'DM [Daily Mail, London]', being papers concerning FSD's work as a special correspondent on The Daily Mail, and issues of the French and Swiss newspapers, Le Democrate, and Gazette de Lausanne (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/19)
    1917-1918; 'DM Cuttings 24.7.17 - 11.11.18', being newscuttings of articles by FSD for The Daily Mail (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/20)
    1918; 'FSD DM 1918', being letters from The Daily Mail to FSD, with MS. articles by FSD (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/21)
    1919; 'FSD Daily Mail 1919', being correspondence of FSD with The Daily Mail, with a copy of The Dead Men's Watch (Over the Peace Conference in Paris) by Ethel Talbott Scheffauer (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/22)
    1919; 'DM (Bolschevik Posters) 18.3.19', being newscutting from The Daily Mail, 18 Mar. 1919, concerning German anti-Bolshevik posters (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/23)
    1918-1919; 'DM passes Dec. 1918-Jan. 1919', being identity passes (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/24)
    1914, 1966, 1973, 1986; 'MD [Isabella Mabel Delmer] to K [Katherine] Deakin', being letter from Isabella Mabel Delmer to Katherine Deakin, 15 June 1914, with typescript and carbon typescript transcripts; letters from Kenneth Rivett to Margaret Mabel Sefton Deelmer, 1986, and newscuttings concerning literary works by Rohan Rivett (Call No.: ML MSS 5998/1/25)
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    State Library of New South Wales collection of World War I letters
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