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    Henry Lippmann - Dunera Archive, 1940-1994
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    MLMSS 5896
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    1940 - 1994
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    Henry Lippmann was born into a Jewish family in Berlin, Germany, in 1921. He attended a technical school run by the Organisation for Rehabilitation and Training (ORT), where he specialised in electrical engineering. On the eve of World War II ORT evacuated 100 boys to Britain. He was among a group of 36 ORT boys with other Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi oppression to be transported from Britain to Australia on the HMT Dunera. On arrival in Sydney in September 1940, Lippmann and his Dunera colleagues were interned as enemy aliens at Hay (N.S.W.) and Tatura (Vic.). He was released in Jan. 1942 and then enlisted in the 8th Australian Employment Company. Discharged in September 1946, he became a naturalised British subject three months later. Lippmann settled in Sydney and pursued a successful career in the fashion industry. In 1984 he was founding editor of Dunera News, official organ of the Hay-Tatura Association. In the following decade he organised reunions of Dunera refugees. He was instrumental in the Association's promotion in the wider community of the contributions of the 'Dunera boys' to Australian society. The exhibition, 'The Dunera Experience', was held at the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne from 3 September to February 1991 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dunera's arrival. In 1993 another exhibition, 'The Dunera Boys: We're Here Because We're Here', was mounted at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, followed a year later with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the same venue.
  • Scope and Content
    1940-1985; 'Documents', being mainly photocopies including papers from Australian and British official records concerning the ship, HMT Dunera, and the 8th Australian Employment Company; English, German and Hebrew versions of statements of events and petitions by Dunera internees at Hay Camp, NSW, and Tatura Camp, Victoria; newspaper articles concerning Dunera internees, 1940-1941; and letter from Phillip Adams to John D Seaton, 16 June 1981, concerning film script by Ben Lewin (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/1 (4))
    1941-1990; 'Articles', being mainly photocopies including articles by and concerning Dunera internees and Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany such as Douglas Boerner, Hein Heckroth, Keith S Henley (Kurt Siegbert Henle), Peter Hupert, Hans Jacobus, Martin Sulzbacher Peter Tikotin and Felix Werder; reviews of the television mini-series, 'The Dunera Boys' (1985) (writer/director: Ben Lewin; producer: Bob Weiss); 'Friendly Enemy Aliens', being transcript of a BBC Radio programme presented by Eric Ross, 5 May 1980; 'Exile and Torah in the Australian Outback', being transcript of broadcast on Radio Jerusalem by Asher Joseph, July 1977, with information concerning the Association of Dunera and Australian Camps Internees (Israel); and letters received from Rabbi Dr H E Blumenthal, 1985, and Keith S Henley, 1990 (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/1 (4))
    1940-1990; 'Articles', being mainly photocopies, including research notes compiled by Hans Marcus from secondary sources; extracts/chapters from monographs and journals such as Henry Kreisel's account of his internment in England and Canada from his book, Another Country (1985), and article, '"Be patient and reasonable!" The internment of German-Jewish refugees in Australia', by Konrad Kwiet (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/1 (4))
    1941-1988; 'Diaries-Books', being mainly photocopies and printed material of accounts and interpretations of internment, including 'Caged in the Desert' by Peter Huppert from Pomegranates: A Century of Jewish Australian Writing edited by Gael R Hammer. Newtown, NSW : Millenium Books (1988); Another Country by Henry Kreisel (Edited by Shirley Neuman). Edmonton, Canada : NeWest Publishers Limited (1985); 'Diary of Eric Winton (Erich Wolfstein)', written in German with English introduction, concerning his experiences in internment camps in England and Hay, NSW, and on board HMT Dunera; Hell and Hay : a play by Richard Fotheringham. Brisbane : Playlab Press (1984) (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/2 (4))
    1940-1945, 198-; 'Manuscripts', being mainly photocopies, including contemporary transcripts of newspaper articles concerning the Dunera internments with copies of newscuttings in unidentified hand; 'Diaries' of Fred S Hochberg, 1940-1942; '19 Wasted Months' by Kurt Lewinski, being a diary and notes in English of his internment; letter received from Rainer Radok, 7 Dec. 1986 and notes concerning Rainer Radok (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/2 (4))
    ca. 1962-1991; 'Diaries', being mainly photocopies, of notes/articles concerning Felix Adalbert Behrend, Berthold Halpern, Alfred Joachim Fischer, Julian D Layton, Fred Parkinson and Felix Werder; Voyage of an Alien by Vittorio Tolaini. [England ?] (1982), being an account of an Italian Dunera internee; commemorative booklets concerning the 50th anniversary of the arrival of HMT Dunera in Sydney; 'The "Scum of the Earth"' by Fred Gruen, being an article from Australia and Immigration : Able to grow ? edited by Michael Easson. Leichhardt, NSW : Pluto Press Australia Limited (1990); and letter received from Fred Parkinson, 14 May 1991 (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/2 (4))
    1964-1994; 'Camp Money', being mainly photocopies of articles concerning internees' currency in Hay Camp, NSW, with letter received from one author, Mick Vort-Ronald, 1989; with articles mainly by and concerning Dunera internees, Max Bruch, Hans Jacobus, Peter Tikotin and Hugo Wolfsohn; The Dunera Tapes : Conversations on a Windy Day in Hay (1990) edited by Caroline Merrylees, being transcripts of 55 interviews with Dunera internees by students from Hay War Memorial High School; and correspondence with Hans Lausch, 1994 (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/3 (4))
    1979-1994; Papers, being mainly photocopies and printed material, concerning the formation of the Hay-Tatura Association and correspondence with Mike Sondheim, President, Hay-Tatura Association Incorporated, 1994; Claude Beach (Klaus Begach), Eugene Kamenka, Gunther Lindeman and Helmut Newton; the 50th anniversary celebrations at Darling Harbour, Sydney, 1990; the documentary film, 'When Friends Were Enemies' (1991), directed by Judy Menzcel; and the exhibition, 'The Dunera Boys : We're here because we're here', at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, June-Sep. 1993 (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/3 (4))
    194--1992; '8th Employment Coy', being papers concerning the 8th Australian Employment Company including copies from Australian Army records such as lists of personnel; papers concerning Captain Edward Renata Muhunga Broughton; an issue of Salt, vol.6 no.4, 26 Apr. 1943; articles by Klaus Loewald; letter received from Horst Jacobs, 3 Sep. 1992, with list of names and addresses of Dunera Boys (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/3 (4))
    1940-1990; 'Art Collection & Exhibition', being mainly photocopies of material and woodcut prints of 'Hay Camp 1940-1941' for the exhibition, 'The Dunera Experience', at the Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne, 3 Sep. 1990-Feb. 1991 (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/4 (4))
    1940-ca. 1990; 'Art-Entertainment-Literature', being mainly photocopies of programmes of entertainment, and musical scores and lyrics by Ray Martin and Werner Baer, at Hay and Tatura Camps; poems by Oswald Volkmann and Paul Husserl; and photograph of Private Ernst Sallmaier in group of 8th Employment Coy personnel (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/4 (4))
    1994; Photocopies, being of a vote of thanks performed by Henry Lippmann at the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney, on 17 November 1994, and of related photographs and newscutting (Call No.: ML MSS 5896/4 (4))
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    Presented by Henry Lippmann in 1994
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